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  1. My pekin frizzle has an eye problem, it was a quarter closed on Monday so I took her to our specialist chicken vet who investigated, was non-committal about myco and gave her some fucithalimate drops/gel for the eye. She started the course on Monday night, along with antibiotics in her water (although not than or bay trail). We had these water antibiotics left from a previous problem and the vet said to use these with the pekin and to give the other girls a course of them as a safeguard. My pekin is in a different run, and as she is a teeny little thing, I bring her in overnight. She's eating and drinking ok, last night pottered round the kitchen and ate the cat food which must be good protein. Water also has herban in it. Today her eye is completely closed. She is breathing ok and her beak has remained closed. I'm going to bathe the eye later in cooled boiled salt water. Any thoughts on how soon these topical eye antibiotics take to work, is it a worry that it's getting worse before it gets better? Should I give her nutridrops? The vet said to give him a call at the end of the week if she was not improving, which I shall do tomorrow in case she needs a boost in antibiotics. Thanks for reading all this! I hatched her myself, so am extra fond of her.
  2. So sorry to hear this. I think he will be back, so up your defences and don't leave them to fr unless you are there. I can't answer for the effects n the others
  3. Thanks. Ive been using stalosan regularly on the area, I'm pretty sure I recall someone here using virkon s to water into the ground. They also get regular worming with flubenvet - now upped in regularity on vets advice.
  4. Can anyone please Advise on using virkon s for disinfecting the run floor? My flock have had worms and I have bought a sachet of it. I am going to take the top layer of earth up, but want to know whether I water in or spray the virkon s onto the earth before I put new wood chip (hardwood) down. Thanks.
  5. I also add fly papers (for greenhouses) in high summer. I hang a couple of strips in my tree next to the cube. Please flubenvet more often, every 3-4 months, particularly on a fixed run. I have just lost a chick to sudden death linked to a parasite carried by worms. My chicken vet has advised a more regular worming programme Than I was doing (which was every 4 months) amongst other things. Touch wood, all the others are doing well. I use a plastic box full of dry soil in the run, I usually put it under the cube as they seem to like it there. The cube ruin in covered with clear corrugated plastic roofing. In the autumn and winter I use clear builders tarp along the outside of part of i t to shelter them from the weather.
  6. Ok, what flavour! I take it that it was carrot flavour? Im pretty sure the nutrition drops have helped her to perk up.
  7. Hi, My creamlegbar has been little under the weather, which I thought was moult. Recently we lost one of our chicks (separate housing) to blackhead. The entire flock has been on antibiotics and wormer for five days now. The rest of the chicks and adult hens seem ok. We will be finishing the wormer then deworming again in a fortnight on vet advice. I noticed she was withdrawn at the time and for the last four nights she has had 1ml of nutridrops. She has rejoined her friends over the last few days and has been scratting around. Her face and comb look much redder. All good news, but she is still painfully thin and every night I cannot feel her crop at all, whereas the others all have nice full crops. I'm sure she will put on condition but am worried that her crop seems empty at night. She has been eating and drinking. I'm going to watch tomorrow to see that she continues to do so. Any advice or experiences to share?
  8. I stalosan weekly and was worming every three months. One of my chicks died last week of blackhead and had a worm in its intestines on pm. I have now upped the flubenvet regime and the others are on other vet treatments. What I'm saying is that you can be very careful, but never complacent.
  9. Mine were definitely worse in the heat. I made the call when could see that their breathing had suffered and they were obviously apart from the others.
  10. Good luck and keep going. I had two hybrids who rumbled through peritonitis for six months before they needed their final trip to the vet. It was quality of life that was the decider.
  11. Thanks. I'm cleaning out runs and roosts daily and disposing of waste safely off site. I've noticed blood in the poo in the chick house, but they are all seeming well at the moment and are also being medicated. I've just dosed my legbar with tonic as she is not eating much. However, she has access tp food with flubenvet and medicated water with antibiotics. If we can all make it through the week I'll be happier. 4 eggs thrown away today too
  12. Thanks, fingers crossed. This has really knocked me for six.
  13. That's what the vet said and he is a specialist chicken vet. I'm lucky to have him so close. I've upped the flubenvet cycle, he's said to have a two week gap, then a three, then four, up to then dosing with a gap of eight weeks. He also has given herban and an antibiotic. I've changed the ground for the chicks, but can't for the big girls so we're going to dig out and replace the top layer of soil/bark. I'm on a watch and wait for the others. Ok so far, although legbar looking under the weather. The pekin frizzles have tiny black points on their otherwise perfectly healthy looking Combs. Should I be worried? They wre eating and drinking all the medicated stuff and behaving normally this morning. All droppings looked ok in the eglu - cleaning out daily and using virenza. One looks to be a great little boy frizzle too, really feisty he will end up on friends farm, which the vet has said is ok once the meds have had time to clear parasite load.
  14. Anyone any experience of blackhead disease? I lost a 3 week old chick literally overnight. Our vet did a pm and could not believe that such a youngster has it. We have more flubenvet (my big ladies are treated every three months usualy), and two medicines for the water, one of them an antibiotic. I have eight other chicks and their mum and a further six big girls. My cream leg bar has looked under the weather for a few weeks, so I'm now worrying that it's more than moult with her. Am I likely to lose more of them? I really thought that everything was kept clean enough, but the vet has explained that they've probably picked this up from something in the soil carried by wild birds.

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