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  1. I have just got a white silkie cross and a frizzle ,not sure what the 3rd one is Mags
  2. Smudge swipes the toast out of your hand while you are eating it ! He has me well trained - he yellows to be picked up to get his meals and even yellowed to get pick up to get on the new bed He has a cat flap but wants you to open the back door instead Mags
  3. my friend's cat brought in some frozen sausages and port chops a few times . She was in a local shop in the village shop when she overheard an old lady saying" I just put the food on the window ledge to defrost .... " my friend had to leave the shop as she could not stop giggling Mags
  4. yes they can ,my friends dog would walk ,walk and walk never stopping They had to lift her up otherwise her heart complaint would be aggravated you should nip to vet , it might be bladder infection mags
  5. yes they are he has sniffed my cat ( now named the stunt cat) only got more excited when smudge moved but not too bad my cat is very laid back but will fight back Mags
  6. i have 2 18 month old greyhounds - got them from the rescuce last December after my darling lakeland Jess passed on in November from bladder cancer Tonight I am getting a retired racer boy 4 years old Imperial Boss- made the mistake of saying we would like a boy when at the kennels giving the girls a run their runs must be mad but they are wonderful dogs Fife Greyhound rescuce are great and very supportive mags
  7. for a cheap sofa try gumtree and replace it once your dog has out grown thos phase mags
  8. sounds like my house and that's before no. 3 arrives tomorrow lassie and lady are getting a big brother very steady boy hope his manners rub off on they girls ( they are very good really ! )bin racking ,bread nicking going to have to cat train and toiltet train again mags
  9. I managed 5 weeks without a dog and ended up with 2 greyhounds big difference from a wee terrier Mags
  10. cool I got a shock when mine let me get two greyhounds recently He's surrendered re the hens LOL Mags
  11. yup it's a big scam One of DS friends got caught out by this one took ages to get viras off his pc - they ask you check a web side and click on things oh then they "find viras " they charge your to fix Mags
  12. I saw it quite a few years ago before the film came out. Loved it and I am not a Abba fan mags
  13. The road he was on is quiet one ,just a few houses and is one children can play in without worry . It is a short dead end one so noone should be speeding there my cats seemed safer in the town down to my old boy now and I am not going to let him out until it's lighter in evenings. I'll make sure hes back before dark mags
  14. my darling cat Jeeves has just been killed on a quiet street by someone going to fast , one on the neightbours saw it happen they did not stop lots of kids play here so why risk it , it could have been a child totally devestated as 3rd pet we have lost in last 6 months mags

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