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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1341137/Hundreds-dogs-cats-die-rock-salt-scattered-gritters-big-freeze.html
  2. Sorry but it's just what I read, I doubt she would lie about how her dog died.
  3. Please remember to wash your cat or dogs feet after they have been outside. Road grit contains antifreeze, a friends dog died from liver failure after licking her feet when she was walked over gritted areas.
  4. They are now in the compost bin, the shells had cracked during freezing. The bin is producing heat so they could of possibly hatched if I hadn't of froze them.
  5. They're no longer viable after freezing. I have to make sure my girls weights are perfect and being over or under weight can cause them to become egg bound, pandora will only lay if the soil is atleast 10 inches deep and is 32°c
  6. They're great animals, very worrying when you find them on their backs. Spur thighs are great, Sulcata are also known as African spur thighed I've also had horsfields in the past too.
  7. Thank you. I have just the 8 for now, 7 Hermanns and a leopard tortoise. Once they have an outdoor set up (heated sheds, maybe a greenhouse and a large run) I will hopefully be having a Sulcata tortoise (third largest species in the world)
  8. today one of my adult hermanns tortoise laid 3 eggs. I wont be incubating them as i dont want to be over run with hatchlings lol. i have decided to freeze them as they can hatch even at low temperatures. 4 months ago the babies were in eggs of the same size, as you can see in that time they have grown quite a bit Thanks for looking
  9. some fish have been known to happily live swimming upside down. it could be something wrong with the swim bladder.
  10. Its amazing how well this cat has adapted having no pelvis and only 2 legs http://www.care2.com/causes/cute-animal-videos-of-the-day-anakin-the-two-legged-kitten.html
  11. Thanks. Need to go to the vets today to see how much microchipping costs as i need to micro chips the tortoises before i can update their papers It'll cost between £15 & £45 per tortoise to get microchipped, i need to get 8 done, and then to update the Defra cites A10 certificates will cost £25 per tortoise and i need to get 7 of those as hermann tortoises are on the endangered list. Leopard tortoises dont require a certificate as theyre not endangered, they dont even need to be micro chipped but im going to just incase she is ever stolen.
  12. Thanks everyone I used to watch a programme called Hex and there was a book called the Book of Orakiah and i just liked the name lol

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