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  1. Well done on your firs egg -I still do the chiken dance (or 3. They've got to have a dance each!) I was gettign 3 eggs a day until Isobelle decided she was broody so have been getting 2 eggs. Hope isobelle comes out of it as soon as she went into it.hmm Enjoy your 'proper egg' (as my son calls them)-much nice in taste and texture
  2. Over the past week or 2 I've found in the nest box when I've went for eggs-at first I thought she was laying but then I started to wonder. Today I knew she'd laid and was about to take the egg out when Isobelle decided she needed to lay and promptly sat down and wouldn't let me take the eggs already there. I went back after Isabelle had announced her egg had been laid nad founf Ruby again sitting in the nest box on top of all 3 eggs (one from ech of the girls) She did let me move her out and didn't seem too put out by my moving her but now I'm starting to wonder if she could be going broody? I've also found her in the run on a number of occasions looking like she was going to lay for ages (after she already had in the nest box). Any ideas?
  3. I bring the grub in at night so it's only the girls who are eating it. Seems like they're eating the correct amount-thanks for everyone's replies x
  4. Hello, I've had our girls since January. I bought a new 20kg bag of layers pellets approx 3 weeks ago and they have already finished the amount I'd decanted into the 'feed box' in the shed next to them-approx 8 kilo's. This is much more than they would usually have-the are all laying and I know that makes a difference and they haven't been having lots of treats. The only differences are a different make of pellets and possibly a little bit more bokashi added. Is this amount normal for 3 chickens? Thanks K x
  5. I live in Newcastle and have had similar problems. I've got a black star, amber star and a lovely traditional brown hen-for anything else we're stuck! I'm sure I saw somewhere in Sheffield that sold silkies but you may have to check-sorry can't remember the name of it. If anyone set up breeding stock up here they'd make a fortune!
  6. I talk to mine and bok bok at them too . I ended up having a 'converstaion' with the 3 of them at the weekend and didn't realise we were being so noisy-the neighbour came to see if the girls were ok because of the noise 'they' were making
  7. Please give her some more time-Daisy was 18 weeks when we got her and didn't aly any eggs for ages-she was well over 30 weeks.Once she started she has laid without fail and we've just had a huge 113g egg from her today xx
  8. I've bought red mite powder for the first time-how do I use it best? Do I put it on the girls? If so what is the best way to do this? Do I put it in the eglu? Any advice appreciated. thanks Kerrie
  9. It was the web address I was after sorry Thanks so much
  10. Hello, I got our cavalier king charles puppy in November and the girls in January and they get along fine but, they are never let out without supervision-either individually or alone. The girls free range when someone is around to keep an eye out of the french windows and Oscar only gets in the back garden if someone is around too. But, yesterday the door was open and Daisy came into the house, (they are always henvading and are determined to be house chickens -Daisy last week jumped up to have a look at the fairy buns on the hob ) and Oscar thought she wanted to play. A couple of pecks on his nose later (it's amazing how quickly she's able to get a few pecks in ) squeezing into a place of refuge (from which she would NOT move -had to get DS to crawl after her and get her holding corn as he went ) and the situation was over. She didn't lay for a couple of days afterwards but was otherwise ok. I've ordered netting from Omlet primarily because I got some veggies to plant and some flowers in my raised bed near the door that they have taken over as a dust bath-they allow the shrubs to be there but won't tolerate anything new , but it will also be one extra 'thing' between the girls and Oscar. I've 2 4 year old cats (as well as the kids) and everyone gets along with everyone else-I just make sure they all get what they need and keep and eye on them. Just realised how long I've waffled on for ! Sorry
  11. I read a thread on here the other day about a company called something like 'for pets'. I'm trying to fin it again because I wanted something off the website and now can't find the thread or remember the name of the company-can anyone help please?
  12. Hello, this really caught my eye-was just about to place an order for rubber chippings with 'chicken keeper'-didn't realise you could get it from B&Q or other garden centres. With the dunweein chippings did you use the playground chippings or the garden chippings?
  13. I used a cat carrier to bring hom emy 3 girls who were about 18 weeks

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