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  1. Panicked phone call from DS in Belfast last night at 11pm! Had to reassure him he hadn't missed Mothers' Day!!
  2. HFW is great but also love Rose Elliott and Ottlenghi. Also love Celia Brooks and Nigel Slater and of course Delia does very good veggie recipes (particularly love Delias mushroom risotto which Is baked in the oven sooo easy ; she does a spring veg one too with mint which is also yum). I also have two very old falling apart recipe books from the eighties called "The moosewood cookbook" and "the enchanted broccoli forest" which I bought in the states and I love, the key thing is they must have a majority of main course savouries I absolutely hate books/magazines that promise vegetarian recipes and are full of desserts (take note BBC Good Food Vegetarian Specials !)
  3. It's very liberating isn't it PatsyLabrador? You go girl! X
  4. So sorry to read this. One of my girls survived a fox attack even though it had made a two inch gap in her breast for which she had surgery (I had to; I felt so guilty it was entirely my fault). Because there was no blood I didn't spot the injury until the next day either and so hopefully Poppy will pull through ok x
  5. So many amusing comments here A few selections from me: Keith Lemmon Alan Carr. Far too Chatty Man imo Margaret Thatcher Simon Cowell and all his hideous variety shows Ant and Dec and I have no interest in which is which I could go on........
  6. I would run away with Michael Palin (it's the twinkle in his eye) Hugh Lawrie, Kevin McCloud. Back in the day Bryan Ferry was sex on legs, and so was Paul Newman and I had a big thing for Robert Powell when he was Toby in Doomwatch (yes I am that old!) New and unexpected love Raymond Blanc ( see Kew on a plate!) mostly just happy OH puts up with me after all these years!
  7. Anyone else watching this and being charmed by M.Raymond? I'm captivated. His goosegog tart looked divine (but apparently could have done with more gooseberries!) I loved his intro to the veggie chilli! "Ooo could 'ave imagined sat zis guy from Bordeaux a confirmed carnivore would devote imself to vegetab les"...... Great stuff......
  8. Coming late to the party and back to shower screens I have found absolutely the best thing for the industrial strength lime scale/soap scum duo that my kids leave in our shower is Barkeepers Friend (powder version) on a green scrudger thing ( I was desperate one day and saw someone recommending it on t'internet) I only need to do it about once every three months because it stays reasonably clear just using a squeegee and spray with shower shine in between (whichever brand is cheapest when I'm replacing it). I thought it would etch the glass but it didn't (although test it somewhere inconspicuous first in case your shower doesn't react like ours!)
  9. Just to say that BHWT have lovely ex-caged hens looking for homes collection from Wigan If anyone has any space the contact is sophie.mccoy@bhwt.org.uk Hope this doesn't break any rules mods. It came up on my FB page and so I thought I'd share here to reach a wider audience as we are practically in the English Channel here so not likely to reach the right people to spread the word!
  10. I thought on the basis of tonight's dance only Pixie had to go but not sure how Frankie avoided the dance off. I like Simon. But after that Argentinian Tango my favourite is Carline and of course she has the benefit of Pasha's wonderful choreography too!
  11. Another lime and soda fan here. Or sometimes if we are at the pub I will have a tomato juice. I find most ready mixed drinks too sweet but The Orchard Pig grapefruit and mint one is very refreshing. I also find that if you dilute the premixed fizzy drinks with fizzy water or soda water they are much more palatable. I have to 'fess up though. I only resort to non alcoholic if I'm driving otherwise mine's a large Gin and full fat Tonic ! (can't abide overly sweetened diet drinks but will try the Feverfew one next time on your recommendations ) ps. All of this hedonism will stop in January because I'm planning to go sugar free. Anyone want to join me?
  12. I'm glad you are still loving your Devon Woollen Duvet Cinnamon. We are still using ours and I too would hate to be without it! Best thing ever ! X
  13. That's why calorie counting doesn't work! If it did in the course of a year you could expect a massive weight loss in fact the average is about 11 lbs ( please correct me if I'm wrong) most of which goes back on because it's just plain unsustainable.....
  14. Can't say I was that keen on Pixie's Charleston ( cringes and waits for onslaught of disagreement). Otherwise I pretty much agreed with the judges. Don't have a favourite to win though and I usually do by this stage Too many talented dancers to chose from!

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