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  1. What a contrast with the weather today! It's been beautiful here - just right for tidying up the debris left behind after Sunday night's storm. We've finished salvaging the panels from the run - the rest will be firewood The girls went out for a spot of sunshine/swimming (ducks) this afternoon but are back in the conservatory tonight - just as well my OH is very understanding He is also very handy at DIY. For the rebuild he is thinking of concreting a 6x6 inch gate post in each corner with the panels bolted in between. Bigger bolts this time - the last ones sheered off in the wind Think we will also go with a pitched roof rather than a single slope. OH thinks that the wind caught under the higher edge and just lifted it like a kite. Our site is very exposed to the south, north and west so strength is the key. Any other suggestions as to how we might improve on what we had would be welcome
  2. We took a big hit last night here in North Wilts. Our WIR was lifted off its footings and over a 4ft fence into the field at the bottom of the garden. With it went the rabbit hutch (complete with rabbits) and a wheelie bin. Amazingly both rabbits are fine. Ducks and chooks were a little shocked but seem fine now. All are now residing in our conservatory, which smells like a farmyard http://s1314.photobucket.com/user/sarahgingell/media/photo14_zpseecf5721.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1314.photobucket.com/user/sarahgingell/media/photo17_zps8834d5ba.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  3. Thanks Shabby Chic. They seem to have settled down a little today, much less panic when approached. I think the mealworms may have helped
  4. Well, here they are! The white one is definitely female judging by her very loud quack Not sure about the black one - sounds like a ho"Ooops, word censored!"/peeping noise I'm not sure how old they are other than that they are this year's hatch. They're not keen on being handled and the chooks don't like them so they're in a temporary run in view but out of reach of the chooks. I've tried feeding them on mixed corn, which their previous owner fed them, but they don't seem keen. Settling in nerves maybe? They seem to prefer layers pellets. Is that ok as their main food source? As I mentioned before they are not on grass although I did clip some earlier to give them. Also, can you tell me what other tit-bits you give your ducks? Is there anything they def shouldn't have? Sorry for all the questions - I feel rather more nervous than I did when I first got chooks
  5. That's great, thanks very much! Will no doubt have more questions as time goes on, so will keep a more regular eye on the forum from now on!
  6. Evening everyone! It's been a long while since I visited the (chicken) forum , sorry! I'm now hoping to add a couple of call ducks to our clan and just wondered if they would be ok in the enclosure with my bantams/ex. bats. They would have a separate house and paved area for their water pool. The only problem is the chooks have completely destroyed all the grass and we are now down to bare earth There are trees and shrubs for shade/shelter. Is it worth trying to get the grass to re-grow or am I on a hiding to nothing? Hope someone can help. Thanks, Sarah
  7. Wordpress is good too. I set up our pre-school website using it - quite easy for a novice to use and free too!
  8. Not had red ants but our lawn is infested with black ones! Have you tried Diatom? See the attached link from their own site - http://diatomx.co.uk/epages/eshop439661.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop439661/Categories/FAQ/Pest_Control
  9. In our limited experience I would say you probably have very little chance, although it does depend on your local authority. We are in Wiltshire and, a few years ago, bought a small strip of land adjacent to ours from the local farmer. We were hoping to build a double garage and our existing plot was only about 4 feet short in the width. We had hoped to use the extra land to enable us to build the garage and expand our garden. Planning was rejected as you are not allowed to build on agricultural land and they wouldn't grant us change of use - ie changing the land use from agricultural to domestic. We have to maintain the existing boundary too. So now we have a piece of (rather expensive) land which we keep chickens and grow veg on but can do little else with Good luck!
  10. Lily passed away in my arms this evening. She had been on Metacam for a month for peritonitis and had been looking much better, even up until this morning. However, when I went to put the girls away this evening, I noticed her breathing was rasping so brought her in immediately. I held her on my lap and within 5 minutes she had gone RIP Lily
  11. You have my utmost sympathy - it sounds like we have the same virus A HUGE batch of spag bol is definitely the way to go. Turn it into chilli, shepherds pie, lasagne - all quick and easy and firm favourites in our house Hope you feel better soon!
  12. Took Lilly to the vet's today. As we suspected, she does have sterile peritonitis and has been given a short course of Metacam and Noroclav(a/b's). He was all for PTS but I said whilst she is bright, happy, and eating and drinking normally, then she deserves every chance. Glad she is back home with me, albeit my purse is now £80 lighter
  13. @ CatieB We are only considering oil because we are not on mains gas, and we already have an oil fired boiler. We don't want the expense of electric or the mess of solid fuel. As this will be replacing our boiler it will be our only source of heat and hot water. We have been looking at the bigger models that can do more radiators. However, I am planning on keeping my existing cooker. Our houses were built in the late 1940's and all had Rayburns fitted. Ours had already been removed by the time we moved in but next door only got rid of theirs last year so I'm very impressed with the build quality! We're also planning an extension which involves re-siting the boiler, so thought we might as well take the opportunity to replace it as it's now starting to go on the blink! It's really the issue of moving and installing a second hand one that is making me a bit apprehensive - but we can't be going down the route of a brand new one, that would add too much to the budget!
  14. Thanks all. Our main concerns are moving one from its current location (wherever that happens to be) to our house. I know they are really heavy but also a bit 'delicate'. Also, knowing whether it works properly. OH is a dab hand at buying classic Triumphs but we are both completely clueless as to what to look out for in Rayburns I'm a bit more cautious than OH and would rather spend a bit more and buy a refurb'd one from a Rayburn dealer, than a private seller. We are already on oil (no mains gas here) so supply is already in place, just needs re-routing slightly. I'm looking forward to a much warmer kitchen and pjs too
  15. Thank you - I'll give them a call tomorrow. I told OH he was tempting fate the other day when he said we hadn't had a chicken indoors for a while
  16. Ok, will hold off on the a/b's for now. She's not keen on being handled but I just checked and yes, she does look and feel a bit swollen. Do you think it might be peritonitis?
  17. I brought one of my ex-bats indoors yesterday afternoon after noticing her breathing seemed quite laboured. She is not coughing, sneezing or gaping. Her comb is red. She is eating and drinking ok too. She seems worse when sitting in her nest box. I have some Baytril left over from one of the others back in November and a little Metacam from September- Is it worth trying these or are they too old? I'd rather try something at home first before taking her on a 15+ mile round trip to the vet. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  18. Evening all We're looking to replace our oil-fired boiler and are considering a secondhand Rayburn. Does anyone here have any experience of buying, moving, installing, servicing one? We don't know anyone with one and don't want to make an expensive mistake! Hope someone here can help.
  19. Oops - another 'Tena' moment
  20. Jean Jeannie (sp?) - great for drainpipe jeans Richard Shops Chelsea Girl Bejams (would have been really useful recently when I wanted to see a freezer before purchasing ) Great Mills DIY Radio Rentals Timothy Whites Half Price Jewellers Radio Rentals Owen Owen I'm sure there are loads more but my memory isn't what it was
  21. Ours sometimes does this too, and it's only a year old. It seems to happen when it's choc full - perhaps something is stopping the spray arm from spinning? I also use Planet Clean tabs (because they are animal/environment friendly) although I don't think they clean as efficiently as other brands such as Finish. I'd be interested to know what others think too.
  22. For you or your girls (or all of you) ? I meant the girls but there was just about enough for us too! Although DH wasn't impressed when I said he may have to go without There was a very heavy frost here in N. Wilts and their water was frozen solid this morning, as was the bunnies water. Time to bring the Snugglepads back out!
  23. There's a frost here already. Have shut my girls doors too. Porridge for breakfast tomorrow, methinks.
  24. Oh dearie me It has also been suggested today that he may allegedly have something to do with the dip in Tesco's sales figures!!

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