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  1. Recent experience of administering antibiotics to our dear tabby. First few days poorly cat the corner and pop into mouth technique worked very well. We knew he was getting better when giving him the tablet twice a day proved more challenging. By the end of the course we were working down the list and scotch would have been welcome !
  2. Apart from my phone and IPad and my gorgeous family and pets.... It would have to be my fountain pen and wonderful J Herbin inks http://www.jherbin.com/fountain_pen_inks.shtml which I love,love,love,
  3. I really wouldn't have minded which of the finalists won tonight as they all deserved to be there, but Nancy had the best night and Richard the worst but they were all winners and I applaud them all. Am thinking about putting a pencil behind my ear in an attempt to channel some of that serenity that Richard always seems to have under pressure. I could really do with that at work some days !
  4. For some further inspiration and pictures of Linda Rodin check out the Advanced Style blog here http://advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk
  5. I started pulling out grey hairs at 13. And so I have certainly embraced the grey. I am very lucky because it is grey all over. I couldn't cope with it at pepper and salt stage and did colour it then. I think I'm probably happier with my hair now than I was in my twenties and thirties! And no don't feel you have to cut it short. I'm envious of those lucky people with the right head shape and hair texture to have their hair very short but I just look like a hedgehog or worse still one of my elderly aunts with mine shorter so I keep it at least shoulder length
  6. Just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation Cat Tails. Since I last posted I've had difficulty getting Spikey to eat anything. The coley was popular for all of three mouthfuls! Anyway today I bought a small bag of RC Exigent and he ate almost a whole bowl full! I don't know what's in it but he found it irresistible I am delighted and so relieved. !
  7. Thank you. I will take a closer look at RC. It is much more widely stocked and so may be an easier option! ATM after another trip to the vets yesterday I can't get him to eat anything! going to try coley purée in a minute. Yum
  8. . Mmmmm. As a vegetarian that's possibly a step too far for me ! Not that he wouldn't like it. But just that we don't have the ingredients on hand. Problem is that the boy loves his kibble !
  9. Our ten year old tabby had to go to the vets this am as he was proper poorly. He was diagnosed with a fuo given antibiotics and pussycat equivalent Calpol and told to have a duvet day. I am pleased to say he is much much better this pm and has managed a sachet of food! But anyway it gore me thinking that he's middle aged one and maybe I should overhaul his diet. ATM he has aims dried and Sheba fine flakes sachet but I'm not happy about the condition of his coat he has one or two skin issues and I think he's a little on the plump side. He's a big boy but weighed in at 6.6kg at the vets. I'd like to go grain free So I was wondering if anyone feeds orijen to their cats and if so what's the verdict ? Thanks for reading. Edited to say I hate spellchecker on the I pad! Errors too numerous to correct them all but I did type Iams. Honest!
  10. My Dad had one when he couldn't bend down to get things in and out the oven anymore. He swore by it but in the four years since we inherited it from him I've never found the need to use the oven bit and have only used it as a microwave....I can see that it would be very useful if you are catering for less people... But I would think for the extra cost it may be of limited use if you usually cook for a crowd
  11. My ds is a very competent cook at home but reluctant to cook in his uni kitchen because of the general state of it which means he has to spend time doing everyone else's washing up first and washing down work surfaces and also freezer space limited! .he does make himself veggie chillis and cauliflower and lentil curry but those won't suit your ds .... So there's ready meals and ready meals. They don't have to be full of rubbish. Ds eats fish but not meat so for instant dinners he will cook himself veggie sausages mashed potato ( ready made reheat in micro) and broccoli with gravy, chunky fish fingers and oven chips (chunky home made potato slices on baking paper with olive oil) and peas or green beans. Also for a posh version of the good old student favourite of baked beans he loves the merchant gourmet ready cooked lentils and sun dried tomatoes (in asachet) on sour dough rubbed with a clove of garlic and drizzled with olive oil,(I know!) or sometimes their ordinary puy lentils with the aforesaid ready made mash as a shepherdess pie! And don't forget the humble baked potato and tuna. My Ds won't eat eggs but if your son will there's nothing wrong with an omelette and salad! We've found this "homemade" ready made approach has worked well. Quick to make but not a complete cocktail of chemicals!
  12. Darn sarf. In our part of the world it seems ...Lunch at 12 noon. Supper is eaten at 7.00 pm onwards and is the family evening meal. (Tea is taken at 4.30pm and involves cake! ) Dinner is more formal and probably involves more effort than supper on the part of both chef and diner ( fancier food and dress or possibly a restaurant). My Mum was a Geordie and we had supper in the evening (tea was what I had at 5 and involved sandwiches and cake. Unless it was High Tea which was probably something cooked like cheese on toast!) but dinner was definitely eaten in the middle of the day..... Don't you love the richness and diversity of our language.....so glad I'm a native speaker I'd never cope with learning it as a second language and take my hat off to those that do!
  13. This will sound wrong because I'm really not at all peeved, but I don't understand why the rest of the UK didn't get a vote on something which will affect us all?
  14. So very sorry to hear that you are having a horrid time. Can't add anything in the way of advice so just sending a big hug.
  15. Grrrrrr! Did they go on to say "please do not hesitate to contact myself" (bangs head on wall with anguished cry) I probably should get out more.......
  16. I was out with dd yesterday afternoon and she wanted to buy some new trousers for work so we found ourselves in M and S. Neither of us are big in the hip department (if only I could say the same thing about my tummy) and we both have quite slim legs so m and s are not usually cut right for us. . So we were about to give up after trying on six pairs that were awful when the lady in charge of the changing room offered to get us an assistant to help. The assistant took one look at Dd in one of the unflattering pairs we had chosen and then went off and came back with three pairs of trousers that looked fabulous on her. So well done Chichester M and S ! I m just posting this because I didn't even know they offered a service like that and thought you might not either!
  17. I too found the news deeply upsetting. However, I would like to think that the support of the public proves that most of us are caring individuals who find this sort of behaviour completely intolerable and abhorrent -
  18. Personally I find his version of events far fetched and my sympathies are with the Sttenkamps this evening who will I am sure be feeling that justice has not been served . However the prosecution's case was circumstantial and so..... As others have said the Judge perhaps wants to be sure she hands down a verdict and sentence which will stick . Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  19. My ds will shortly be returning for his third year at Queens and eldest has finished Uni and is teaching MFL at secondary school so we are old hat at this now. But I still have a pang of sadness at this time of year when our house has been full of people (and music - when ds is around our life always has a soundtrack!) and returns to just the two of us. A period of readjustment is required ..... And then calm..... Ahhh.! But before you know it Christmas is here and it's full on again! I love every moment of our time together, as a family or just as a couple and never forget how blessed I am, It makes up for shepherding all those socks which are left around the house into the washing machine
  20. Ah yes. The ice cream. My favourite was Gelateria Nico on the Zattere which has a nice platform built out over the water if you want to eat in. Also there was a good Pizzeria just up from the Ice Cream shop. The Zattere is good for sunshine as it's quite a wide open expanse so if it's a bit chilly elsewhere you can still sit outside there. We visited in March and there was snow on the ground but we still ate outside on the Zattere (but kept our gloves on!)
  21. I know she wasn't everyone's cup of tea but I am sad to hear that Joan Rivers has died. She was a pioneer of comedy and personally I loved her acerbic wit. God bless you Joan. And as you used to say let's hope God recognises you after all the plastic surgery ! X
  22. Love love love Venice and the backstreets. Completely agree with the advice to walk walk and walk. I read and loved Miss Garnett's Angel before I went back after visiting as a tourist in 1976 and and made it a point to track down the camel and the Gaudi paintings mentioned in the book. The camel took me to parts of the city I would not have seen otherwise! You can take the Allilaguna from the airport if you don't want to fork out for a water taxi. I really think it's best to arrive by the water if possible. Have a great time. I am very
  23. It's always difficult but I have to say the editing was quite irresponsible if Diana had no responsibility at all for the mishap with Ian's ice cream and it must be horrid to take so much flak when you are innocent so i feel a bit sorry for her. It seems to me that she is the second victim of this episode and whoever came up with the idea of producing an ice cream dish in the middle of a tent in the middle of summer without access to a blast freezer should be the person marched off the show!
  24. Yes but I use a chemical based exfoliant (glycolic acid) it's a Ren one which smells and feels like marmalade but makes my skin feel great! . I would not use a scrub as such As I think they are too harsh for my (elderly!) skin. The best thing I have done for my skin for a long time is to follow the advice on cleansing on Caroline Hirons blog ( which I found by accident but she is A Big Name in skin care ) and which involved investing in seven 33p white flannels from Wilkos and throwing away the foaming anything for my face ! Got rid of all those little white milia, and although many of her recommendations are top end I use Lush Ultrabland as my basic cleanser and triple distilled rose water as my toner

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