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  1. Omlet netting isn't high enough if your chooks are escape artists like ours - they stand on the eglu run and leap over. If you look online you can get netting very cheaply and most diy outlets do long plastic coated metal poles which are good to support the netting. It depends if you want a chicken escape proof run and shut them in at night or as fox proof run!
  2. Our original chickens never got out until we got Harriet - a who now escapes all the time and showed the others how to do it although only Daisy goes along with her. We are about to order higher netting to stop them. It is very annoying and wing clipping does not help as its more of a lunge than flying. We have now taught our son to put her back in and to him its a game so he loves doing it!
  3. There's a horse feed suppliers in Dorking that might sell it: Attlee's, Parsonage Mills Station Road Dorking Surrey RH4 1EL Tel: (01306) 883533
  4. My winter shade has disintegrated around the eyelets - the fox has also ripped it. It is not very strong material and has faded a lot as well.
  5. Christmas massacre! Take some pictures. They sell them in our local pet shop so I may get some for ours as well
  6. we had a chicken plucked through the bars early in the morning when we left the door open. I think the fox used the overhanging tree as cover to sneak up. If the chickens see the fox coming - and with a few chooks there is a good chance they will - they will be ok. The chicken survived that attack ok only to be killed about three weeks later in an evening when he came before they were locked up. Also check the catches on the run door as some of ours had broken and this could be how the fox nearly got ours.
  7. I think Wilkinsons sell the small tub -100g for 3.99 but do a huge tub for 13.99 which would last a fair while.
  8. 1 killed (and previously just escaped) and 1 dropped by the fox to live another day. Winter shade now ripped by the fox and the fence constantly damaged. He is a very handsome fox though
  9. I laughed my head off!! They should put something like that on mother and baby spaces in the car parks!
  10. I posted something a little while back about our Isa Brown who had the tip of her beak missing too. Most people think it is because Isa Browns are also destined to be battery hens so are clipped at a day old. When we got her from our new supplier (as we couldn't get any hens from our Meadowsweet supplier), nearly all of them had the tips missing, though they were otherwise kept in good conditions. We chose Harriet because she looked about the best (ie. only the very tip has gone whereas some chickens had quite a bit missing). I know what you mean though, I was a bit dismayed to see it, but it doesn't bother her and she's fine with it. It does seem a shame though, doesn't it.
  11. Our newish hen, Harriet, is a real pickle - when we first got her, she discovered the top of the eglu run as a safe place to sit away from the other three, while she was settling in. However, since then she has also discovered how great it is for her to fly over the top of the Omlet netting fence (which surrounds the eglu run to make a larger run) from her vantage point. And since then, she has enticed the other three up onto the eglu run to have a go too! (they NEVER went on top of the eglu run until she came along and egged them on (excuse the pun!)). She escapes numerous times through the afternoon when I let them out into the bigger run, often encouraging Daisy to have a go too and succeed. She is very naughty!
  12. I would recommend doing it quickly as it will be a new environment for all of them and should mean less pecking.
  13. Oops, spoke to Richard who I didn't realise had talked to her more about it. Yes, she said it was to stop them pecking each other and that it was done at a day old (although not by her, obviously from her supplier). It was just the tips of the top beaks that were done, and as I said, you probably wouldn't even notice Harriet had hers done. I just wish they weren't done!
  14. We have previously had Omlet chickens and bought 3 chickens in the past from a Meadowsweet supplier. However, when we bought another chicken yesterday (Harriet) from a non-Meadowsweet supplier (we have been told they've gone bust), we noticed that they have all had their beaks trimmed. I was a bit scared to question it so just asked her if they had been as they looked a bit funny, to which we were told yes. The chickens were all kept in really good conditions, are vaccinated and we were happy with the supplier otherwise. Harriet's beak actually looks almost normal (which is why we chose her over others), but we were just wondering if anyone knew much about it, why it's done, and is it really bad to buy a beak-trimmed chicken! (ie. I'm not sure that I think it's necessary and I know Meadowsweet made a point of saying their chickens aren't beak trimmed). Any thoughts?
  15. We got a new chicken today- an Isa brown. Has anyone else got one? Seems like a nice breed. After looking for alternative suppliers on the net following meadowsweets demise we were about to travel to Worthing when we found a supplier less than a mile from our house! No Amber stars unfortunately so we only got one chook for now.

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