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  1. I'm new to keeping quail and have 5 girls collected a week ago, I had 2 eggs within a couple of hours but nothing since I'm feeding layers pellets (crushed) and the odd meal worm/veggie treats Are they still in the settling in period or should I be getting eggs again now? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. big blue egg!

    Dora laid a huge 110g blue egg today! fingers crossed for a double yolker!
  3. ... and at last she has laid her first egg!!!!!!!! woohoo and its a blue one
  4. Hello all, I got 2 17 week old columbines last august (now approx 35 weeks old), 1 hen developed and laid within weeks sadly the second, although has a very red face has no comb and is yet to lay or even crouch. previous to this I had a columbine which I lost due to becoming egg bound. Do I just need to be patient or could there be something wrong? is this a common 'columbine' problem?
  5. Anyone know of any good Honey cook books?

    ahhh, thanks for the help! unfortunately they are not very computer friendly so I will get one of the recommended books! x
  6. Anyone know of any good Honey cook books?

    Looking for one as a gift this christmas! Many Thanks x
  7. Has anyone been to Heston's 'Little Chef'?

    I live close to the kettering one, also loved watching the programme & update. I am tempted to visit not been to a LC for years!
  8. my columbine has just started laying, 1st few eggs looked blue, now not so blue more green!!! I am not sure she knows which colour she prefers. I don't mind they are so lovely whichever!
  9. Dora laid her 1st egg today....

    I think she is 24/25 weeks I have kind of lost track I have another columbine who is supposed to be the same age but shows no signs of laying, and Elsy my 1st columbine died at 36 weeks having never laid an egg! I keep checking today to see if she lays again... not sure if columbines lay often or not!?!
  10. Dora laid her 1st egg today....

    its not very good, looks more green but I can assure you its blue! (camera phone and black granite reflections are distorting it I think!)
  11. an Omlet delivery van! I wonder who the lucky person is that has just taken delivery! (sorry this is probably of no interest to anyone .... but it made me smile )
  12. Omlet new product launch....what what what?!!!

    I saw the new version today, sadly thought it was a step backwards in design. Won't be in a rush to buy one! sorry!
  13. First Green and Blue Egg :-) PHOTOS ADDED

    wow weeeeeeeeeeeeee. how lucky are you to get blue AND green! bet my columbines will lay pastel!
  14. Cost of Chickens

    I have 2 from cotswold chickens they are both great friendly healthy chickens. I also got some from http://www.northendhens.co.uk on a smaller scale but helpful friendly and lovely selection of chickens! not entirely sure where you are based though so may not be any help!