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  1. I have for sale an extreme weather jacket in good condition. Not at all faded, has a scuff along bottom at back where it toggle fastens underneath but isn’t noticeable once in place nor does it affect its function. £30 collection preferred. No offers
  2. We used a plank of wood secured at the back with cable ties so the little darlings dont slip thro.
  3. katiebeagle

    AAAAHHHHHHHHH! *New owner's questions

    Its been nearly a year since we talked about having chickens and spent a lovely afternoon with Christian on one of his beginner courses, since then we've moved to a house with a bigger garden & done so much research I really thought Id prepared so well, until the girls arrived and I had a bad case of 'have i done the right thing' and 'I hope theyre happy here' So I can sympathise with you, ive had my girls since 9pm last night and all ive done is worry about them to the point of thinking they'd be better off being happy somewhere else I feel better after reading this thread and that Im not going bonkers with anxiety so thank you, its good to know others felt the same in the early days. Was delighted at 9am this morning when we got our first egg, 12 hours after we brought them home. One has horrendous dirt balls on each claw so will be giving her a bath as recommended on this great forum Anyway Id better go and do some chicken watching, its a wonderful way of easing 'first time owner' nerves
  4. Hi My brother in law is an Environmental Consultant & his speciality is Badger Setts, their regulation & re-routing etc. Would you like me to ask him for some advice. What I can gather is that you need sack loads of peanuts as a bribe to help them re-route once you've gained permission etc. He's involved in making sure that builders & motorway works dont interfere with wildlife & if they do what they can do about it, if anything at all. Anj xxx
  5. How about Barbie Cube (sorry ill get my coat )
  6. katiebeagle

    Leaking Cube

    Reading all this is quite worrying. We've put off buying our cube until after our holiday in March but after reading these posts I think I might wait a while until Omlet can sort the problems out of leaking & not terribly reliable customer service
  7. katiebeagle

    My Fitness Coach for the WII

    Same here Got up bright & early the day after doing half hour on the wii & felt marvellous, day after that, I felt like Id done 5 rounds with Mike Tyson Love the soccer game where you have to header the ball, its funny to watch & nearly wet myself laughing every time I headed a football boot instead of the ball
  8. katiebeagle

    Chocolate crisps anyone?

    Tried the chilli n chocolate ones tonight & they kept repeating on me & didnt like the artificial aftertaste. Theyre ever so salty Would rather buy a bar of galaxy & pile on a few chillies than eat them again. OH tried the Cajun squirrel - he said they taste just like squirrel Angela Pending & 4
  9. katiebeagle

    Advice on mice in the loft

    My other half got all sentimental over a mouse in our last house. he caught it humanely & popped it in a fish tank (and fed it too & gave it something to play on!!) in the garage ready for the weekend to go & let it free in the countryside. We caught another and it duly went in the same tank - yes youve guessed it, a few days later there were about 10 babies!! Neither of us had the heart to 'get rid' of them so early in case they didnt survive so we spent time 'raising' these babies only to find more of the pesky things had given birth. We ended up transporting the fish tank full of about 20 mice into the country & let them free......it was like something out of pied piper..........never again Anj Pending 1 x & 4 x
  10. katiebeagle

    Working from home

    Does working with peoples pets interest you. Only I worked full time as an Ofsted inspector (yeah I know but someones got to do it lol) & ran a small business visiting pets (generally cats) in their own home whilst their owners were away. You can take on as much as you wish and the added enjoyment of spending time with a variety of pets. We now do it full time & have a handful of Pet Care Assistants & Petsitters working for us as its taken off so well. If you want it to flourish it can do, but iif you want to keep it low profile thats okay too I love it, especially when we're asked to look after a run full of chickens Angela
  11. We've got this one too Expensive but it gets well used. Its about 8 yrs old now & still going strong. cos it makes constant batches I get to indulge in my weakness of scoffing a bowl full most evenings - hence why ive got lots of padding The strawberry ice cream recipe is making me drool thinking about it Mine makes a right racket when it churns, does yours.