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  1. Hi there, can anyone tell me if the runs for an eglu classic varied in size? I have recently brought a classic on eBay, but cant work out if it is Mark 1 or 2, but I still need a run, I can buy one from omlet but will it fit my classic? I thought the Mark 1 was was narrower? Would the current runs be to wide and not fit tightly around the eglu? All advice much appreciated, Regards, M.
  2. Can you help????? I have been looking for a L/F White and Buff Orpington hen to keep my Burt happy, he keeps treading my Bantams and my poor girls run a mile !. All the Orpingtons I see for sale are miles away, I just wondered if anyone could suggest a chicken courier that they have used?, failing that, if any breeders reading this are within reasonable travellling distance of Herts. and have large orpingtons for sale please email. Many thanks
  3. hi there, I brought the Everhot 90 last year, it was last turned on in December to cook xmas dinner, since them I use the micro. for most of my cooking!, they look great but cost around £10.00 a week to run and thats on eco mode so not the cheapest to run, I think Aga have brought out an all electric aga, its still around £5k. but worth having a look at, also forgot to say the covers scratch really easily so I had to buy an airer to go over the top of the large cover and a trivet over the other one. It look the part but just dont cook on it!!. I am in Herts if your ever in the ar
  4. OMG the one thing I thought was never going to happen, I have just openend cube door to remove a broody girl and these tiny little critters were on my hand YUK!!. Has anyone else had redmite take up residence in a cube?. I have cleaned it all out all put the special powder to kill them everywhere. So, I can say with first hand experience that the eglu's are not foxproof, nor the cube redmite proof!. Off to have a shower as I am feeling really itchy. Good luck, and maybe prevention is better than cure. Marti
  5. hi, well at least half the bees have gone, I think that due to the location of the rest they are going to have to be destroyed, its a shame but I really cannot take the risk of getting another sting, I will leave them for a while and see but I think we are due a very hot summer and I guess this will make them even more active! best wishes, Martine
  6. Sad day today, and I am not sure why or how it happened ........ Got home yesterday and Chav my giant lop ear was asleep in his eglu, he seemed very sleep and no energy, went out an hour later and still asleep and lathergic. I decided to bring him indoors to keep and eye on him, no change overnight, this morning he seemed a bit better drank a little water but asleep and weak within an hour he has passed away ............. Has anyone any idea why this has happened within less than 24 hours?, he fully upto date with his vacinations and was only 18months old?? Very sad, but I am glad
  7. Dear all, after posting my question last night i have had some developments ........ This morning whilst in the garden they swarmed again!, but this time settled in a tree at ground level, I immediately phone my local bee association and a lovely couple came over to collect them, they were delighted and so was I, however, this is only the split hive and the ones in the chimney will still be there but a least not so many, so will still need to get rid of them. It it also my understanding that not all bees are protected and you can dispose of them,at at least I have found a great home f
  8. Hi Bee keepers, I have a colony of bees which currently live in a capped off chimney on the roof, I was quite happy to leave them up there but last weekend they seemed to have swarmed as I was bitten by one that flew into my hair!, I didn't realise I was allergic to them but I am and ended up n Hospital, I can't believe that the side effects were so horrible, never get this with chickens!. So they now have to go, they are honey bees and I really didnt want to have them destroyed, so thought I would offer them to a local bee keeper. I live in Spellbrook, Herts. and if you are looking f
  9. Hi there, interesting to read you experience, maybe the eglu is'nt as great at all that, and clearly NOT PREDITOR PROOF. Today is day two and I still feel very tearful, its so traumatic and I feel so guilty, my poor little boy meeting such an end, and what makes it worst is that it was someones dog who lives up the road, not a word of apology, so ignorant. I am very sorry to hear about your rabbit, it must have been an awful sight. A good friend of mine said think back onthe last 18 months and how pampered he was and his quality of life, I guess that does help. I hope eg
  10. hi there, I have posted a note about putting a house rabbits in an eglu run. I have today come out to find a terrier trapped inside the run, it had somehow got underneath the so called "fox proof run", there were no dig holes so it must have pushed under the skirt, can you imagine when I did my daily check on Numpty, to see a DOG ! in the run, I was beside myself ........... I would strongly advise to peg the run down, my poor lop ear white bundle of fluff house rabbit, .......... RIP. Been tearful all day :
  11. I sit here tonight very very sad. This morning I woke up to find find a terrier dog in the eglu run, and my lovely white lop bun DEAD .................. I could kick myself as he usually is a house rabbit but thanks to me deciding to give him fresh air and grass he is now gone.................... OK the run was on slightly uneven grass but I have an extension on it so its quite heavy, the terrier had lifted the eglu run and got in, I feel devestated, having got in it was trapped in the cage and could not get out. My poor bun was a sitting target. I was mortified, the dog has esca
  12. hi there, sorry to be a party pooper, your cube looks ab. fab. but having risk assessed having to step over the run I think this is an accident waiting to happen!, I agree is it a far better option than crawling through the door of the cube, which I do most days but I am really getting feb up with do it. So, come on Omlet PLEASE go back to the drawing board to make the runs more user friendly ........ In the meantime make sure you and your dad are very careful stepping over the threshold ! I am now looking into getting a WIR, ......... save crawling throught the door opening!
  13. hi there, I have my hens and ducks both in the Cube, although the ducks don't seem to want to go inside thee cube to sleep, they stay outside but at least are locked up at night, whilst the girls are all roosting inside the cube. Also, my little white call ducks seems to be laying eggs without using a nesting box she seems quite happy. I have today seen my mallard trying to do "naughties" with his girlfriend in the pond, I guess its all perfectly natural but I was a bit concerned as when he mounts her he pushes her head under the water, do you think this is ok, I don't want him to
  14. hi all, I am just in the process of digging a resin pond for my call ducks I just wondered in the pump in screw fix was any good, I was going to buy the dirty water pump by Karcher, but it said not suitable for ponds, doh! .... lucky I read the small print, in fact many of there pumps were not suitable for ponds, how strange as I thought this would have been the main use for a dirty water pump. Is the screwfix still the best pump, or can anyone suggest a better one. Also can anyone post some pictures of home made ponds just to give me some ideas for decoration etc?? Thank
  15. hi there, thought i would check out that website ......... Very overpriced and frumpy ! think I will stick to fat face! ! Very excited as I am picking up my cube this week, not sure how the frizzles are going to manage the steps???? marti

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