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  1. Hi there everyone I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself here - I am new to beekeeping and am about to set up my new Beehaus today (dodging the rain!). I know from when I started keeping chickens years ago what a fabulous help it was to be part of the Omlet community and learn from and support each other so I am hoping you guys out there in the world of beekeeping will be the same. I live in Oxfordshire with two hens currently, four dogs, two cats and three ponies. Hoping to add some bees really soon...
  2. It is my son's birthday today and I gave him this laptop to take to uni in September... http://www.ebuyer.com/product/191785 It was recommended by a friend who works in computers as a fast, light machine that would do everything that would be required over the next few years (he also recommended a really good laptop case as a must!). ES seems pretty pleased with it today!
  3. I am a carer and I just wanted to add that it's not all bad. So, as your husband wisely says, if your sister does choose to take on this role you shouldn't feel guilty. Although I sometimes wish I could return to my career, the reality was very long hours and time away from my family. It is undoubtedly physically and mentally tough being there for someone else 24 hours a day but if I hadn't taken this on my son would not have the life he now enjoys and I certainly wouldn't have my chickens, dogs and garden! Different stresses, different rewards, but whatever we do we cannot avoid them completely. In my experience, once you have done your research to know what your rights are, both as a carer and as a disabled person (and charities or support groups may be better for a quick answer than social services), then it is just a question of persistence and dogged determination, and this is certainly something you can do to support both your sister and your parents as it is sometimes far too tempting to give up. Every so often you will come across a wonderful person, either a medical professional or someone from social services, who will go over and above the call of duty to find answers and solutions, and these people should be treasured. I hope you find one very soon! Sorry if this is a bit waffly, but I hope it helps a bit. Very best wishes to you all. Carol
  4. That is very sad. I'm sure he will be missed greatly. Best wishes
  5. Hi I have four dogs and have had problems with two of them. One of my collies wanted to run circles around the run and used to snap at the bars, frightening the chickens. My little staffie cross wanted to catch them and eat them (he is very good at catching his own supper out on walks...). With the collie, we just spent time like you would with a puppy standing out in the garden each time he went outside, standing between him and the chicken run and making it clear he wasn't to go there and praising him when he took no interest. With the staffie it was a bit more difficult as he also liked to chase cows, horses and anything else really so it was part of a bigger problem, and more risky to try and fix as he would chase when the girls were loose. Eventually I got so so fed up with having to keep the chickens in when the dogs were out that I just had to sort it. I sat out in the garden with him for quite a long time, starting with very short sessions and gradually building it up, while he was out chewing on the juiciest bone I could find (so his attention was very focused!). Every time he lifted his head and looked for the girls I made it clear I disapproved. If he made the right decision (and went back to eating) he was praised. Now they are all fine and, in fact, it is the girls who are pushing their luck! They drink from the dogs' bowls in preference to their own and even try to muscle in while the dogs are eating. Hopefully all the stories will give you hope that your dogs and hens can live happily together! It may be a natural behaviour for many dogs to chase/herd or otherwise annoy our chickens, but (most of them!) are also so adaptable and quick to learn. Best of luck with it Carol
  6. Oh poor you! Glad everything's ok now and you have found out why it happened.
  7. This forum is amazing - I feel so much better informed now. And especially thanks to Claire for the links (spent a few hours avidly reading). Have now made arrangements for my son to be looked after at home before and after school for 6 weeks. Before hearing from all of you I thought I'd be doing it myself in less than a fortnight Am in two minds though whether I want my daughter to come and stay with her two year old. She was absolutely my worst teenager and I'm not sure I'm over it yet even though she is now in her 20s!! Thanks everyone
  8. Thanks Lesley and Lewis - I do have help but have to be organised about it. Trouble is, it's hard to get useful advice from doctors who assume a 12 year old can look after himself (unsurprisingly!). Even putting his coat on involves taking his full body weight and peeling him off the floor! Claire - let's hope we have a lovely early Summer and we can sit in the garden and be amused by the chooks!
  9. Good point Major about my post! It was wrong of me to make the assumption that he was not doing his fair share in other areas. Hope it's sorted now so that SpaceChick and her OH are both happy. XX
  10. Looks just like my lavender pekin... boy. Very handsome!
  11. Me too Claire - June 10th. Glad I have a date now but worried about what I won't be able to do after and for how long. Does anyone know how long it will be before I can lift, dress and shower a child about the size of a five year old (who does not help himself in any way!). Or drive? Or lift a bottle of wine..? Best of luck to you! XX
  12. Shocked and horrified... I hope you are getting the approval you need in other areas of your life. Sounds like a lot of people rely on you. Surely an apology is not enough? SERIOUS changes are called for and hopefully this will be an opportunity to renegotiate the allocation of essential chores. I hope you are getting the medical help you need and that you feel better soon. Very best wishes
  13. Good for her. You should be proud. That could not have been easy - especially on a train!
  14. For them to be able to sue you for libel/slander the statement must be untrue, circulated for another person to see or hear (traditionally spoken for slander and written for libel) and such that a reasonable person would then think less of the individual concerned, which would obviously include damage to their business reputation, such that it is. So, anything that you do not KNOW (not believe) to be true should obviously be removed from anywhere other people can see. Maybe you could just post a statement to the effect that you have had dealings with this company and are now taking advice prior to possible legal action? Not contentious but surely enough to warn any other potential customer? I would also go back to them again, in the nicest possible way and offer them a solution. For instance saying how sorry you are that your trading experience has been so negative and frustrating but please could they replace the faulty part so it can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties etc etc. Make sure you look after you own interests first. As frustrating as it is to have an experience like this, if you walk away from it you should know that you have made the right decision for you in a situation that was not of your making. Best wishes
  15. Thank you for passing this info on! I use a metal bin, in my chicken shed, and put the bag of food inside. It doesn't last long really but I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on it now. Hope you get to have chickens again one day and are not so unlucky second time around. Best wishes
  16. I love my dogs, my partner is a dog trainer. I would say puppies are great - but a lot of work (fun work!). The more time you put in at this stage the easier your life will be later. For perfect house training you really just have to put in the time... again and again and again. Same with socialisation. If you are 100% consistent your dog will learn quickly, and GSDs in particular are smart! You can certainly make your life easier by having a crate/cage, which dogs actually love as it's their space to get away from it all and feel secure. then you know that when your back is turned and you are busy with other things your puppy is not getting himself into trouble! Unless you are experienced with dogs, getting an older rescue, particularly if you have a family, can be more problematic as you don't always get the full story from rescue centres (owners don't often tell the whole truth when giving an animal up!). Hope this helps! I had a gorgeous GSD as my first dog many years ago and the dog that grew up with my family was a GSD cross and he was the best dog in the world! If you don't like hoovering everyday, then you could try a furminator type product or one of the dryers that groomers use, we have one of those and it gets all loose hair out really fast.
  17. Forgot to say... You don't have to make a regular commitment when registering. Depends on what demand there is in your area as to what you get to do really. It makes it easier for institutions I guess to have a regular visitor - we were introduced the first time then left to get on with it. Not sure if it would be worth a place investing the time in paperwork, introductions etc if you weren't able to go regularly. We also do lots of 'one-offs' though at a special needs school when children are having birthday parties and things like that, which are always fun.
  18. One of my four dogs is a PAT dog. He has visited elderly people in residential homes and special needs children in school. He is my most excitable and easiest to wind up dog (staffie cross collie maybe) but always behaves well when visiting! He had to have an assessment by a PAT dog co-ordinator. We met in a park and she saw me walking him on the lead (he's no angel), watched him meet other dogs and people and then came over to meet him herself. I had to hold him while she stroked him, made loud noises and sudden movements and things like that. He also had to take food out of her hand. When he was visiting a residential home regularly all the residents used to save him bits of their breakfast and biscuits and things. We have to renew our registration every year and sign things to say he is wormed and vaccinated etc (can be homeopathic/by titre rather than conventional) and pay a subscrition (£19). It is really rewarding and definitely worth. Somehow Spikey always seems to know he is 'working' and he is always quite tired afterwards. Hope this helps!! Any other questions please ask!
  19. Sounds like you have a good plan. You have been so brave to be honest about how you feel, so you will see it through no problem. Don't forget to be kind to yourself - make time to eat good food too. Very best wishes from me.
  20. Thank you all for your kind messages. It's good to be back! It's amazing isn't it how a couple of hens in the back garden can lead to green thinking, vegetable growing... and lots of lovely new friends! I remember that day at the herb centre well. Both Kit and I enjoyed it very much (although I think he hid under the table for a while ). Everyone was so welcoming then too. Looking forward to being part of your community. Thanks again!
  21. Hi Everyone Just wanted to say how happy I am that I have been snowed in... I have rediscovered this forum!! It's been lovely reading all the posts and remembering people that Kit and & I met years ago now. My chook collection has grown a bit since then. Now have one of the original girls (Bella) plus three Pekin bantams and 5 hybrid hens (4 are 'chicks' that we hatched last year). Thanks to a house move thay have a large, secure, garden to roam in and I have a veggie plot to keep me happy! 2 dogs have also become four and both Kit & I have ponies. Only have one teenager left at home though! So... hello to anyone who remembers me! XX
  22. I had a Hammy too! No Chick Chick though... yet Lovely photos!
  23. Loads of snow here too - although starting to melt now Can't really see the chickens as they have flatly refused to come out! Are they in there?

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