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  1. Sheila, I have only just read your message as we have been away and I haven't posted on here for such a long time. I am so very very sorry to hear your devastating news about Shep. You were one of the first people to answer my many silly questions when we first got our girls about 6 years ago and have met at a couple of Omlet get togethers. I hope you and your family are all able to find the strength to support each other through this dreadful time. You are all in my thoughts. K x
  2. Hello, As the parent of 2 definate and possibly 3 Dyslexics, with a Dyslexic hubby!! I have some knowledge I also work in Learning support at a local high school, and any concerns paqrents have are best passed onto the SENCO, who should be able to carry our a screening test, this is only a guidline and not a diagnosis though, as many of the children tested where I work then think they have the condition. When we had ES and ED tested the primary head was very much against it and wanted to know why I wanted my son to have a lable I didn't but if it helps them to achieve their potential then so be it. Because my son wasn't 'failing' school wouldn't screen him, but he is very bright, just has problems getting information down from a board to paper and his hand writing is dreadful We ended up paying for the assesment with the BDA British Dyslexia Association who are very helpful. It may be worth having her screened for Irlen Syndrome too, which may show that she has less difficulties if the paper is a different colour, or she could use and overlay of different colours, the colour chosen at the screening. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know, I rarely log on here at the mo, just reading as a guest I'm often on facebook though and will pm you my email and id. Take care, Karen x
  3. Hi Ziggy, I have coeliac disease, diagnosed a few years ago. I had an initial blood test due to continuing anaemia, and then went on to have a gastroscopy, which I wonder if your daughter may need at some point? Please feel free to e-mail me if I can help with ideas as I'm a veggie too!! one by choice one by accident Hope you get some answers too. I'll message you my e-mail as I don't log on here very often at the mo due to lack of time etc. but when I saw your message I wanted to pop a reply off Take care, Karen x
  4. Glad things have worked out, I do wonder why so many adults think it's OK to give their childrens' friends alcohol My eldest 2 have both distanced themselves by choice from one or two of their oldest friends who seem to enjoy getting very drunk regularly Well done to your daughter for being so sensible Karen x
  5. Vibes on the way Hope your knee heals soon. Karen x
  6. Sending some healing vibes across the sea for you Karen x
  7. Brill! how about some seeds to start you off ready for the next show?! Karen x
  8. That's so sad, I didn't know he was so ill Karen x
  9. ANH, this thread has been very reassuring for me too! ES goes through phases where he is distant and sometimes snappy, other times very affectionate. On top of all the usual teenage stuff, at almost 17 he had to endure months of tests to see if he has epilepsy and was recently given a clean bill of health Adament he doesn't want to go to uni, I'm concerned when most of his friends leave later this year he will regret his choice We do lay down the rules about when he should be in and he usually keeps to it or lets us know if he will be staying out or running late. Most of the time he tells me things about what his friends get up to that make my hair curl, but I'm also reassured that he feels he can tell me, especially when some of them are children of friends of mine, and he trusts me not to spill the beans (unless obviously I feel it important enough to discuss it with them) We recently went to Wales in our caravan and a group of 3 turned up to see him and sat chatting to us in the awning surely not the coolest thing to do during their Easter break?!! I know there was an ulterior motive to it as they planned a 'fun' night sleeping in the car near to the beach ES came back at stupid o'clock to get a better sleep I guess we can only do our best when it comes to teenagers and be there for them, keep the lines of communication open and I guess it will all work out hopefully for the best Karen x
  10. I nearly always wear an apron with a pocket when cooking, infact I encourage OH to wear one too as he is unbelievably messy in the kitchen!! I often forget to take it off when answering the door Infact when ES has friends round one of them always looks for the homemade bread if I'm wearing it when he calls Karen x
  11. Gosh Lesley, life in your house is never dull! Glad to hear about the lambs getting stronger Will go off now and catch up on all the other updates you've put on that I've missed Take care, Karen x
  12. We've just come back from a lovely trip staying just outside Barmouth in the caravan, the boys slept in a tent. We had a little sun, a lot of drizzly rain plenty of wind (the weather type ) but had a great time, walked up a mountain, played on the beach and had major games of Uno and Scrabble On the way home it was snowing, and we drove though heavy sleet between Llangollen and home, and woke up to a fine covering of snow this morning, I think we may have come home at the right time!! Have a good time anyone going this next week Karen x
  13. Have you dragged the orange man across Karen? - I hadn't done that at first and though we still had just the Google Earth aerial view which you could zoom in with. I didn't realise that you had to drag the orange man and if the street is shown in blue than it is on Streetview!! (thanks Lewis! ) Errrrm no I tried it and you can see allsorts I don't think I shall clean my windows ever again to stop people looking in Thank you for the tip, I'm going to look up some friends now Karen x
  14. Lesley, Lauren is a little star. I'm so sorry she has had so much to put up with, but seeing her lovely smile and funky purple casts is really something Karen x
  15. I was just wonderng if it belonges to anyone who posts oon here? I went with a friend to look at a barn conversion for sale just outside Nantwich and spotted it in the next door garden It is an amazing set up and it was lovely to see your ducks and chickens wandering around. Karen x

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