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  1. Couldn't believe when I heard yesterday, sleep tight Justine, will miss you on Facebook, love to Ian, your mum and the rest of the family including Molly x
  2. Sorry, I confused the post it doesn't take me long Yes, I mean't that I have one girl left so the total is 897 + 1 = 898 I think Jennyhenny
  3. Lost one of my girls yesterday so only have one left 897 + 1 = 898
  4. I put on a bumper bit on Margo, for the first couple of hours she tried to wipe it off but after that forgot all about it. Fingers crossed its been on a few weeks now, it doesn't look that bad either Its a great peace of mind knowing she can't do any more damage to Popcorn Jennyhenny
  5. Hi, Thanks for replying She looks fine in herself, eating plenty, has the occasional hour or so where she will stand in a corner and look at it for a while Her tummy is not solid like her sisters was when she will ill with peritonitus, that was like a rock. Popcorns is pretty softish but can't feel any fluid at all. I thought chicken keeping would be easy but no I just seem to sort one thing out and another pops up Jennyhenny
  6. Anyone The reason for the question is I lost a girl last October to egg peritonitus. What is worrying me is, if she isn't laying an egg are they staying inside her I couldn't bear to lose another one Jennyhenny
  7. Poor girl, I had this roughly 6 weeks ago. Popcorn had been losing feathers around the vent for months but put it down to a moult. One Thursday spotted Popcorn had a cut at the side of her vent, looks like Margo had nipped her and made her bleed, so by now I'm thinking maybe it wasnt a moult but feather plucking. I cleaned with warm salted water and put Sudacrem on it for infection but also to try and hide the wound. Everything was fine for a couple of days then I went in the garden and spotted Margo nipping her behind, I shot in there and grabbed Popcorn to find that Margo had literally ripped at her skin. The vent had about an inch tear coming from it. It was a right mess. We bathed again and hubby fetched some anti peck spray which is antiseptic and I sprayed that on as well as the good old Sudacrem. Sudacrem was applied a couple of times a day. The wound went quite scabby over a couple of days but then seemed to disappear so didn't know whether the bully was at it again or she picked it off herself. But it looked sooooo much better in just a few days. We decided to separate the WIR in two so they could still see each other but the bully couldn't do anymore damage. During the day they would be separate but at night I popped them both in the eglu. I kept them separate for about two weeks but Popcorn kept trying to jump the wire to get to the eglu which was in the bullys side of the run to lay (Popcorn had stopped laying upto now) so I now popped a bumper bit on the bully and let them back in together. I applied purple spray to try and disguise the bare patch. They are now happily together, bumper bit still on as I don't trust her anymore. However Popcorn only laid a couple of eggs and then stopped and hasn't laid since. Sorry its so long but thought it might put your mind at rest that you can hopefully treat it yourself.
  8. One of my girls has had impacted crop a couple of times. Each time I have managed to sort it with olive olive and massage but also feeding her maggots (not dyed) to eat away at the mass . I fed them to her a few times a day. Although she looked miserable and stood in a corner most of the day with it she was steady on her feet. Jennyhenny
  9. Hi everyone, Was just wondering can you kick start a girlie back into laying One of my girls was injured by another on her vent, made a right mess of it, torn etc . I separated them til healed and the naughty one has been fitted with a bumper bit. They have been back together for a few weeks now and are absolutely fine . The victim laid a couple of eggs about two weeks after the attack which were a little bloody as vent wasn't completely healed but have not had an egg since Can you kick start them back into laying somehow Thanks to everyone
  10. Mine came too, better than a poke in the eye with a stick Jennyhenny
  11. Hi, I've had to fit a bumper bit to one of my girls. Over time she has stripped the other ones knickers and a couple of weeks ago torn her vent by pecking at it I separated them for about two weeks giving Popcorn time to heal by halving there walk-in run during the day but letting them share the eglu at night . I have now fitted the bumper bit to the culprit and purple sprayed Popcorn and now put them back together completely. She was just about healed but laid an egg yesterday which did open the wound a little but not bad, hopefully it will heal completely soon . What is worrying me is the one with the bumper bit and feeding her. Her crop seems rather empty. They are on mash which she seems to be going to but not sure if she actually eats it !! Tried grapes which she can't get hold off, tinned sweetcorn she manages eventually after running it round the run a while, hoping Popcorn doesn't get it all before she has a chance. Am I right in thinking she can eat as they did The bumper bit doesn't seem to bother her anymore, at the start she did try wiping it against the floor and trying to flick it off with her foot, it hasn't come out so assume its in the right place Love to hear from anybody Jennyhenny
  12. Hi, Just spotted this post, can't believe there are so many of you around me, I'm in Cotgrave . Had my girls for two years now. Started with three but lost one of my girls last October . Having problems with a feather puller at the minute so looks like I'm going to have to bumper bit her, does anyone know anywhere local that sells them She has actually drew blood and torn her bottom so at the moment is sin binned Jennyhenny
  13. Quick Update - the ladder does look lovely unfortunately the girls haven't mastered it yet on night 2 Two of them I had to pick up and put in the eglu and Holly the Gingernut Ranger jumped up onto the table and side stepped into the eglu door Jennyhenny

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