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  1. you can't beat a comfy bra! Glad to hear you and daughter are sorted on that score.
  2. I bought one wire cage ball thing but they just drag the full leaves through and walk them into the ground and the spaces are too large to put shredded leaves in. I might try a peanut feeder. Or something in-between if I can find it. Broccoli was a huge hit, they took a few desultory pecks at apples. Raisins are popular. & we've had great fun with canned and live crickets.
  3. An update. They love it! They watch for it as I carry it into the run. I only give it to them on odd days. They are a fairly fearless bunch. Whatever the drawbacks are of having the babies (12 weeks) in with the older ones (18 weeks and 10 months) it does mean that the older ones show the way to the younger ones. My older ones grew up in a farm yard and are used to a lot of noise and chaos and new things. Now to work on the 'salad bowl' so as greens don't immediately get squashed into the dirt!
  4. Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens actually suggests a rabbit as good stimulation for hens. The lolloping rabbit keeps the entertained. Since they are going to have separate spaces they should be fine together in 'free ranging' sessions! Indvidiual personalites notwithstanding!
  5. Huge doesn't describe it! It's enormous! Talk about chicken heaven. Can't wait to see it all decked out.
  6. Hello there I'm your friendly neighboorhood Irish Member stalker! I have to get into work where I keep all my chicken info (busy place work!) so I'll PM you from there. Aoife
  7. I got mine from www.ascott.biz who do a sack of I think it's 20kg and a tub of 8kg which is what I got. Their service to Ireland is very good so I can only imagine their UK service is equally good value. Also they have lots of other nifty things for the chicken keeper and smallholder. Aoife
  8. if I had to do it again I would have gone for a cube rather than 2 eglus. If only because there is a real chance of all the hens trying to pile into one eglu at bedtime. If the cube is the only choice they can't get these insane 'preferences' into their heads!
  9. Thanks the babies are 11 weeks old. She's fine with them during the day, she just won't let them in the eglu at night. She gets in first and then pecks them as they try to go through the door, and you know they just stand around pathetically! I think I'll just keep moving her back to the blue eglu, she has a go at them too but it quietens down fairly rapidly. Pain the backside having to move her every evening... I wouldn't mind but she knows the teenagers. Aoife
  10. I have 2 eglus and 7 chickens, one of whom is most likely a cockerel On the first night we put the 4 babies in the purple eglu and the three older ones in the blue. Since then the eldest has been trying to sleep in the purple eglu and attacking the babies and not letting them in. So every night I've been taking her out through the egg port and putting her in the blue eglu with the teenagers - where there's a bit of a scuffle but things do settle down. Could she be objecting to one of the teenagers? Is it most likely the suspected cockerel? because if so I'm happy to despatch him sooner rather than later. Although she appears to attack the female teenager the most. She is also limping - an injury sustained at my friend's house, most likely muscular. She is ALSO spending several hours a day in the nest box - I think she thinks she's broody, which is a bit ridiculous considering no-one is laying, not even her. Any thoughts? & should I leave them to it and force the babies to put up with her bullying and make them sleep with her or leave them to perch where they will within the run and hope it all settles down before winter!
  11. Thanks ANH. It helps that I have no interest in flowers or lawn or decking or barbeques or sitting in the garden and if I'd had my way it'd have been bigger but I mustn't forget that I need a growers pen next year. My idea of an ideal garden is a workshop, a greenhouse, a huge veg patch and a compost heap! With any planting being of the hedgerow/meadow sort.
  12. I've got what I'm certain is a cockerel in my bunch, all the other behaviours and physical characteristics tally, but not a PEEP out of him at 17 weeks tomorrow, if fact he's utterly silent whereas even the babies make little chirruping noises to themselves. He's mostly light sussex and a bit miorcan and a bit I don't know...
  13. Thanks Ygerna! We're in Ireland so I looked at the Aviaries4U website and drooled, and showed a pic to a shed maker here - the run is 4 10ft panels and 2 6ft panels but only 5"8 high (and a little lower now that it's slighly sunk into the ground and we've had to do some higgeldy piggeldy joists as the roof bellied! Our fault entirely. So yeah, self assembly! OH hates DIY but is unfortuantely, for him, quite good at it. The Eglu tables are 2 3ft X 3ft Decking slabs mounted on tree posts! Anywhoo! It's 20ft by 6ft, so that's 120sq ft and big enough for 8. I have 7 in there at the moment but two will most likely be going due to one being a cockerel and the other being a crock! (she's limping, I think she thinks she's broody even though she's not laying and no one else is either, so there's no eggs to focus on! and she's bullying the baby girls something fierce... sleeping in their eglu so I have to transfer her every night to the other one where she promptly fights with the teens!) Hey Palmer! Yep Linkabord veggie beds, you people are such enablers! It was great to be able to buy the cube ladders separately. We but some board behind them though. Aoife
  14. Well the girls have been here a week. Their first free-ranging session was met with resounding indifference, they spent all most as much time back in their run as they did out in the garden! My completed run Have split this from the main thread as becoming too long and it slows down the forum - Christian

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