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    Oh my word. I want to touch them, and pet them
  2. It was my first ever! I've been trying to learn to crochet for about two years, on and off, but, I gave in and bought 'The Happy Hooker' book, and last week, whilst camping I managed to get the hang of the starting chain and single crochet. Today, I decided I'd go for a 'Granny Square'. The finished article is not pretty. Its not square and it has holes in the wrong places etc but, I believe i know why (mainly too many interuptions by small people needing food, drink, toilet, cuddles etc) so, the next one *should be better. Sorry its such a trivial post but, I'm so pleased with my effort
  3. 3 chicks have hatched! The children were so excited about it; It was amazing. They got to watch one hatch, via the class 'visualiser'. Have been in this morning and all three chicks are doing well, pecking at food, chirping and exploring their cage. I'm going to bring them home this afternoon.
  4. ok, some questions.. Did you let the eggs settle at room temperature before setting them? Have you minimised temperature drops? What temp was the inc? Did you maintain humidity? Did you candle them? and what were the results? and finally, don't write them off until about 2-3 days after you expect them to hatch, nature is not a controlled experiment
  5. Can I point your daughter in the direction of another webforum I frequent? Its an amazing source of information and support. I've been going there for a few years Its called Natural Mamas, and on there I am Avilo. There are a quite a few on there who also keep chickens too, I've pointed them in this forums direction too. Sadly, lack of communcation is common within this environment, its no ones fault, everyone is over stretched and often for them, they only have time to real off the standard statements/responses because of time pressures. However I'm still cross at the hospital though, the message they are sending is, bottles will be needed
  6. Wow, Bevmatt, thats a terrific thing to do. Not sure I could cope with more chicks though. I was in the class room this morning, topping up water (the teacher isn't confident enough to do the day to day stuff) and there was a year 4 pupil in there, she was talking to me about the eggs and we discussed the fact that some may not hatch, so I know they have been made aware of that. This time next week...
  7. I'm in need of some lighting for our first camping holiday at Easter, but, am bewilldered by the options out there. Anyone got anything they'd recommend. It needs to be operated by battery, or solar I guess Anything I should not bother with? Thanks in advance
  8. Try Glamping, Cinnamon, might be more your style. The couscous sounds lovely! I'll give that a go I think.
  9. Just 6 eggs, Chrissy, didn't want to overrun the school with chicks or end up with more than I can keep here. As a further development though. I went in to check on the set up this morning, and some of the children, in their own time, have made a paper chick, about a foot high, on which they have written all sorts of facts about chickens. I'm so pleased that what I hoped would be educational is at least making some of them think about it all. Its day 12 today, so, not long now.
  10. I've bought a tent, for us to go on holiday in. DH and children have never been camping, and although I love it, I am struggling to come up with ideas for meals that can be cooked on the camping cooker. So, thought I'd ask if anyone here has any tried and trusted recipies. Thanks in advance
  11. Some of the children in the class where it is set up, spoke to my DD and asked her to thank me for letting them have it. So sweet. The class have also put some books near it about chickens and chicks so the children can read about them. They are also coming up with names for the as yet unhatched chicks. They have been made aware that not all eggs become chicks and that not all chicks make it. Sad, but, honest truth. Fingers crossed they'll at least get one or two.
  12. I've lent my childrens school my incubator. I'd planned on hatching some more chicks this year and thought the school might like to do a project on it. Offered them the incubator and apparently some of the teachers were fighting over who got it The eggs arrived today. The incubator was set up yesterday so will set them tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  13. Ah, perhaps thats where I am getting it from then. Thanks for you reply
  14. Setting up my incy in the next couple of days to hatch some bantams. I'm not sure if I dreamt it, but, can the temperature of the incubater 'encourage' more girls than boys? I realise that the temperature needs to be within a certain point or two of the expected temp but, if it were on the lower or higher end of the spectrum could it make a difference? Would be very interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.
  15. Well, I've been playing with this today and its lots of fun. Just not sure what I am going to do with the dozens and dozens of shapes I've cut out and/or embossed
  16. Thats exactly the one Going to look at you tube as suggested above
  17. I have finally given into my desire for a bigshot. Now, what can I actually do with it? Have only got the bigshot, am looking for dies next week but could use a simple first/beginners project to start me off. Anyone got any tips or ideas please?
  18. I dislike smacking. I remember with extreme distress how terrified I would be of the 'threats' used as a means of controlling my behaviour as a child. I should stress that I was not a particularly difficult child, but, also I was never beaten or smacked simply 'because'. To my deep and utter shame, I have smacked occassionally. To me this shows me that I have lost control of MY behaviour and have let anger take over. I prefer to use the naughty step or removal of priviledges and treats. I always try to follow this up with a discussion about why the behaviour was/is unacceptable or unncessary. Most importantly I do try and find out why they behaved as they did. We eat out frequently and have been told, on many occassions, by other diners 'how well behaved' our children are. This is a compliment to my children, and I always make sure they know that others have appreciated this. That said, parenting isn't a science and its something we can only face as it arises.
  19. thanks for the tips. *toddles off to look at Tripadvisor....
  20. Or know it well? I am looking to go with a girlfriend for a weekend break. We don't want to take a car, so need a nice hotel close to the night life. TIA
  21. They are all still doing well. I've put some water and crumb in for them now and one of them was pecking at the crumb within moments! Clever chicks
  22. Today is my birthday and I've woken to four, fluffy, lavendar pekin chicks. They started pipping yesterday so its very exciting. Happy birthday to me!

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