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  1. The first one with the girls inside the eglu run?? Thanks again, I am in awe of the superpants!!
  2. No problem Kate - I definately owe you a large helping of your favourite chocolate treat!! Yum, I feel better already (it's 'really' 5.45 you see so not at all too early to be opening a nice bottle of wine...)
  3. OK that was meant to be teenagers excepted - don't wanrt to scare anybody Think I need a little lie down now after all this technical stuff...
  4. With a large dose of help from those wonderful superpants 'I' have added an album in the gallery It took me most of the day (ain't working from home grand ) and I have yet to master adding the link to my signature They seem to be the opposite way round to how I meant to post them but never mind - latest ones are first. Will try to add some more of my resident zoo (teenagers expected!) after a stiff drink and several chocolate biscuits
  5. Ali - I had no idea there was such a difference in day length up there! I love Scotland and try to get some walking done in the highlands every Summer and Winter. Probably too scared of falling off a mountain to notice what's going on around me Having grown up in Cornwall I should be better informed - thanks for putting me straight In Cornwall we never missed school because of snow Too mild/too much salt in the atmosphere or something
  6. I totally agree - the whole thing is seriously frustrating And it confuses me every time, no matter how many times I go over it in my head Why can't people just get up when they need to and go to bed when they need to and leave the clocks alone! I'll just pretend it's not 6 anything when I have to let the girls out in the morning
  7. Can we have a picture of you then James..?
  8. I have 3 teenagers - only consolation is they'll be leaving home soon Of course I don't really mean that... When I was expecting my third, my younger daughter was asked what she wanted the new addition to be; a boy or a girl. She answered in a very serious and disappointed voice that she really hoped it would be a rabbit but thought it would probably be a baby Just as well - I'm allergic to rabbits!
  9. They're beautiful! I love rabbits but unfortunately I'm really allergic to them so can't have any It's great to look at such lovely pictures though!
  10. I'd vote for clenched, but would help to decide if we could see the whole picture I mean OF HIM Oh dear, there's no way I can make that sound better - I hope you guys know what I mean
  11. Xmas - I REALLY hate seeing that Are people just too lazy to write Christmas? Carol (Soon to be chicken owner!)
  12. Thank you very much Kate - today is looking better already! Carol
  13. On the subject of manners... at least you good people open doors! I have a disabled child and regularly have to make trips to the chemist to collect 8 heavy boxes of prescription milk My son is 7 now and in all that time only 1 person (yes that's ONE ) has opened a door for me People don't even move in the aisles to help me get past. It REALLY P****S me off. What is happening to the world?? And that's in a nice leafy Oxfordshire town, not Birmingham or London or anything. How good does that feel to have finally told someone?! Thanks for listening... Carol (3 days 'til Eglu day!)

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