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  1. I watched this last night. Not sure I like Francine Raymond as a presenter. link
  2. I would recommend Black Rock and Speckeldy Marran. My Bluebelle was also a good layer.
  3. Or is he in the pub.........carpark telling his foxy friends about a mad woman in a nightie throwing herself at him.
  4. I've had to do that a few times and we have 2 extensions on too.
  5. Many moons ago I read some where on here (can't find it now) that one of the Flash Cleaners had been quite succesful at killing Redmite when used in a lab. Can anyone remember it? Which cleaner was it please?
  6. Mine love dry jumbo oats but only eat normal oats when it's out for the Robin. They love pasta, rice,blitzed raw carrot and cabbage, grapes but leave raisins. There favourite game is eating woodlice from the underside of rocks and stones that OH has turned over for them.
  7. There is also Hinchliffes in Huddersfield. They supply alot of breeders. They had a huge fire a few months ago but said they would still carry on business but best to ring just to make sure they have POL available. My last 2 came from there and my first girls were from Storrs. Jody does have some lovely hens too. http://www.hinchliffes.com/breeds.php
  8. Well done Sammiboo regarding MSE and the single thread. I posted on the grabbit board. Hope it doesn't get merged with yours. (iona)
  9. My Polish uncles black hunting dog was called Czarny (Charny) except when he was in trouble, then he got his full name Czarneski.
  10. There is also Hinchliffes Farm in Netherton Huddersfield. I got my 2 new girls from them but my first 3 came from Storrs. Hinchliffes have had a fire that destroyed their shop and restaurant but they are still supplying hens. http://www.hinchliffes.com/chickens.php
  11. Mine love new potatoes ...held for them of course. I make a mash with raw carrot peelings and a chopped carrot( supposed to get rid of worms naturally), apple and pear skins + cores, raw cabbage/cauliflower or broccoli all whizzed up in a mini blender. I add this to layer pellets soaked in hot water. Mix it all up with a pinch or two of poultry spice. If I have any left over cooked veg I add that too. They love it.
  12. Our new Blackrock is nicknamed Digger as she is happiest when digging craters in the pen. We have the eglu run on 1ft of bark chippings so the digging is easy for her. But I do worry when she excavates near the logs/tree stumps in case she is hit by them falling in her holes. She had competion during the night though.....a MOLE! It decided that the pen area was worth a lookfor worms (fat chance with Digger about). Yesterday it tunneled under the back of the eglu house probably had more luck there as its the only place she hasn't dug but she has dug a crater in front of the sleeper the eglu front rests on. The other two will soon need a ladder to get into the house!
  13. I got two new girls from Hinchliffes in Huddersfield and Lettie just looks like your Double Decker but she has feathers on one side of her legs.She is a real sweetie, a bit of an airhead that has many blonde moments. I had a lovely surprise when I got her first egg last week which was a beautiful deep caramel colour.
  14. I lost Roxy to a fox 3 weeks ago and decided to get 2 new girls. The 2 old ones have been really awful to the newbies who have a seperate run and temporary house next to the eglu/run. Then on Saturday I lost Bella, again to a fox. Daisy will not stop pecking and chasing the others when they freerange and she won't let them in the eglu or run at all, so they are still living seperatly next to her.
  15. I've learnt that it isn't a good idea to climb up scaffold (we're self building) with a forgotten egg in your pocket. Then to lean against the said scaffold.
  16. Bella prefers milky coffee with chocolate sprinkles
  17. I grind mine and sprinkle it on their pellet and veg porridge. I also grind pumkin seeds and they love that too.
  18. Thank you for the advice on pot eggs. I've had the girls just over a year now and the outdoor nest building has only just happened. My thoughts about not destroying it were the same.....at least I know where it is. Yesterday they laid in the eglu.
  19. Roxy is my Black Rock. Apart from being scared of heights, always complaining and whinging, being first in line for food she is a delight to have. She chatters non stop and will tolerate being picked up especially if she is dithering to jump down from anything higher than a foot. She has laid almost everyday. She loves helping dig the garden so she can be first for worms.
  20. My girls have been making a nest in the bracken on the edge of the woods for several weeks now. They take it in turns to sit in it and pull bits in but once the sun has moved off it they have left it alone for the rest of the day. Today I found 4 eggs in it. I think they were laid Friday and Saturday as there was only 1 egg in the eglu on both days. Should I destroy their nest or will this just encourage them to go elsewhere? They don't usually come out of their run until 12ish.
  21. I did when I found them. poor Roxy is scared of heights so was still dithering about jumping down and gave the game away. Now I have to think of a way to stop them. I thought about your roosting hens Chicken Shirl.
  22. My clucks went missing yesterday during the day and I found them sitting in a large laurel tree. I don't know who was more surprised me or them but they jumped off the branches looking very guilty. I think this must be their escape route into next doors wood.....walk along overhanging branch, jump down onto soft leaf mould dig around then stand at railings looking surprised to be on wrong side of the fence.

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