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  1. I can't help with the fixing, but are you or your parents insured against accidental damage with content insurance ? Your insurance co may be able to help if that is the case, so give them a ring.
  2. That's interesting Docsquid, looking on here for views as I have a Sony and looking at getting an ereader for my mum for xmas. I think if I get her a kobo, we will be able to share the books we have already purchased, but a kindle is a totally separate format. I also read that Amazon don't 'sell' you the book, just license it to you. Complicated! Reassured that you find the kobo good anyway. I love my ereader in general, great for holidays, travel etc. And so quick to buy books as well (mmm sometimes that's a disadvantage though! )
  3. So frustrated - my elderly parents were taken in by the phone scam, you know the one, 'hello, we're from Microsoft about the problem with the computer' but of course Microsoft don't phone people and you should just hang up......but they didn't. The scammer remote accessed their pc, ('to prove we're phoning from Microsoft') asked for password and credit card information to 'sell' them some software to 'fix' their (non-existant) problem. The trouble was they had had a hiccough accessing their e-mail account that day and promptly forget all my advice to them. Spent half the day helping them to block credit card, change passwords, scan computer for malware etc, and feel so cross that there are such unscrupulous dishonest people around. http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2011/jun11/06-16MSPhoneScamPR.mspx for more information. I had even warned my parents the other day as had had a phone call myself - charming young man called Lucifer!!!!! Rant over, but according to the research, 1 in 5 of those phoned by these scammers are taken in, so it must be pretty profitable for them. Be on your guard.
  4. Unfortunately not all 'A' levels have the same standing by many universities see http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/index.php?pageid=604 for Cambridge's list (they are one of the few that are up front about this issue, but many 'discriminate' against subjects without telling students/schools) Having older DS just started A levels, it is a huge jump in amount of work, and all our 'research' shows unis would prefer you to have 3 good results, than 4 or 5 poorer ones, even if that is the same amount of points. Talk to your teachers, ex-students, look at uni websites, and when you are thoroughly confused/fed up remember: you don't have to finally choose until you have your GCSE results, bear in mind what you really enjoy and go with your gut feeling!
  5. I think if your kids think you are strict you must be doing ok! My teenagers think I am ok as a parent, when I asked how I could be better they said more sweets, tv, less broccoli etc. I said would that make me a better parent or a worse parent? It made them think anyway!!!
  6. It sounds like your problem isn't so much about the inlaws, but about how much time you get to spend with OH and how he prioritises this. Perhaps if he likes set times to do things, you can schedule in a date night for the two of you on a Friday and a regular activity together one morning at the weekend. Don't feel like you should always spend time with your in-laws, and enjoy the time you have to yourself when OH does rather than get frustrated with him. I encouraged my in-laws to move closer as it made life much easier - a few quick visits each week are much easier for me to manage than several weekends a year, it's probably about the same amount of time in the end! My children have been very blessed to have grown up with grandparents around the corner and as the in-laws get older it is great that they are not so far away.
  7. I did just the same when my children were younger, retraining from a very demanding job to become a teaching assistant. I followed the NVQ teaching assistant course which requires you to have a placement in a school - this can be voluntary. There was one evening a week at the local college, assesments in the school and I had to build up an 'evidence' folder to show I met the requirements. The kind of classroom assistant role you would like is like gold dust round here - far more looking for the jobs than there are. There is a lot more work as a Learning Support Assistant, where you are one to one with a child. There are even teachers working as TAs as well due to the reduction in supply work. But if you don't try, you won't ever know! I think there are some online qualifications now, but don't know how well these are regarded and you would almost definitely need some hands on experience before getting a job, so start volunteering if you can and good luck!
  8. There was one where we stayed on holiday last year - couldn't work out how to use it for ages as I wear glasses.... but not in the shower!! Seemed like there were a lot of "Ooops, word censored!"bly bits that would make cleaning a pain in the you know where. When we re-did our bathroom, we put in a combined shower/steam room (ie we built room into bathroom, put in a steam generator and a shower) which is much more roomy and easy to clean; it takes up more space, but didn't cost much more.
  9. You may find you want cables for the sound too - in a large room it may be diff to hear from the laptop speakers alone. We used to leave a spare set of cables plugged into the back of the tv just for laptop (vga and sound) as it's fiddly just for a one off.
  10. I found this book very reassuring!!!! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Help-My-Teenager-Alien-Situation/dp/0718149718 Good luck!
  11. How lovely - Egypt is one of my faovourite countries ever. Feb may be cold in Cairo (we had rain in Feb!) and the wind whips up the sand around the pyramids so wear trousers for sightseeing that day. I def agree about the comfy shoes - many uneven surfaces wherever you go. The museum in Cairo is amazing, but exhausting. The boat trip should be relaxing, but evenings still cold on the Nile in spring - we slept on a felucca moored to the banks of the river in sleeping bags under the stars with a fire on the beach and African drumming, which sounds romantic, but was a bit nippy - glad I had OH for warmth! Luxor is amazing - so much to see and do. I don't like the horse and carts though, they don't treat the animals very well. Valley of Kings fantastic, but I enjoyed a trip to the workers' village more as the tombs were smaller and very beautifully decorated (it can get very warm and airless in the busy tombs too); listen to the guide before you go in, they're not usually allowed, and have some very small change for the 'guides' in the tombs, who do very little. Tutankamoun's tomb is due to close for good I think this year, so may be a last chance to see, but is small and unimpressive compared to the others. The temple at karnak is out of this world though. Take spare loo paper from hotel when out, public loos can be very basic, and that alcahol hand gel to keep clean - Egyptian money can be filthy. Be polite to the street traders and say 'la shokran' (no thank you) and we found they left us alone. When you are looking for something to buy, try and enjoy the bartering - offer say 10% of the initial price with a smile and settle for a third. Loads of great cheap souvenirs. but paintings on real papyrus are expensive. Have a really fantastic time!
  12. Banana skin didn't work for me. I think if you have had one for a while, it goes quite deep and then is much harder to get rid of - if you can catch them before they bed in they are easier to get rid of. Agree the over the counter freezer treatments are useless for most verrucas. Tea tree oil, good old salycic (sp?) acid and time worked for me - allowing the gel to build up to a good crust so that when peeled off a good amount of the verruca came with it....
  13. It might be worth re-pressurising the system if you've bled the radiators, even if there didn't seem to be any air in them?
  14. Wishing you a happier healthier new year too, sorry to learn of all your troubles. x
  15. Brrrr stay safe Egluntyne and everyone else in the snow. Just a sprinkling here, but minor roads treacherous. Considering Cheshire has it's very own salt mine, precious little evidence of gritting.
  16. Your granddaughter shows amazing strenth of spirit. School won't let your grandson starve I'm sure! When I was ill a few years ago and couldn't make packed lunches (and they were too little to make their own) I phoned school and they added them to the school dinner rota straight away under the circs - perhaps that might help? Fingers crossed for Lauren's treatment. x
  17. Ok Ok, as it's cold, I've put the hat on the cat!
  18. And you're all exactly how I imagined you!!!!
  19. Great pics - saw snow the other week when drove over Pennines to Yorkshire. Lots of holly berries this year too......
  20. Haven't been on here much lately, new job and lots of other things, but I do drop by quite often even if I don't post. I have been on a forum linked to a new job and it has made me realise just how well looked after this forum is - the mods create a really happy supportive atmosphere where people can post without worrying that others will belittle/criticise them. So three cheers for our hard-working mods!
  21. I've already shown the 'stackers' to OH, think if maybe I e-mail him the link too.....

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