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  1. kirbyn


    How long should moulting last , my two seem to been doing for at least 8 weeks ans i'm in desperate need for eggs lol
  2. Oh right, nothing to worry about then . Thanks
  3. one of our chooks have had a lump appear on her leg, its hard and she doesn't flinch when i touch it ... any ideas ? Please see pictures at http://s632.photobucket.com/albums/uu46/neiljkirby/ Thanks for your help
  4. Hi I have two chickens and one of then has lost her feathers between her legs on her under belly, i have been reading about red mites and moulting. As only one has lost any I'm assuming that she is moulting , is it normal for her belly to go red when this happens ? Any cooments / suggestion would be a great help. Thank you Neil
  5. Ive had them about a year now, she is my best friend when I have a treat for them ...typical women!!!! I think she just hates it, some times she shakes so we just leave her to it these days
  6. I have two chickens , one loves to be picked up but the other hates it, and sticks her wings out when you go near her to stop being picked up, any tips how to make her more human friendly ?

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