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  1. How much Diatom are you putting in the mix please ? if for example you fill up the tyre ? And is top soil ok?
  2. Yes i have my cube butted against a WIR with a port hole and ladder. I think maybe the WIR isn't level. I have been out there tonight and made it tight with wire etc but your right the B*******s get in anyway. They are the size of small dogs too. Anyways we live on edge of a farm with fields all around.... The chickens are just bringing them in !
  3. Guess what !?? I just stopped at a tyre place and picked up 2 tyres ! will be filing them up tonight
  4. Thanks so much for your answers - im not taken with either option to be honest but im sure no one is . . . . . But i understand the problems with poison - but i dont think i can empty traps either - Then last night fox is back. Maybe he will scare the rats off.
  5. I like your thinking - but i don't think i could cope with that. At least with poison that mooch off and die elsewhere - well normally, they normally take their last step in full view in my garden I have dogs and they can get into the hedges and field behind house . . . . . . I think i can just about cope with poison blocks in containers! I must admit its getting me down . . . . when you fighting off rats it makes you wonder if its all worth it!
  6. Thanks for that - bought rat stuff today online and will start putting it out when arrives. Hate is as live on edge of farm so poison effects the little field mice too. Anyways will shut every thing up tonight and go out and watch to see if they are getting in still - I think i know they are climbing hedges now up high and jumping, I knew it would only be time - its taken them nearly 2 years now to master it. I need to get the numbers down again, just amazed the lengths they are now going too!
  7. Sorry not sure what subject to put this under Had a WIR for about 2 yrs - my cube is butted against it with a port and ladder leading down. There is also a port in the back of run for an outside area - outside area semi covered. Main concern was always foxes. PS i also have a rabbit in with my chickens. I have lately been fighting against rats getting in from the fields behind, tunnelling under into outside area and getting into main run - frightening the rabbit at night. I have spent the weekend dealing with the current entrances in. One of my chickens will not go into the cube at night for past 2 weeks and perches outside instead. I now know why. After being chuffed with my weekend DIY i watched last night to see a rat jump up from under the cube through a gap between cube and WIR through the port and down the ladder - when it saw me and ran up the ladder into the cube and in with the chickens.... So i think one of my girls was spooked and now wont go to bed... So basically my cube is not butting up flush at the bottom against WIR but is the top. so there is a small gap for them to jump up and through. Does anyone else have this problem ? I also can see if the rats jump up onto cube it could just drop down too. Any idea?
  8. Hi, I have 1 polish frizzle among my few and her head is a mess.... What is the best way to clean her up please ? Thanks Trace
  9. HI, Can anyone tell me at what age can the young chickens be for me to put my roosting bars back into my eglu please.? They must be 12 - 13 week old bantams. Thanks!
  10. oh really?? When i hatched 2 eggs only in the spring i did'nt realise the after effects... I built a lovely WIR last year to get everyone under same roof - so i didnt have to drag those eglus around the garden.... now i will have 2 extra houses on lawn! -) So i should reintroduce him when they girls are laying? They might be big enough to put him in his place then ? Ok i will do so today - thanks for your help!!!
  11. Hi Brother and sister now have a new friend - a little polish frizzle (girl).. Initially there was WW3 when i brought her in, I took her out the same night as she was attacked! After separating the girl from her brother - the two girls mostly lived in harmony, the frizzle loves her. I then brought the cockerel back in and they all tolerate each other but i notice as we near dusk he struts around alot - pacing up and down and has a go at the 2 girls, mostly following the frizzle and chases her. Occasionally pulling out a feather or standing over her as she cowers in the corner. I have never owned a polish frizzle before, and she is delight but runs around screaming from him even if he goes near her, this mostly happens late evening - last night she would not go to bed and tried to roost on an outside bar. I put her in eventually. Is this normal? I always thought that cockerels love all chickens and protects them? Our other cockerel lives with 6 girls and he loves them - sees them all to bed and not vicious at all. I have only had the frizzle a week and was told by the owner that she thinks she is a girl but slightly young yet. There is no indication at all on her that she is a boy. No red bits plus she shows no signs of trying to fight the cockerel either . Can any one give any advice? Thanks !!
  12. My 2 chicks are now 9 weeks old. cross silkies - he confirmed today his sex as he tried to cough out a cock a do.... His sister is a bit smaller than him and he chases her around in circles... Their mum - silkie - is still with them and has shown no anger towards then and still spits at the dog when he pushes his nose through - should i take the mum out now and put her back with the others or shall i keep them together. She still sleeps with them under her wings..... just....... Now the he is crowing should i remove him - will he start getting all sexy? thanks for your thoughts Trace
  13. I guess my situation is'nt rare at all. I will have a cock that cant go in my main house. I cant get rid of him. - im assuming he is a cock - he has redness forming on his head for past week - the other has nothing.
  14. In total I have 5 hens and a Kenny cock. I have 2 4 week old chicks with one of the hens, I think a boy and a girl. One has a red comb and the other has not ?? From what i read mum will soon lose interest and go back into main chicken area living chicks. I guess once the girl reaches an age she can go in - but that leaves Pip.... Will he ever be able to go in? or Will Ken cock kill him? Also.... I guess once the boy chick comes of age he could mate with his mum. And with sister . . . .I know it sounds stupid but if i hatched some more eggs could these chicks suffer problems? Thanks

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