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    Attack cockerel

    Glad you didn't have the same experience '101fc'. Don't know quite what it was about me then that he particularly found threatening . Maybe it was my purple handbag! I don't mean to be all negative and hope I haven't said something I shouldn't. I'm sure lots of other people really enjoy their visits. I didn't . Mind you it wasn't helped with a mother-in-law who was moaning about 'no where to sit down that wasn't covered in poo'. I enjoyed seeing all the different breeds close up and there were other cockerels wandering around that seemed quite friendly .
  2. Kenilchick

    Attack cockerel

    I did tell the staff about the dead bird and to be fair she did say she'd call somebody straight away. I have no idea how long it had been there as it was at the back of the run. Noticed quite a few piles of feathers around the place that I can only assume were due to fox activity. Couldn't get them to give me a disinfectant wipe for my leg though "we're not allowed to give those out" - Why??. I made do with a paper towel and some water in the toilet.
  3. Kenilchick

    Attack cockerel

    First visit to domestic fowl trust today to check out silver laced wyandottes and don't think I'll be rushing back . Lots and lots of breeds which was interesting but realise how spoilt my chickens are with nice fresh water, a tidy run and lots of attention. At one point I was attacked by a black & white free-ranging cockerel (think it was a polish though not sure). It wouldn't leave me alone as I walked up the path and jumped at me several times . Left me with a bleeding leg through my jeans - ouch. Is this normal behaviour? Just glad I didn't have the kids with me - think it would have really freaked them out. Was amazed at all the different breeds but wasn't too impressed to see the carcass of a dead chicken being pecked at by another in the same pen!!
  4. I have had my chickens for 15 months now and have never seen a fox, until today . My garden is fully enclosed by other people's gardens and as I am at home most of the day (with a dog in the house) I let the chickens free-range in a netted area accessible from their eglu run, practically all the time. Until now I have never had a problem - and convinced myself that foxes don't roam around here during the day. I always lock them back in their run well before dark. Anyway, I was out in the garden after lunch, topping up the girl's water and thought it strange the chickens were staying in the run and not joining me down the bottom. I heard a noise as something jumped onto the compost bin and scrabbled on the fence. Thinking it was a cat, I looked to see what it was and saw the head of a fox staring at me (it had got itself trapped/fallen down between the fence and next doors garden shed). We looked at each other - I couldn't believe it, before it struggled to free itself and was eventually successful . Now - what do I do . I am worried to let them free range when I'm not physically in the garden with them. If I leave the back door open so the dog can go in and out of the garden whilst I'm working in the house do you think that will be OK???. The WIR is nearly finished - it just needs the roof putting on and then they can move in. My DH is going to get alot of nagging tonight! Phew - close call
  5. Hello again, Sorry we've been away for the bank holiday weekend (Madrid - sunshine, no cooking and no kids.... HEAVEN ) so haven't got any progress to report - hopefully next weekend we'll get started on the roof . DH wants the challenge of building an 'apex' roof but has never done one before. I just want a roof ASAP.... Thanks for all your comments. I love this forum - it inspired me to get chickens although my 'non-chicken loving friends' think it's hilarious there is such a thing as a 'chicken forum' Hi Susanb - I'm happy to answer any questions . yes we used 47 x 50 mm pressure treated timber. Got it from our local Building and Plumbing Supplies (BPS) in 3.6M lengths (bought 35 @ £2.54 each- don't know if that's good or bad ) and brought them home on the S-max roof rack (very carefully ). We bought the sleepers from there last year to make a dedicated area for the eglu and run. The weldmesh came from Hills of Devon (3ft and 4ft widths). It arrives on a roll and having assembled a panel (which was made to be slightly wider than the mesh by 1 inch to minimise any cutting), we clamped the top in place on the panel and then cut across the width using 'tinsnips' - my hubby has some really old ones he inherited somewhere!. Think you can buy them for about £12 from screwfix though. Make sure you're wearing gloves when handling the weldmesh!!!! The mesh came on a roll and you have to be careful to unroll it somewhere flat or you get bends and kinks in it (as we found out - hence some of the panels look better than others). Just waiting for kids to kick the football into it to see what that does to it!! The first panel was fiddly but we soon got into a routine. Can't wait to carry on but have to wait till the weekend now DonnaS - good luck with finishing your run. Looking forward to seeing your new chickens in your lovely new run .
  6. Sorry - LOTS more photos but I know how I liked to check out all the WIR's when I was planning this one After this weekend we''re getting there - but really not looking forward to doing the roof . Here goes.. All the panels built and ready for weldmesh. We haven't put in a cross bar half-way up but they seem sturdy enough. We've used decking board at the bottom. Bought 3 foot and 4 foot wide weldmesh (1" x 1/2") from Hills of Devon (after seeing info on forum ) This took along time but eventually - lots of staples later.... and Now the enjoyable bit of putting the panels together... We are now sorting out the panel to the right of the door for the eglu which is going on the outside but we need to raise it up above the kickboard. Have bought green onduline from Wickes for roof but haven't quite worked out how we're going to put it in yet Watch this space - unfortunately we're away next weekend so won't be finished for a while yet. The chickens are keeping a close eye on us to make sure we're meeting their very strict brief...
  7. Now the idea is in my head - I am convinced that we should get a to replace our . I've just called Omlet to find out whether are in stock as potentially could collect . Problem is OH is yet to be convinced - lots of money on top of the cost of the WIR we're building. I'm trying to save him the effort of doing the panel for the and then having to change it for the I keep pointing out that if I sell the which has a converter and extension then alot of the cost of the would be covered. Though secretly I'd like to keep the too - just in case of course Any other convincing arguments that have worked for you that you think might help me in my campaign?
  8. I emailed Omlet but haven't heard back yet. Sorry - Can't quite visualise what the weldmesh panels are/consist of to go round the 3 sides under the cube. Kev - are you saying the two side pieces are attached/all in one with the standard run and only the back panel is separate?. I haven't see a cube and run close up for a very long time - can you tell?
  9. Hi, Now we're building a WIR I've started obsessing about more chickens (really want gold/silver laced Wyandottes - they look so beautiful). More chickens means obsessing about getting a cube too! Only would want the and not all the run but - does anyone know if you can buy the mesh panels that go around the base of the cube separately?. This would allow the chickens to still access the area underneath when the cube is on the outside of the WIR. Can't see anything on the Omlet shop site.
  10. You should see what's just out of view of the camera Plus I am chief - advisor, helper, runner, refreshment provider and.... tidier upper.
  11. Kenilchick

    Nugget not well - advice please

    Yep - it was the soft shell and yolk that was hanging out as she passed that later. I have started all the chickens on a 7 day course of flubenvet anyway. Thanks though - I'll keep a close eye on her and her poos for any wriggling things
  12. Kenilchick

    Nugget not well - advice please

    Well - she's passed the yolk and shell now. I've washed her rear end and she's much perkier. I've put her back with her friends so hopefully things will be OK now. I'll keep an eye on her though.
  13. Wow - that is one clever puppy!!! You'll have to make sure she isn't watching how you get into the WIR/cube.
  14. Kenilchick

    Nugget not well - advice please

    Well - there has been a development. Just checked on her and there is egg white in the straw (no yolk that I can see). Nugget was drinking it. I can see what looks like soft egg shell sticking out of her vent. Should I leave her to pass that herself or do I need to pull on it gently If she's been blocked up with a soft egg would that stop everything - food digestion poos etc and that could be why shes not right
  15. Kenilchick

    Nugget not well - advice please

    I've given her a good lookover. No mites that I can see. She has been losing some feathers which I put down to moulting (behind her comb on top of her head and also a patch on her crop). She has been looking a bit ropey featherwise but has been laying well and acting fine until now. I haven't wormed them for a couple of months (I have flubenvet which I mix into porridge for them). Not sure she'd eat it even if I offered her some Her crop is big and round but soft and moveable. Haven't seen any poos. I have brought her inside (as its quite chilly out there) and put her in a dog crate which I've lined with newspaper and a nest of straw. I've also put a good branch through the bars for a perch and given her some pellets and water. I put a juicy worm in there but she's just ignoring it. Don't know what else to do for the moment . Hope she'll be OK she's such a character and my favourite of the 4 Should I be doing anything else?? Thanks for your advise.