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  1. On the basis of tonight's performance is Rachel morphing into Ruby from Bake Off.
  2. I have already posted my colours on this but personally there is no way I would have let my child trial something unless there was a pressing medical reason. There are so many flu viruses doing the rounds at any one time that a flu jab is no guarantee of protection. If your child suffers from asthma or something I can see that you would consider it but otherwise ???
  3. Deborah really wasn't up to the jive, and I have to say I think the marking was quite lenient....Craig's marking of Mark made me shout at the telly...his was the dance I enjoyed the most tonight I'm not a fan of Abby but actually thought she did very well tonight, and I enjoyed Patrick's dance...Ben's proved he can throw his partner around confidently, but I thought his dancing was still quite wooden and was surprised by the marking... Natalie danced beautifully but as others have pointed out she isn't a complete beginner... Most disappointed with Fiona tonight......I had high hopes of her being an ambassador for us girls of a certain age and she just isn't improving...
  4. Have just had confirmation that this works. Have ordered online from m&s today and received confirmation that 63p has been donated to my chosen cause and it has cost me not a penny more! Small amount I know but all in the right direction
  5. I wasn't sorry to see Vanessa go tonight I hadn't appreciated that Natalie had "previous" I thought her dance was beautiful last night but now feel a bit miffed! Abby had obviously been told not to scowl in spite of being made to wear surgical stockings for no apparent reason !
  6. The 15 year old friend of a son at work is trying to raise money to go to Peru, on a Camps International Trip and sent me the email below Hi, I'm raising money for Camps International Peru 2015 - Dan Parry, just by shopping online with easyfundraising.org.uk. There are no catches and it's completely free to use. It's really simple - just shop online via easyfundraising.org.uk with over 2,700 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay (and many more!) and whenever you buy something online, the retailer makes a donation to your chosen good cause. It doesn't cost you a single penny extra. You can sign up to raise for Camps International Peru 2015 - Dan Parry too, or choose from over 55,000 good causes across the UK. Over £5,000,000 has been raised so far, so it really does work! Get started now -http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/invite/200AUB/ Plus, if you register before 1st November you'll automatically receive one entry into a free prize draw to win a Samsung 32" F5500 Series 5 Smart TV courtesy of Viking! Happy fundraising! Now I realise that you may not want to support Dan in this very good cause (but of course it would be lovely if anyone did ) however, I know many of you like to support good causes, (Chucky Mama I think your son was trying to raise money?) and as it doesn't cost you a penny more, (for example, if I shop through Sainsbury's online Dan gets a percentage of the cost of my shopping (up to 4%) donated by them) I thought you might be interested in looking at the link as many charities are represented. Thanks for reading! Edited to say that when setting it up, it will ask you to install a toolbar. I just said no to that bit (you have to be a bit resilient because it does ask you several times!) Also just checked and BHWT and Little Hen Rescue are both on there as charities
  7. But at least someone told him to be quiet this week!
  8. Nor us...don't care how well she dances, change the attitude or leave, love.... Thought that Sophie Ellis Bexter danced very well (but don't really like her either) So many very good dancers it's going to be a tough competition.... As a lady of a certain age, I'd rather like Fiona to do well....she looks great for her age doesn't she?
  9. in England and Wales to take instructions for a will from a person with dementia any self respecting solicitor would first get a doctor's certificate to confirm that she had the capacity to give the instructions. I cant believe its that much different in Scotland and would start there first. If she wasn't capable of giving instructions the Will is worthless and I don't see how she could be capable of entering into a contract with them for their services. Also two and a half thousand pounds for a Will For someone with no money is outrageous. Don't be too impressed by the fact it is a legal bill it's a bill for services like Any other and open to challenge.
  10. We are offered this at work free of charge, but because I don't consider myself high risk, I never take it up. I have only had flu once about 12 years ago - it was horrible but I am glad to report that mother nature (lots and lots of Garlic!) and my immune system have taken care of me since then, and so I'm going to continue to put my faith in them! I was interested to learn that the nasal vaccine has been stopped because it contains pork gelatin. I am vegetarian and so I would have had issues with this too had my children been of an age to need it!
  11. As Chucky mama has said if your friend's son has older siblings the parent's might not be aware perhaps that he is playing these games? One does get slightly more relaxed about these things as they get older I'm afraid, for example my DD was absolutely not allowed to watch 15 films when she was 12, but, because she was watching them and there is a three year age gap, my DS regularly did aged 12 - and certainly both children were watching films that would have been 18's when first released by the time they were 15 or so. However, this did not extend to guests, who were only allowed age appropriate films unless their parent had said that they didn't mind. You can, (and obviously do) set the ground rules for your son, and perhaps the easiest way to do this is keep them on your home territory where your rules apply. If not, does your son have any games that he could take to their house to play? I hate to say it but if the other boy isn't interested in playing "younger" games then perhaps their friendship is not going to be a match made in heaven in any case. (I think the first time I realised that other people's children are really different to my own was when I found one of my daughter's friends (aged five) standing on our dining room table (whilst the food was on it) instead of sitting down to tea....I have to confess I didn't have her back again so perhaps I am easily shocked ) Good luck!
  12. Sadly I note I am the previous poster too. Today I was told my plucky little Camilla chicken has passed away. She had slowed down a lot of late and I had suspected peritonitis but because she was still eating and drinking well I had thought it sterile and not intervened. We had once decided to make THAT visit to the vets but she improved so much we thought she deserved a chance. She passed away in her sleep. God bless little one. And I hope that chicken heaven sees fit to grant you the complete set of feathers we never quite managed to restore down here xxxxxx
  13. My DS does a fair bit of travel and this summer went to Australia via Thailand,. I would have got him one of those bottles to take with him had I seen them, they look like an excellent idea. The only "must have" he took with him was a silk liner for a sleeping bag, which he used a couple of time in less than lovely hostels and seem to have protected him from bed bugs etc which had been an issue on a previous trip.
  14. Hi Lewis, If you are claiming 45p a mile, you just need to record your business mileage and you don't need to keep any fuel receipts. If you were claiming on the actual method, you'd have to keep all your car related receipts. as well as record your total mileage and business (or private) mileage to work out the business use proportion. As others have already said, keep your receipts for any specific expenses you wish to claim. If you have any questions now or nearer to tax return completion time please feel free to pm me.
  15. Just a quick update... The girls went into the agents and they agreed to come out to the property. Since visiting the property the agents appear to have changed their tune somewhat and are talking to the Landlord to try and persuade him to change his mind.....hopefully this may resolve yet! Thanks again everyone for the support and suggestions.xxx.
  16. Lewis you need to register as self-employed either on the gateway as has been mentioned or by downloading and completing a CWF1 from the Revenue's website. As a self employed person you are liable for Class 2 NIC but if your self employed earnings are likely to be less than the threshold then you can apply for an exemption...the form and current threshold will be on the website, check www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms. Otherwise you need to arrange to pay £2.70 per week. Because you are going to be self-employed you will also be taken into Self Assessment, and will be asked to complete a Tax Return form. The first return you will complete will be for the year ended 5 April 2014, and the filing deadlines are paper 31 October 2014, or online 31 January 2015. Any tax due on your self employed earnings for 2013/14 will be payable on 31 January 2015. If the tax you owe is more than £1000, or if less than 80% of the tax you are due to pay is deducted at source, you will also have to make payments on account for the following tax year. These will be based on the agreed tax for 2013/14 and are payable in two equal instalments on 31 January and 31 July 2015 . So if, for example, your tax bill was £1500 for 2013/14, you would also be asked to pay £750 in January and July 2015 towards your next tax bill.(Making the total due in January £2250 in this example - are you still with me?). As others have said there are more things you can claim for as a self employed person but there are two ways of claiming for your car expenses. One is a flat 45p a mile for every business mile you travel (keep a mileage log of either business use or private use of your car. Don't forget to jot down the odometer reading at the beginning and end!) and the other is by claiming the business use proportion of all of your motoring expenses (including repairs insurance road tax etc) as well as capital allowances (depreciation) on the car itself If your business mileage isn't great you might find it easier to claim the straight 45p a mile. Either way keep a mileage log (did I already say that! following a recent tax case the Revenue are asking for these more and more)> You can also claim for business use of your mobile phone, laptop/tablet/computer and broad band connection if applicable. With regard to running a PAYE job alongside your self-employment this shouldn't be a problem. But bear in mind that although the tax allowance is 9445 this is split monthly over the tax year. As you won't have a P45 to hand in when you start work you will need to complete a form P46 to get the benefit of your unused allowances in the period to starting work, or you will go on a month 1 code (so you'll pay the right amount each month but it won't be retrospective to the beginning of the tax year). Oh..and don't forget student loan repayments if you have them will be calculated on your total income for the year, including your self employed profit, and so that January tax bill may well include these too. Sorry for the essay This is the simplified tax system! Good luck!
  17. Goodbye Katie Chicken, my most brightest and sunniest of girls. Thank you for sharing some of your time with us. You were so bright and cheerful and busy, and we are so sorry that you had to leave us. We will miss you.xxxxxx
  18. Thank you for all your input, and suggestions. I have pointed them to Landlordlaw and suggested they write to both Countrywide head office and ARLA if they still can't get any satisfaction from the letting agents. (for example being "allowed" to speak to the manager!). I do understand that the agent takes their instructions from the Landlord, but they also relieve the landlord of large amounts of commission for "managing" the property for them and it seems some do this rather better than others. There are questions which need answering here, and certainly they will be looking for repayment of the introduction fee from the agent who have done nothing for the money.
  19. Good point Soapdragon, they are a national chain and so I would have thought they may well be. I shall investigate!
  20. My daughter and two colleagues have recently taken on a rented property in Surrey. The house (which is basically a two up two down with a downstairs bathroom) is costing them nearly £1500 a month, and they have all paid £300 setting up fee to the Agent Countrywide . They signed a lease for a year, and were told by the agent that it was going to be a long term let. The house was in a very poor state when they went to move in to it, with broken glass, badly decorated and not clean, they quite rightly complained, and said that it wasn't fit to move in to. The agent initially agreed, and they arranged to have it professionally cleaned, and some of the rooms redecorated. In one of the bedrooms and in the hallway there are rotten floorboards which the agent is not going to be doing anything about. The girls have indicated that they would like a refund on one month's rent given that the house was in such poor condition that they couldn't move in when planned, (however they have continued to pay their rent). Today, they have been given notice to leave in January (when six months is up) and been told that the landlord would like them out before that. They tried to speak to the agent and were told it was because they were late with their rent. which is not true..they then tried to speak to the manager of the estate agents and this was refused.... obviously they are on a hiding to nothing and need to cut their losses and find something else but really what a way for the landlord and agent to behave.... Phew that feels better - Rant over......
  21. Just to add my two pennerth, I agree with Olly completely, the point of the notices in the paper is to protect the Executors as has been said. If you Mum chooses not to do it, or distributes the estate before all the creditors (including the Inland Revenue) have been paid, she could be held liable. it's just the Solicitor being cautious, and trying to protect the Exors.
  22. Gosh what a peculiar system. What happens if the recipient of the meal you ordered is allergic to an ingredient? Or requires a halal/kosher/vegetarian (etc) meal? Or just plain hates what you have ordered?! I think the meat will probs be all Halal (it certainly is in the armed forces !) I am slightly shocked that food isn't actually viewed as part of the recovery. for example, my poor old dad had but one tooth without his dentures, and when they went missing he wasn't given anything he could cope with.... I agree that those that can afford to pay, or provide their own food they should do so, (even if it is McD's because my guess is that many people aren't going to eat what's offered to them anyway) for those who can't or aren't able to because of some other reason, old age, confusion etc, they should not only be able to choose their food, and have it cooked to a high standard, but actually have some assistance with eating it ( too many visits to elderly people in hospital has left me with a lasting vision, of a poorly old soul with their food/drink, just out of reach, and no way of sitting up to eat it) . Bring back Matron!!!
  23. They are saying on the news it may reduce TB in cattle by 16%, but that seems to be very little gain for so much pain. I am deeply deeply unhappy about this, actually that isn't strong enough, I am disgusted.
  24. I'm interested to read this thread. although I am vegetarian I am not too keen on dairy and so the only animal products I eat regularly are a splash of milk in tea or coffee, and our eggs ( about 4 a week) and nor do I eat fortified breakfast cereals or much bread at all. I am not aware of having any of the symptoms, but I may look at supplementing for a few months to see if it makes any difference. Either that or I'll have to eat loads of Marmite on toast....
  25. Just to say i think there may also be other ways to get there, but you would need to be dedicated! One of my friend's daughters, although an excellent student, didn't get quite the grades to get into Vet Med , but started doing a different Veterinary based degree course , and because she got a first in her first and second years was able to convert to Vet Med for the rest of her degree..(sorry details a bit vague but it was a few years ago). Another friend has a son who has been for interview at Bristol after an animal husbandry course, plus a levels (his GCSE's weren't up to the mark) and has been given a provisional offer based on the A level results. Good luck to all...I have to say I would have loved to be a vet!

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