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  1. This is why I love my girls you learn something new everyday !!! Thanks
  2. I have a 26 week old Cream Legbar that is still not laying. I noticed this morning that she has two lumps on the back of her legs. Thay are on the exactly the same place on each leg. Her scales on her legs are smooth and legs are lovely and yellow. She was attacked at 8 weeks resulting in a huge loss of feathers and me tube feeding her and made a miraculous recovery and so had put the shock down to the lateness in laying. Her comb is large red and floppy. I wondering if these could be spur sites but I thought only cockerals had spurs or could it be something more nasty ? Thanks for any ideas
  3. That is my concern too but no vets appointments today available. She is eating quite well this pm and have given her a bottom bath and haircut but she does still smell ? Will see where we are in the morning and try and get an appointment then
  4. I have an approx 22 week old lovely Silkie hen who we got a couple of weeks ago. Since we got her I have felt that she was quite quiet and in fact posted a topic as to whether Silkies are usually so quiet but the general feeling was that she would settle in as it was a new home with new friends. I have noticed that she has gradually lost weight although was never a heavy bird, again thought this was the breed. She has become much less active although still eating corn and mealworms enthusiastically so is eating although unsure how much of the pellets she is eating as difficult to tell. This morning she seemed very wobbly and in fact has fallen over and could not get up. She is now standing again. I have immediately bought her inside in a little cage and have mixed her some egg yolk, honey and porridge oats which she has had a little taste of ? Her poo does seem greenish and smells differently to the other girls and her bottom is mucky, will clean it this pm once I think she has eaten a bit more ? Any ideas am worried +++++++++++++ Thanks all
  5. Thanks everyone for your reassurance. She slept in with the other girls last night for the first time. We waited till dark and then just popped her in with the other three and so far so good In fact she seems much more lively today and has free ranged for a couple of hours scratching and even a little dust bathing so much more normal chicken behaviour. Thanks again
  6. We previously had a Silkie chicken who unfortunately died after losing weight, but had always been quite quiet and not as active as the other chickens we had (large hybrid girls) I had always put her quieter behaviour down to being a Silkie breed but when she lost all the weight and then died I wondered if the behaviour was due to illness as she was only about 8 months when she died. We suddenly had the chance of a new Silkie yesterday from a lady up the road and couldn't resist. I know that she has only been with us 1 day and left all her Silkie friends to come to a strange new house with a large cream legbar who is so dopey she doesn't seem to have noticed her arrival (both are about the same age 20 weeks) and two bantams that are broody so on the nest all the time but she seems quiet and a little in-active like our previous Silkie. She is eating and drinking but does lots of just standing still and does not have the natural curiosity of all the other chickens ??????? So, after all my waffling is the normal quiet behaviour for Silkies or are we looking at another possibly poorly one? Thanks for any thoughts
  7. We are off on holiday and have realised we are only 30 miles away so may need to do a sneaky detour on the way somewhere else !
  8. Mine love sweetcorn including the corn on the cobs that we have finished they love to finish them up ! Melon, grapes, mealworms and cooked cauliflower in fact they will only eat cooked brocolli will not touch it raw ! Enjoy your girls
  9. How awful for you and what a shock thinking of you
  10. Oh that's great, thanks will wait a few weeks then !
  11. I have 3 big Hybrid girls that are prob due their 6 monthly Flubevet worming. I also have 2 x 18week old bantams and a 11 week old cream legbar that have not been wormed yet, thought it would be easier to worm them with the big girls to get in a routine but are they too young at what age should you start worming they are free ranging for a couple of hours most days Thanks
  12. I shout at mine to shut up from the landing window ! Usually works and I love to see them crane their necks up to see where my voice is coming from !!
  13. My dog is a nightmare and will do anything to get to a poo and is then often sick !!! He also loves their pellets too and drives me made when he gets into the WIR helps himself to poo and pellets and is then violently sick in the playroom never outside !!! Normal behaviour apparentley !
  14. Fantastic news well done lilly and you : )
  15. There is Ben at Hen House Poultry can't recommend him highly enough, he is in Teston Maidstone so a bit of a drive from Ashford but he does have great chooks and so helpful too ! Welcome to Kent

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