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  1. It was a last resort as my 3 ladies refused to all get on together at the same time and were very keen on getting each other ready for the oven Had tried anti peck and segregation for weeks and was thinking of re homing but on another thread was advised that no body would take my bad girls, so with much trepidation my brave hubby and I fitted 3 bits for the first time last Tuesday (many thanks to Cotswold Chickens for their how to video). It went reasonably calmly and literally within minutes all 3 girls were back in their run having a good forage around. I am not suggesting bits as a matter of course but having been afraid and thinking they might be unkind for so long wanted to share a positive experience for anyone who has the same problems and doubts that we had
  2. Thanks Beantree, This is not a route I would choose to take but given that someone has already suggested culling shall not feel too bad about finally getting on with it.
  3. Thanks JimnPaula! That video is quite recent and not there last time I looked. I am in Fleet, Hants (sorry thought this was on my profile..) If anyone is able to give me a lesson. Thanks again.
  4. i will soon have a similar conundrum, I am really keen to have some more rescues but will leave it until I have fewer hens but if you have the space and time to make the introductions go for the ex batts
  5. So I am finally accepting that this might be my only option. I have some bits and the tool from Omlet but no idea how to go about the fitting. Can anyone recommend a video or can anyone in my area show me how its done? Thank you
  6. Thanks for your advice, hadn't thought about no one wanting the feather peckers Anti peck spray hasn't worked either. So bumps bits it is, which leads me to my next question, I have some and the tool but cannot find any video on how to fit them....
  7. Morning All, I have 4 chickens who refuse to get on, the oldest is an ex bat and she is happy on her own in the day sleeping with the others over night. The white leghorn is a prolific feather plucker and despite removing her for about 6 weeks she has not lost the habit and has passed it on so it seems to the speckledy and buff sussex, I have removed the buff as she had been quite badly pecked, so she too is on her own in the day and sleeping with company overnight. They are not able to free range but have a large walk in run with lots to entertain them and their food has a good protein content. I am at the end of my tether and am contemplating re homing or using bumper bits. I would welcome any advice or suggestions. Many thanks
  8. Ah, thanks for that, I knew that I needed to remove the top chick but hadn't thought about leaving it until I re introduce my wounded girl, was racking my brains to think how I could have 3 separate areas but 2 will be fine! Lets see if she makes it through the night. Fingers crossed and thanks for your reply.
  9. It's been a while since I last posted as all has been well with my girls. However I've just got home from work to discover that one has a wound to her back where she has been liberally pecked by the dominant hen. I have separated the wounded hen and sprayed her purple. Would really appreciate any advice on how to deal with this. I am aware of bumper bits but not sure where I can buy one other than on the internet. To be honest the wound looks quite bad
  10. Hmm not sure that this will help but I have 1 eglu in a 12 x 8 foot WIR on a concrete base. I have had no more than 4 girls (although only 3 at the moment ) The Eglu is on a table so there is more floor space, I guess you need to double this size if your girls aren't going to be free ranging.
  11. Brilliant and they are great photos, am loving Bernie!
  12. Hi GeorgieB, Was wondering the exact same thing myself, one of our new girls sadly died last weekend so we now have only 3 and I was hoping to get 2 more ex batts later in the summer as realistically my 2 older girls are getting on and I'm worried that 1 will be left on her own. Would be very interested to hear how you get on if you do go for it. Good luck
  13. If it helps your decide, when we moved house last year we had to stop our girls free ranging due to foxes, to be honest they didn't even seem to notice, they have a nice run and plenty to do, so maybe find your girl a new home in a run with a few new friends?
  14. I always leave the door open in the summer so the girls can get up when they fancy. My run is however completely fox proof.
  15. Sorry to read your news, but always wonderful to hear of an ex batty having a lovely retirement.

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