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  1. Thanks for all of that. So you mean slab underneath the run area and then cover with aubiose? Do you then just rake it out?
  2. Hi all, Stinker of a problemo and not sure what to do. Since the weather has turned, our free range area has been quite tricky to deal with. Its our first winter with them having this "Omlet fenced" area. The summer was lovely as i just raked up their poo and moved the fencing around now and again to avoid bare grass patches. However, now its either wet or snow covered I can't rake up the poo and its becoming unbearably stinky and resembles the 5th day of glastonbury festival!!!! We've even had to put down stepping stones to get to the eglu as the mud/poo is so slippy. Should I just resign myself to the fact that this is how it is for winter?!!? We also use woodchip in their run which i was raking, topping up or changing every month but this is now compacted because of the wet and stinks badly too. I've looked into getting aubiose but have no where to store it so have to use woodchip. Or can I just leave it as mud? It seems to end up that way anyhoo Only option seems to be to dig it all out every month which is tiresome and stinky as hell. Am happy to do this but wondered if there was another way? Help??? Jules x
  3. Just to let you all know that PeeWee is doing really well I took her to the vets a few days after the event happened as she started isolating and looked a bit peaky and they put her on antibiotics. She's eating well, laying every other day and the wound looks as though it's healing. Yay! Thanks again to all of you for your advice. Happy days Jules x x x
  4. Thanks all for your advice. Yesterday I bathed her wound with antiseptic Hibiscus solution from the vets. It was all yellowy and so deep and I thought I'd see what she was like today and if the same, take her to the vet (we have a vet hospital here open every day - yay!). So I went to check on her this morning and its amazing how different it looks. It's almost like its scabbed over?!? Its gone all burgundy in colour and is hard and no longer looks open. Does anyone know if this this sounds normal? It looks as though it is healing to me. I'm in St Anne's in Bristol so if there are any willing and experienced Omleteeeers near would be very grateful for a second opinion She seems happy enough, is eating well, interacting with the other girls and even laid yesterday! Keeping fingers crossed but am very optimistic about her progress Last thing - was thinking of putting a blanket over Eglu to help insulate in this weather as arn't they only tested up to minus 10 degrees? I think its been colder than that here at night. Thanks again for everyone's advice and kind words Jules x
  5. Was also thinking will she recover from this type of wound or is it best to put her straight out of her misery
  6. I've just noticed that one of my pepperpots PeeWee has a large open wound on the top of her thigh. It looks awful Reluctant to take her to vet which sounds awful but they are so expensive and will just poor drugs into her. Was wondering if there was a way to treat her myself with a hibiscus scrub and some sort of wadding or am i being ridiculous???? Lost my last chicken to the vet in the summer due to impacted crop and they charged me a fortune Jules x
  7. Wowsers! sounds like you've done all you can! I shall see what happens with baited breath! Thanks Jules x
  8. I didn't notice any mites although don't know what I'm looking for really. Would they be around the same area? I cleaned the eglu out yesterday and didnt notice any either...
  9. Hi everyone, I posted something a few days ago about my chook's bum but haven't really had much response. Can you pls help?!? My gingernut has lost quite a few feathers around her bottom and there's a naked bit that seems to be growing slowly by the day! Poor lil chook.She's still laying fine and seems ok but I can't help wondering if there's anything I should do? Pls could you advise? Many many thanks Jules x
  10. Ha ha! Well thank you for making me laugh about it! I'll keep an eye on her and maybe start knitting her a bum-cosy just in case!!!! Cheers
  11. Hello everyone I've noticed this morning that my lovely gingernut Fudge has a naked bottom!! Could anyone offer some advice on what this is about and whether I need to do anything? I vaguely recall someone telling me thay moult in winter is this true? It's our first year with them as "grown ups" as we got our girls last Autumn. Thanks! Jules PeeWeeFluff Nancy Fudge Peaches RIP
  12. Very sadly decided to have Peach put to sleep today at the vet's She was very skinny and very sad so I think it was the best decision. Thanks to all of you who kindly offered advice in the last few weeks and allowed me to help her in every way I could while she was with us. Love to all and your chickens Jules x x x RIP Peach
  13. Thanks. Have not let her have any breakfast this morning and will get her some maggots for elevensies How often should I give her maggots? I've been giving half a pint to all four of them to share. Is that ok? J x
  14. Thanks for your reply. Gave Peach some maggots yesterday and....the hard lump has turned squishy!!! However, she has since stuffed her face this morning and this evening and has been a bit low again and the crop is big but squishy. perhaps I should try maggots again tmorrow and restrict how much food she is eating while carrying on with the liquid paraffin or olive oil? They normally have the grub there all day so maybe i could just give them a bowl morning and evening. Any thoughts gratefully received? nancy is brooding quietly in the cage and is perched on the rim of her incredibly large makeshift food bowl! J x
  15. I've put Nancy in a metal dog cage today to try and break her broodyness. Will she be ok in it in the rain?? There is a plastic roof to it and i've popped a towel over one side to give her extra shelter. Think it's going to rain and storm later Worried she'll be scared.....

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