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  1. I have an Eglu with an extended run within a large walk in run. In summer and winter there is clear corrugated clear plastic covering the length of the run then covered with tarp to keep the sun off. In winter I Tuva double duvet under the plastic and a wooden box/straw in the run for them to keep warm. I'm getting another rabbit. 2 rescues including the rspca have said my set up is the best they've ever seen. The third won't rehome a rabbit to me saying my set up is too exposed and a hutch should be raised off the ground.
  2. My staffy has a pollen allergy but she gets sore skin, my vet said it was the canine version of hayfever as it affects their skin not their respiratory system.
  3. I'll find out. My husband did some research and this company came up as recommended. They have a Facebook site and people post pictures of their dogs/ results. They will rerun the tests if you're not convinced. We got a report with the breed characteristics. We were told our dog was staffie x whippet when we got her from a rescue but her results came back .75 staffie and .25 mastiff. I have since spoken to her original owner who saw the parents who said dad was a short staffie and mum was a long legged staffie which must have been the mastiff cross. We thought she had some mastiff in her as her colouring wasn't staffie and she had droopy jaws. She's a wonderful dog. Love her to bits, does flyball, agility, retrieving, just had an audition got C4,s the Dogshow, a fantastic dog.
  4. I wish rabbits could be shut in the eglu like chickens. My 2 sit at the run door while the eglu is packed with bedding just using it as a toilet. If I leave the door open to the walk in run they choose to sit on top of a dog kennel they have in there. They really worry me and I'm thinking of buying a traditional hutch I can pack with straw and lock/cover them up in. I know every will say that they are choosing to do this but what if they actually know no better.
  5. Some dogs only go a couple of times a day so if hes going first thing and also on his walks thats plenty. i just say the toilet command when they are actually doing it to train them to it, it should be in a calm command voice. my staffy has really clicked on to this but our rescue romanian dog hasnt yet but she can sometimes only go on her walks. You could try crating him on a night then that worry would be out of the way. I wouldn't worry about it unless he's having accidents in the house.
  6. He's gorgeous. I love our rescue staffy x, best dog we've ever had although out little Romanian street dog we've had for a few months is a close second. If you're on Facebook for the love of a Stafford is a lovely group of staffy owners.
  7. Yes we had one done on our dog, it was accurate as confirmed by her original owner who I became in contact a year later. Well worth the money to stop the endless speculation from my mother. If you think the results are way off the company will re do the test foc.
  8. What a gorgeous dog and pup, I hope you can keep it, it might be just what mum needs to adjust to being a family dog. About the rescue wanting the pups back, I'm not saying the one who rehomed the lurcher were not doing it to make more from the adoption fees but I'm involved in a rescue near Harrogate and a dog I fostered for a few weeks we found out the pound thought she might have been in pup but didn't tell the rescue. When the rescue found out through the grapevine she might be in pup the rescue had it written into the adoptopn agreement that the pups would be born at the rescue but only so they could be sure that the pups went to good homes and had vaccinations/homechecks before rehoming. Thankfully the little dog wasn't in pup and now has a good home.
  9. Theres 5 under photos but when you click on albumns then mobile uploads they should all show, I'm not really sure what is going on, it's a bit odd.
  10. She's brill, real character. I'm not sure why the timeline is only showing back to feb 2013 - can you see before it? Can you see all the photos they are supposed to be blocked from public but I think they are all showing? Can you see all 64 photos in mobile uploads pls?
  11. You should be able to find her now, I've set location to Wakefield, if not pm me with you Facebook name and location and I'll try to find you.
  12. I don't think I can top Hen's and K's fab news but ..... Very proud that Ofsted came in last month and decided that we were Outstanding!!
  13. A quick update a year on ..... She is so wonderful, perfect, everything you could wish for. A real family dog and great character. If anyone wants to see what she has been getting up to this year she has her own Facebook page May Bell, a tan staffy in sunglasses at the moment, it's not public so send a friend request. I'm such a staffy fan now.
  14. Congratulations Hen and K, I haven't been on the forum for months and what wonderful news to discover. What a lucky boy, a garden full of chickens and 2 lovely mummys. Hope you are all well and I will make an extra special effort to join in the next get together to pinch a cuddle.

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