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  1. So agree with everyone else. Your neighbour, (the self appointed denizen of good taste ) appears to have a personality problem How rude and small minded. I certainly wouldn't pay any attention to the opinion of someone who has managed to get to adulthood without acquiring any manners ! You go girl and paint your gate any colour you darn well please.!
  2. As vegetarians we find it easier to take a rental property both in the uk and abroad and we have stayed in some lovely properties and some which were not so great. Usually only the small things spoil the stay. For example our last rental in France had only one well worn chopping board by far the loveliest property we have stayed in recently was a Duchy of Cornwall cottage. Everything positively gleamed when we came through the door and Molten Brown toiletries. Bliss! I'm not suggesting that you want the expense but I'm tempted to say that if you charge top dollar you may get a better tenant. Personally I would not dream of leaving a rental property in a bad state and am always happy to pay a deposit refundable after I leave . There are different tax rules relaying to holiday lets but probably nothing too significant unless you have a large portfolio ! Basically holiday lets can be treated as a business ( subject to the no of days let) whereas a let property is treated as an investment.
  3. If you are unlucky enough to get bitten in spite of your best efforts we swear by this http://www.aspivenin.co.uk
  4. Sad to hear today that this amazing and inspirational woman has died. Such a strong voice for women everywhere She leaves behind a great legacy. Let's hope the message does not get forgotten . Ever. There's still a long way to go especially in some cultures, but many women's lives have changed so much in my lifetime thanks to activists like her . Praise be!
  5. No no no no no ! That looks absolutely horrible. Confiscate her passport and lock her in her room!
  6. More of a warning really. Went to London yesterday with DD. And saw Jeeves and Wooster which was brilliant. Anyway there was a shopping event in Seven Dials and so we were browsing. As you do. And weren't surprised to be given some free soap samples from a place called Sakare. We were then invited into the shop for some more free samples which actually turned out to be a demonstration of their products which in all fairness did make our hands wonderfully soft and a mineral face peel which also seemed ok. We were then told that the scrub and hand cream cost £90 together and the mineral mask normally £60 was thrown in for free. When I said I hadn't come out intending to spend £90 on skin care the cost of the two pots of scrub and cream magically dropped to £50 for the two! Hmmm indeed. Needless to say we left. Just wanted to give you the heads up. I am sure you canny omleteers would avoid a place like this like the plague (I normally would but it was that sort of event with free tastings etc so my guard was down). But I thought I'd just put a heads up on here anyway They have other branches. Walk past quickly and don't make eye contact! And if you want Dead Sea minerals I'm sure you can buy similar products at a fraction of the price elsewhere.
  7. I have a beautiful brahma who wants to be a mum so much she really loses condition if allowed to stay broody. Personally I don't like the idea of dunking them in cold water to cool them down and so for us the answer is the sin bin. A dog crate on bricks but within the run area. The mesh bottom means it's not very comfy for nesting in (my oh cut me a piece of mesh to fit as the crate we have is too large a mesh otherwise). Three days in there does the trick usually. I tend to keep her in there for the first day but let her out with the others for a little while once the nest box is closed. Any sign of plonking herself down though and she's back in like a shot. I know it seems harsh and I don't like doing it but if you leave them be they are at best a sitting target for lice etc and at worst likely to lose quite a lot of weight. I'm pretty sure there is a sticky about this on the chickens page. Good luck!
  8. Dd and I have just returned from a weekend in Prague. We went out to see Robbie Williams at the 02 (which was a great show. I'm neither a huge Robbie fan or a lover of live music (it was her chistmas present and I was along as the Bank! ) but the show was so fantastic that I would definitely go and see it again. Anyway I just wanted to recommend our hotel which was this one /http://hoteljewelprague.com/hotel. We chose it primarily because it was very near the metro line we needed to get to the concert and very central and it was very good indeed. I'm not sure about the four star rating but it was quirky with large rooms huge bathroom etc and a good price for the location. The staff were so helpful smiley and pleasant too which I much prefer to the corporate face of a large hotel chain. Unfortunately there is no lift and so it would not suit all as the rooms were accessed by a stone spiral staircase. Luggage was brought up to your room and back down by hotel staff. It was my first visit to Prague but it certainly won't be my last. I can see why they used it for filming The Musketeers such a pretty city. But the charm comes at a cost. All those cobbled streets and pavements mean my feet are killing me even now and so are the Dd's and we both wore flat comfy boots. Personally I wouldn't attempt Prague again without some sort of shock absorbing insoles ! Finally(and sorry for the essay). If you haven't been before and don't speak Czech we found public transport a bit inaccessible. It's great and there is a lot of it but it's hard to find out how to buy a ticket! The airport express bus into the city costs 60 koruna (about two pound for us) and you can buy the ticket from the driver. For public buses trams and the metro you have to buy the ticket from a machine before you travel And the ones in the Metro we used only take change no notes and no credit cards. That said apart from getting to concert we didn't use the metro again as the city is mostly accessible on foot.
  9. If any of you lovely omleteers are thinking about replacing your scissors or investing in a new pair can I just ask you to consider these guys for some proper british craftsmanship http://www.ernestwright.co.uk No more expensive than imports they are guaranteed for life and hand made by the last firm in Sheffield making them. I have just treated myself to a pair if their cutting out scissors. Edited to add I should have mentioned the recommendation came from Mandy Shaw who was holding a red work workshop at the country living fair and had a pair there http://dandeliondesigns.co.uk/acatalog/about.html
  10. Becca that's lovely and you put me to shame with posting a photo too! I finished Luna's dress yesterday. Thank you for encouraging me to go for it Plum. I really enjoyed making it. Dd is home today so I will see if she can help me get my head around loading a photo. I'm just not keen on having all our family photos on the iPad here on their site which is why I abandoned my attempt before. I too fancy having a go at quilting. Becca have you seen this site for some good tutorials which are not too long ( I covet one of their "pop up" irons too ! http://quiltingtutorials.com/
  11. Well I'm really sorry but photo bucket has almost driven me to distraction this evening. I had forgotten what a faff it is to upload photos. it won't play ball without access to our photo albums although I should be able to upload directly from the camera on the iPad. If I'm feeling a bit stronger (more patient) later I'll have another bash.
  12. Really simple. Even for me. (Although I did manage to attach the legs the wrong way round in my first attempt ) sorry no photo yet. Got home really late tonight!
  13. I am still sorry that Linda went out last week as I think she would have been a worthy finalist. For me the couture dresses reminded me of those wedding cakes in the Bake Off final a bit of an anti climax. Tamara's creation was so completely unflattering to her lovely model I felt really sorry for her. And Heathers looked to me as if it had come from the dressing up box although she certainly demonstrated that she had the skills. In the end it seemed to me that she didn't so much win as the other two lost. Still. I enjoyed the series and I will avidly watch the next series
  14. Hi Becca I ordered Luna directly from Coolcrafting. It looks like they do have a few in stock still. But It depends on the colour of the dress you want. . It arrived within two days so very impressive The kit comes with everything you need to make the rabbit and dress with the bow. I have in fact completed the rabbit and will post pictures tomorrow if I can remember how to! I must say I am pleased with the result and I'm looking forward to having a stab at the dress !
  15. I looked. I knew I shouldn't have. Added to my wish list.........this forum is sooooo expensive
  16. I agree bluekarin. I thought the same thing and I'm disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any brownie points for earlier weeks either. Oh we'll. it's great entertainment anyway.!
  17. Have just caught up with this weeks episode. And I am once again How could the judges like that awful bumpy yoga...... Thing If that woman wins i will lose faith in the integrity of the programme
  18. I lost my mum the day after my 25th birthday ( so 32 years ago). She was 50. And I was doing ok until I saw the beautiful photo posted by Chuckmum6. I'm feeling fragile today because my ds is off to the other side of the world on his own for a month. I am used to him being away but would be so much happier if he was travelling with someone else. But of course as a Mum I have to smile and encourage and keep the emotion to myself. I have to say until I had children myself I had no idea how much my mum must have loved me ! Just to add a couple of friends of mine found it impossible to celebrate Mother's Day after losing their Mums and instigated instead daughters day complete with champagne Chocs and a slap up meal
  19. And that was all the encouragement I needed! Thank you Plum. I have succumbed I will post pictures. if I manage to complete it
  20. We had a Brabantia bin like that. And it drove me to distraction. In the end it sported a large dent in its side we replaced it with an equally expensive but far superior Simple Human butterfly top bin. Personally it put me off Brabantia but I may just have been unlucky.
  21. Very amusing. Thank you for sharing
  22. I'd be happy to see either Linda or Chinelo to win
  23. With the coat and this little rabbit http://www.coolcrafting.co.uk/shop/luna-lapin/luna-lapins-raglan-sleeve-woolfelt-coat-and-polka-dot-dress/spotted at the Country Living Fair at the weekend. I know it is far beyond my dressmaking skills but my goodness how gorgeous. Wish I could have a full sized version of the coat for me. Edited to add the coat is in the little picture!!
  24. I hated "needlework" with a vengeance at school - all that unpicking after being shouted about ! So I'm surprised to find not only am I loving this but I've booked myself on a course at Clothkits to make a shift dress

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