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  1. Unfortunately rather a lot of stuff would have bought more if I could have managed it on the train! Some people were armed with roll along shopping trolleys and suitcases! No Easter trees of note to report though. Perhaps there is a gap in the market?
  2. I'm off to the Country Living Spring Fair today I'm sure I will see all sorts of offerings. I'll report back! Edited to say sorry I posted this twice. I'm such a Luddite!
  3. I'm off to the Country Living Spring Fair today I'm sure I will see all sorts of offerings. I'll report back!
  4. Just watched tonight's episode. I'm not going to say who went for those of you yet to see it. But I am somewhat
  5. I'm not on commission honest but I just wanted to say I arrived home this evening to find my seeds had already arrived. Along with a lovely handwritten note and an extra pack of Cosmos seeds. So fabulous service too. Only trouble is I'm already wondering what else I could squeeze into our small plot!
  6. . I agree This! If you want vitamins to be absorbed and make a difference then you need to eat them in foods which will be broken down as nature intended! . Whilst I agree that vitamins are not a substitute for a balanced diet I don't agree that none of them have any therapeutic effect at all. For example vitamin b is used to treat pernicious anaemia. And a recent study has also linked vitamin b to arresting a certain type of brain deterioration which can result in Alzheimer's . Vitamins can't be patented and so you are never going to see very much research on their potential benefits because the drug companies aren't interested and in fact the cynic in me would suggest that it is actually in the drug companies interests to play down or dispute any benefits that there may be!
  7. Glad you liked the site Daphne! Yes Dahlia from seed interested me too. I went for "cut and come again" flowers because we have a small patch, and also I am a bit of a wuss about cutting things down in their prime particularly because I don't like to deprive the bees and other pollinators - (but don't get me started on the Christmas Tree!) ) so I like the idea that by cutting flowers I'm encouraging the plant, rather than decimating it! I quite agree about Scabious. They were my Dad's favourite flower so I have grown those for the past couple of years and take a small bunch to the churchyard every so often, but I know they don't last very long!
  8. Similar to the Pitrok one, we have all been using this since a friend put me on to it....http://www.bionsen.co.uk/introducing-bionsen/bionsen-deo/ It's brilliant - non scented and does the job really well..... Doesn't cause any reactions with DS sensitive skin either. Also it lasts for ages as you can top the bottle up up to five times.
  9. Perhaps a bit frivolous, but after a couple of years of rather lacklustre results from veggie growing I thought I would try something new this year, and have just ordered some seeds from http://higgledygarden.com/ (hope the link works if not the address is there to google if you are interested. I've not ordered from them before, but I really like this site, it has lots of useful information and is written in an amusing style). I am hoping to grow some lovely annuals this year and fill the house and garden with colour. I will then just grow some toms and runner beans in tubs. I bought a small "Blow Away" from Wilkinson's for a tenner which I will be chaining down to the wall this weekend (they aren't called that for nothing) Can't wait to get going now - roll on the end of March!
  10. Hi. Yes he's in his second year at Queens and we have visited him there and Belfast is also a great city. We had car hire that time so we were able to get around and we walked up Divis mountain and took in the view as well as a trip to Bangor and the picture perfect Donaghadee. However it was November and so we have promised ourselves a longer trip to do more of the area in better weather!
  11. Last week we had a family celebration in Dublin (DS 21st Birthday - he is at Uni in Belfast so joined us there). It was my first time in the city and I thought it was absolutely charming (it probably helped that it didn't rain!). We visited Trinity College and the Book of Kells and Library (amazing!) and Kilmainham Goal which was very moving, and The Guinness Storehouse which was fun, and their Gravity Bar is the most wonderful place to drink a pint of Guinness that you have poured yourself (proud moment!) and watch the sun go down . The best of it was that for the Birthday Celebration on a Tuesday evening, everywhere we went was busy with live music and a really good atmosphere. I think it might be a bit too "busy" for me at the weekend but it was a perfect choice for a mid week break. If you haven't been there and are thinking of a quick break with lots of good places to eat , a nice river to walk along, great architecture, and friendly locals you could do worse! Just thought I'd share!
  12. I am a recent convert. I love their almond shower oil and their lavender hand cream. Their products are completely free of animal products which as a veggie is important to me. I would certainly recommend based on my own experience
  13. I have recently shared on my Facebook status that there are30 dartmoor ponies needing rehousing br 20 jan or they will be slaughtered. I'm just adding it here to reach a wider audience ! I can't seem to link to the info which was from holly Sanderson at the Bristol and West Horse Info Group. I think they are for sale at 80 pounds. Just sharing in case anyone can help. Thanks for reading x
  14. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you.
  15. Surely the point here is not just age, but aptitude and experience. I would absolutely trust my highly practical 57 year old OH to build us a house, but my friend's husband of a similar age cannot be relied upon to change a lightbulb!
  16. Life is quite dangerous and even if you wrap yourself in cotton wool one day you will die. I know I'd rather go doing what I wanted and being active so sorry but I'm with the oldies on this. I used to work with a guy who used to swim in the sea most days and fell out of a tree aged 80. He lived to a ripe old age of over 90 but lived every day. Few of us can make that claim..... Gosh, that ripe old age needing two exclamation marks? !!! Suddenly feeling very very old indeed !
  17. Hi Ali. Your P60 will only show your income from your current job if you were on a week one/month one code number (signified by a x against the code number on the P60) In any case you should show details from each employment separately on the Return. If you still have a copy of your p45 that will show your pay and tax up to the date you ceased your previous employment If not your last payslip may show a cumulative pay and tax figure on it or worst ways you could ask the revenue for the figures they will already have them
  18. Thank you omleteers one and all for your thoughts and comments. I agree that a swingy out bin is great, we had one before, but sadly no spare cupboards in this house in which to fit one. I have a big old plastic curver bin for the recycling, so that is sorted... I had one of those tall ones before our current Brabantia bin, and I hated emptying it .....the bag always seemed to split before you could get it out, because there's some sort of suction thing going on so you'd be gripping the inner with your knees whilst your expensive bin liner unpeeled, a bit like an unravelling jumper, and you ended up having to try to empty the expanding and escaping contents of your now tattered bin liner into another, which was also ridiculously narrow, because our dustbin men will only take bagged rubbish properly bagged from our wheelie bin grrrr........ Who'd have thought it could all be so difficult...? I'll let you know if I find the perfect solution....I'm sure you'll all be waiting with bated breath!! In the meantime, I wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful 2014xxx
  19. Ok so I have been shut in for a few days now over christmas and probably should get out more, but could Omlet's tried and tested section help me out here? I am ready to throw our Brabantia, less than a year old kitchen bin out of the window.....it's a squat 20 litre bin (the size and shape I prefer) but it refuses to operate on the pedal and instead it is possible to chase it round in a complete circle before opening it with your fingers ...it wasn't cheap and I should probably take it back but it is sporting a big dent in the front of it now So does anyone have any recommendations for a kitchen bin that will do the job properly without raising my blood pressure? Thanks for reading.... Oh and Happy New Year! x
  20. Please ignore me I am probably miles behind the times but I have just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I thoroughly recommend it. The best thing I've read for a while.
  21. I am lucky enough to sleep like a log whilst the oh sometimes struggles. We have no tv in the bedroom and the wifi doesn't work in there But he does read in the middle of the night sometimes so his bedside light is on and that doesn't bother me. Also although I am perfectly happy to share with our somewhat spoiled tabby cat the oh isn't. So spikes is banned from the bedroom overnight although he does join us for a morning cuppa at the weekend. We have a spare room but personally I would not be relegated to it by technology. It's about compromise surely? . Negotiate the times when technology can intrude on your relationship and when it is not wanted. I think that is very reasonable
  22. How different we all are . I found this the least inspiring of any strictly series and just could not connect with any of the dancers. I'm glad Natalie didn't win I found her fakey. Like an old stylie end of the pier show professional dancer. Susannah was also a bit fake tbh and so I suppose Abby was the most natural but I didn't find any of her dances gave me goosebumps either oh well just as well I'm not A judge cos the only thing I could consistently guarantee is that if I thought it was good they all hated it-whereas when I was sure it was rubbish they gave it 9 s !
  23. Tbh I've found it very difficult to connect with any of the finalists apart perhaps from Susannah and perhaps this is the problem. For the first time since I've watched properly (only three series tbh) I don't have a favourite. In other series I really wanted Chris Hollins to win, then I really wanted Kara to win, then I really wanted Harry to win. I recognise that Susannah isn't anywhere near the standard, and I can't stand the other two front runners which only leaves Sophie. Yeesh
  24. Sorry rant ahead you may want to stop reading and move on to the next post. I just need to get something off my chest I had forgotten until I watched strictly tonight how much I dislike the show dance. I find watching a woman being thrown around like a rag doll uncomfortable viewing to say the least. It s a circus act and degrading and I don't understand why it's included in a dance show . .... And breathe. That's better thank you
  25. Finally and somewhat begrudgingly have to admit that I saw a dance from Natalie that I liked tonight but for me the dance of the evening was Sophie's paso. And I liked her American Smooth too. Very Audrey Hepburn . Still think the judges aren't seeing what I'm seeing when Abby dances. Her legs just look wrong somehow. Too stiff a bit like Barbie dancing. Didn't think Susannah's foxtrot deserved 10s but I can't help liking the girl and I would like to see her go through. I'd like Natalie to go personally but not enough to actually vote for anyone

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