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  1. Hi, One of my hens is now about 3 years old and has had a very wraspy voice for several months now, i've noticed it getting worse over the last week or so and she is barely audible now. Other things I've noticed (although not sure if they are connected) are a whiteness around the earlobes and she's become quite skinny and boney. I lost two hens last year to a parasite (suggested as gapeworm by a farmer) introduced by one of the new hens I bought from a poultry farm. The rest all seemed ok and survived. The 3 hens are in an enclosed run (about 10 - 12m2) and I change the litter, which is straw or grass cuttings every week or two. They are fed on a good quality feed and get regular doses of grit and Verm-X wormer. I'd be grateful to know if anyone has any ideas on what the problem might be and if I can treat it - how? Apart from the above she seems herself, still boss of the run, she eats well and is very active. The other two hens also seem unaffected. Thanks Richard.
  2. Thanks for the insight. I think I'll give it a go (with clpped wing and the removal of all possible launch pads from the run!). Interestingly I am also planning to get a barnevelder or two - someone mentioned them getting onto a 6ft trellis?
  3. Hi I am thinking about adding some vorverks to my hen family but have read that they can fly to some extent. Can anyone shed light onto the 'extent'. The run is surrounded by a 6ft chick wire fence, surely this ought to be adequate? Cheers
  4. Hi I am trying to find a double laced Barnevelder hen to add to my existing family of hens, but am struggling to find a breeder / seller. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I live in Peterborough and am willing to travel to Cambs, Lincs, Northants, Leics, Rutland and western Norfolk. Any help appreciated.... Cheers
  5. Tried the Oil thing and she is now fine. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Will try the oil thing for a couple of days and if not get to the vets at the weekend. We have just moved to a new house with a mossy lawn so imagine it may be the moss (all 3 of the hens have a lump to some degree). Cheers
  7. I have a chicken who I think may have crop impactation? There is quite a large solid lump at the bottom of her throat and she does not seem to be eating as much. I have read about a procedure to pour some warm water down the throat and gently massage the lump before turning the chicken upside down to remove the blockage, but it does state that an amateur should not attempt this (I fall safely into this bracket!). Is there anyone more experienced in the Peterborough area who wouldn’t mind coming to take a look? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your advice all. It does not wipe off and does not look like blood. I think it may well be the pigmentation explanation as the eggs are often paler on the days it occurs and it is only happening to one hen. Is this a problem or just a quirk of the bird? She seems fine in herself. Cheers Richard, Amy & Maya the hen.
  9. Hi all, I have had three hens for 6 months and have noticed over the last week or two that one is laying eggs with a small patch of red around the base of the egg, its a bit like a dust or crust. The hens receive fresh water each day and are fed on layers and mixed corn with a few handfulls of grit thrown in each day, they get a warm bowl of plain rice at the weekends as a treat. They are largely confined to the eglu run at the minute due the short days and work, but I have not noticed any unusual behaviour when they have been out in the gardens at weekends etc... Any advice would be grately appreaciated. Thanks Richard & Amy & Inca, Maya (the poorly one) and Henrietta

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