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  1. I swear all the warrens, gingernut rangers, calder rangers, lohman browns and goldlines look exactly the same...
  2. We just feed the peelings, etc uncooked, unmashed and they absolutely love it!
  3. Really sorry about your dad. Chickens really can help you cheer up with their daft ways
  4. There is no problem with leaving food/ drink out unless you have rats
  5. Intelligent? Chickens? I have never seen a dafter animnal, but that's what makes them so enetertaining
  6. I agree to keep them separate and not to fr the new chooks, but I would keep fr-ing the old chooks while you are away
  7. I'm not sure a or would be big enough for 2 broodies - a is big enough though. It's not the size of the thats the problem its the size of the nestbox.
  8. Sorry to be pessimistic but some chickens start to lay up to a month after they start crouching... most start within a fortnight though.
  9. Congratulations on your 1st eggs As that egg is so different to the others I expect its a different chicken - most purebreeds only lay one egg a week, if that, over winter anyway.

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