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  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to that Hen Huggers R Us. I have to confess, I didn't watch the video, the photos were enough to convince me to sign! How do these people sleep at night??? Sadie
  2. Hi, just to add to the vote for GHD's. My DD has taken ours to Uni with her and I am using and old pair of cheaper ones which don't work anywhere near as well. Incidentally, our GHD's broke as soon as they were out of warranty , but we sent then off to GHD who repaired them free of charge, and returned them within the week they are as good as new now...how's that for service Cheers Sadie and
  3. Can I just say...don't worry about year 6 sats...they really are a waste of time and effort. Remind yourself frequently they are supposed to assessing how well the school and the teachers are doing not your son. That said, we resorted to extra maths help at year 10 for DD and will be getting extra maths help at year 12 and 13 for DS (dyslexic). Seems really good Maths teacher are very few and far between(and quite expensive privately ). DS is in top set for maths despite the dyslexia but teacher was teaching to fastest one in class until I went in and pointed out his grades in Physics and Chemistry weren't really a problem so must be the way the subject was being presented.....amazingly he has now gone up two grades in maths and finds his maths teacher very helpful. tbh I don't think she realised that he was struggling and because he was doing OK (ie he was online for a C grade) she didn't think it was a problem. So let your concerns be known...but really don't worry about SATS... just look forward to the time when they will be abolished!!!
  4. Hi as a vegetarian for over 25 years I can heartily recommend the Moosewood books as a great inspiration. Also I really love Rose Elliot recipes (she's a vegetarian Delia...her recipes always work). I also have a very old copy of the Food for Thought cookbook, (not sure if it is still in print) but that's very useful and used a lot. Quite a lot of veggie recipes rely heavily on cheese and I'm not convinced that they are that healthy. My husband isn't vegan but hates cooked cheese of any description, and it really is quite easy to provide good veggie meals without cheese. Non veggies seem to believe that all vegetarians eat Aubergine and Goat's Cheese. (we don't). I absolutely agree that Cauldron veggie sausages are about the best, and they are made with Tofu which is good. Tofu is lovely but it does need a bit of tlc to enjoy at its best. We prefer the beech smoked stuff, sliced quite thinly and marinated in soy sauce with ginger and garlic, and perhaps a finger chilli for a couple of hours. Shallow fry until golden. Throw the marinade into to your favourite stir fried veg towards the end of the vegetable cooking time and stir around for a couple of minutes and dress with some extra toasted sesame oil before serving with noodles or rice. Generally I avoid meat substitute stuff, as I don't eat meat cos I don't like the taste of it and never have (sorry..wish I could say it's a conscience thing), but my kids (one of which is veggie the other is not) really like the Quorn Southern Fried burgers for an occasional speedy meal, (only available in the frozen cabinet at Sainsbugs in our neck of the woods). Oh, and don't forget to try the vegetarian society's website...there are loads of veggie recipes on there! Good luck!! Sadie one veggie student daughter (19) One non-veggie Son (15) One long suffering husband one dog one cat
  5. Thanks everyone...I am sure I worry too much...As I type this my son is telling me I am obsessing!!!! I will take your hint and put some blankets over before I go to bed tonight. Thanks again for the support, it really is very much appreciated
  6. My eglu arrived last week, but life being what it is, I didn't get round to putting it together until today. I have to say that Eglu's 45 minute timing for putting the run together was very optimistic It took me a good two hours of fiddling about!! Anyway, the grass is soggy but not completely waterlogged, and so I moved my girls out of our conservatory (unheated for the last few weeks) and into the run. It was such a pleasure to see Do with a real live worm...running around in a frenzy and trying to make sure that Doodle didn't steal it.... ! Anyway, they happily pecked about in there all day, and by the time I'd picked up my son and got home after his drum lesson it was dark, and they had put themselves to bed.. It's quite clear down here in Sussex tonight, and I am now fretting that they won't be warm enough given their cosseted lifestyle up until now!... I've put loads more straw in the nesting box ...Should I worry? or will they be ok?... As I say they haven't had any heat in the conservatory for a few weeks but it is double glazed and therefore relatively draft free! I'm sure I'm just fretting unnecessarily..... still so inexperienced. Thanks for reading this. Regards Sadie
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Pearl.... there will be comfort in the days ahead in knowing what a happy and lucky chicken she was...but that doesn't help tonight.... thinking of youx
  8. Hello all! I am the proud owner of two white speckledy hens who were a christmas gift from my lovely daughter ...(don't know what model they are! If I was more technicologically minded I could post a photo and someone could probably tell me...anyway, let's just describe them as gorgeous!) For the moment my girls are living in my conservatory awaiting the arrival of their new green eglu (a week on monday....oh so long to wait) . I wasn't looking forward to today at all, because said daughter is in her first year at Uni and it is the dreaded "going back" day. But of course, I needn't have worried my girls came to the rescue (well one of them did anyway!) by laying her First Egg Are chickens always this intuitive Sadie soon to have plus OH and Son with manflu Betty the wirehaired daschund Spikey, the timid tabby

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