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  1. It's getting to that time of year again when I'm longing to buy loads of bedding plants and fill my garden Then I remember back to last year when they were all demolished by my girls within hours of planting and I had to resort to just a few hanging baskets Does anyone know of any bedding plants which may just survive the onslaught of a couple of chooks? I'd be very grateful............
  2. Hi, Yes, I have had my run on rubber chippings for 3 months now and am really pleased with it. My run is on paving flags, so the chippings just sit on top of those. I find so long as I keep them dry they are great, and the poo isn't a problem, it just seems to disappear. I hose them down about every 6 weeks. I can only recommend them. Very easy to manage. Good luck! Alma
  3. Hi, I have a Bluebelle who looks very similar to your Noodle. I too have been worrying for some time now. My other girl is a Gingernut Ranger. Yesterday I think I solved the mystery. I caught the Gingernut pulling feathers from her bottom on two occasions. She must have been doing it for some time, without me noticing. On top of that, I then noticed the Bluebelle herself, pulling feathers from her own neck. I have fitted bumper bits to them both today and hopefully that will solve the problem. Hope you sort it soon Alma
  4. Phew..........many thanks. Alma
  5. Hi, I ordered the medium size bumper bits from Sue Hammon at Wernlas. I've just measured the spare and they are 25mm. Am I on the right lines? Do you think it sticks out too far at the front? Alma
  6. Hi, I've just fitted a bumper bit to one of my girls, as she is being a bit of a bully. She seems happy enough with it, but I am a bit worried that it's a bit too big. I have posted a couple of pics and would be grateful for any advice please. Many thanks, Alma
  7. Hi, Mine did the same with my trug for a while, then all of a sudden they started to use it. So don't give up hope. Alma
  8. Hi, Yes one of mine has eaten 3 frogs this week. One of them was a big one !! She went into a panic when the other one tried to steal it from her, and swallowed it down in one go!! I'll never forget her bulging eyes and the noise which seemed to say, 'What have I done !!??' They are so amusing. Alma
  9. Hi, But remember, you only need to hose it down every few weeks. The rest of the time the poo just dries and disappears. Hey presto! it's gone. Glad you are pleased with them. Looking forward to see a pic jenny. Alma Fizz Maria
  10. Morning These links may be useful: rubber chippings chicken keeper Alma Fizz Maria
  11. Hi, I'm finding the rubber chippings are working really well. The pieces are too big for the chooks to swallow and so don't seem to be a problem there. I have had them down for 3 weeks now, with no poo problem. Yesterday I let the girls free range while I hosed the chippings down. They dried really quickly. A few handfuls of Stalosan F as disinfectant and all is well. I would strongly recommend them. Let us know how you get on. Alma
  12. Hi, My rubber chippings are on a concrete base so I've not used a membrane. I think you would need to use one on grass, just to prevent the grass coming through. Yes the poo magicly seems to disappear. I can't believe it and no smell. When I think of all the work I had to do when mine were on grass just to keep the run clean. It's fantastic and I can really recommend. Let us know how you get on. Alma
  13. Hi Yes I use rubber chippings so need a dust bath in the run. I use a large shallow trug from http://www.tubtrugs.com and fill it with compost. Two chickens fit in easily and love it. Great to watch. Alma
  14. Hi, The Omlet netting may seem expensive but remember, if you only need a small amount, you could sell the remainder. Lots of people may need a shorter length of Omlet netting. Alma
  15. Thanks for the recipe Tasha. Sounds great. Will certainly give it a try. Alma

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