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  1. I swear all the warrens, gingernut rangers, calder rangers, lohman browns and goldlines look exactly the same...
  2. We just feed the peelings, etc uncooked, unmashed and they absolutely love it!
  3. Really sorry about your dad. Chickens really can help you cheer up with their daft ways
  4. There is no problem with leaving food/ drink out unless you have rats
  5. Intelligent? Chickens? I have never seen a dafter animnal, but that's what makes them so enetertaining
  6. I agree to keep them separate and not to fr the new chooks, but I would keep fr-ing the old chooks while you are away
  7. I'm not sure a or would be big enough for 2 broodies - a is big enough though. It's not the size of the thats the problem its the size of the nestbox.
  8. Sorry to be pessimistic but some chickens start to lay up to a month after they start crouching... most start within a fortnight though.
  9. Congratulations on your 1st eggs As that egg is so different to the others I expect its a different chicken - most purebreeds only lay one egg a week, if that, over winter anyway.
  10. According to DEFRA: If you are just selling a few boxes to friends every week then there are no regulations other than the eggs must be fresh and safe to eat If you sell a large amount of eggs at a market or as a business then you have to register this with DEFRA (I don't know how, I have never done it.) I am sure plenty of your friends and neighbours would pay £1 or so for half a dozen fresh eggs! Ours are happy to!
  11. Some of our hybrids are laying every day and some, it seems, only about once a week! Our purebreds (marans) aren't laying at all.
  12. Its not hard to worm chickens, just put some flubenvet on their favourite treat - for ours this is grapes.
  13. You can mix in some cod liver oil with layers pellets and add some poultry spice - this is good for moulting chickens as it gives them both protein and a general 'good health' tonic.
  14. If theres been any sort of sudden change chickens will suddenly become very flighty and nervous, until they start to think of the change as 'normal'. I expect something has changed, even if you are not aware of it - maybe a neighbour has got a new cat or something and it had scared them!
  15. The chickens always make me laugh with the funny things they get up to!
  16. If you got new chickens recently they could have brought worms with them, and loads of people say that chickens are more likely to get worms if you mix chickens of different ages but ours range from 1 to 4 years like yours and we have no problems.
  17. Chickens are always noisier when they are worried or upset, could she have been frightened by something? Has she seen a fox? Is she being picked on? Is she bored?
  18. Are you sure she is pecking out her own feathers as normally hens lacking in protein pull out other hens feathers and then eat them, not their own. Could one of the other hens be the culprit?

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