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  1. Definately try and get the four in one go. I have a Pekin which didn't go broody at all last year but now I've said that she'll probably sit all summer I also have a Sablepoot and 2 Barbu d'uccles which have just come into lay and I get a suprising number of eggs from my small tribe. I've had three a day recently on and off.
  2. It is nowhere near as good as the other courses I have done with Coursera. The sections are too short and bitty and the format is not exactly stimulating. On other courses there is usually someone talking in a smaller screen (or off screen completely) and they present slides which is far more interesting and easier (for me anyway) to learn from. The last week on chicken behaviours would have been an ideal time to actually introduce pictures or short clips of the behaviours to illustrate the points they are making.......I'll persevere with it but am not too impressed. BTW I never buy the certificates - even for courses I'm doing for work. Usually at the end you get a statement of accomplishment from the course with a mark which appears in your profile.
  3. auntielizzie it is a computer course I did for work, python is a programming language, Coursera do courses on everything imaginable. I think the chicken one popped up as I'd done the equine nutrition one.
  4. I've just come across this: https://www.coursera.org/course/chickens It's a free online course about chickens. I haven't started it yet so not sure what it's like but I'm going to take a look. I've done Coursera courses before on equine nutrition and coding in python and they were both very good. It started on 3rd April I think but you can join late. Might not be for everyone as it discusses chickens for meat etc but it does say it's for people that keep chickens as pets too.
  5. I was a bit unsure about the lemon Pekin as I'd thought I'd get black or another dark colour but actually I quite like it in the flesh. Love the sound of them cheeping!
  6. Got some TINY Sablepoots and a Lemon Pekin today. Sablepoots only 7 weeks old and so adorable. Pekin looks enormous in comparison! Tucked up inside the garage for now until it gets a bit warmer:
  7. I was wondering how those who have a purple eglu go are finding them? I've seen some on display and for sale that appear to have faded quite badly. I really like the colour but if they fade quickly maybe I should get the green?
  8. Quite happy to wing clip so that may be an option. I'd also heard they layed quite well which is obviously not always the case! Maybe I need to rethink this or am I looking for the impossible?!? I'd like some bantams that don't mind being in a run with limited FR time. I'd like some eggs (not massive amounts but a regular few a week or something). I'd like them not to go broody and I'd like them to be fairly quiet (lots of neighbours!) and friendly. I've had Pekins and Silkies in the past but they were broody more often than not. I've also had Polands but they were a bit noisy I've also had hybrids before but don't think I have enough room for them really. Any recommendations?
  9. Oh no! I didn't think they were flyers I have low fences and was hoping to free range them occasionally in the garden. I've been reading up on them and some say they are never broody whilst others say they are! Maybe it's down to their individual personalities?!
  10. I'm thinking of getting some Sablepoots and was wondering, is it best to just stick with Sablepoots or can they live happily with other bantams? I'm looking at getting three girls. I saw some lovely Welbar bantams at the weekend but don't know much about them or whether they'd get on with each other?
  11. I've had runs with aubiose on bare earth and on slabs. On slabs it is easier to clean out (as long as they are level) but I found on bare earth the hens were happy making craters and the bed seemed cleaner - I don't know whether it was better able to drain - the bare earth compacted pretty solidly so I doubt it- or whether the worms/microbes in the soil were decomposing the poo keeping the bed cleaner. I'm thinking of starting again with a new set up but can't decide on whether to use slabs or not
  12. My amber star has been broody twice this summer, this last time I thought if i just kept hoofing her off the nest it would stop but after 4 weeks I bit the bullet and bought a crate to cool her off. I set the crate up inside the run, popped her in overnight and left her - no problems. Came home from work the next day and she'd broken out! Managed to undo one of the doors and was back on the nest. I tied the doors with string to prevent her escape and left her again. Popped by at bedtime and there was a comotion going on. Snowy had managed to squeeze through the bars in the roof of the cage (they are large squares, about 10cm x 10cm), escaped and was heading into the nest for the night (string was also untied and lying on the run floor)! So, now I have something on the roof and a bungy keeping the door shut. Hopefully this will keep her in. I have never known a hen so intent on being broody and a hybrid too! I got hybrids for an easy life after having pekins and silkies but she's more trouble than any of the others have been!
  13. One of my black rocks has some strange feather loss and I can't work out why. She was hatched this year so it's not moult. I have treated with ivermectin and DE. I have checked the skin and it doesn't look irritated, just smooth, can't even see where feathers might be growing back. It's mostly round her bum and chest and her saddle area looks fluffy, not nice smooth feathers. I also put cider vinegar in the water once a month. I haven't seen any feathers in the cube or run and I'm pretty sure it's not her friend pulling them out. My other hen has no problems. She lays everyday. How can I get her back to her former glory?!
  14. Hello, now the Eglu Go Up has been around for a while and people have had time to really try it out I was wondering what people thought about the Go Up vs a Cube for someone with a small number of chickens? I have two hybids in a cube and will definately not be adding to the flock. Should I downsize to a Go Up and release some equity or stick to the cube? If I was starting out again which would people advise I go for? I love the cube but it is mighty big for two chucks. The only reason I didn't go for a Go or Classic was that I like them going upstairs to bed (the Go Up came out about a month after I got the cube - typical!)
  15. Will a regular size 25mm bumpa bit fit onto my pekin bantam or should I try a beak ring? She is pecking my polands heads and tails so has been separated for now I've tried anti pecking spray but it didn't work.
  16. After much umming and ahhing about what to get next to keep my Pekin and Silkie company I finally decided on a couple of Poland bantams. Did a 3 hour round trip to get them today. They're lovely and so funny; I had to put them to bed tonight as one had roosted on top of the chicken house and the other was asleep on top of their drinker! Such a funny sight, I wish I'd photographed it. Anyway, I did get some pics earlier today - sorry they're not the best: This one has been named Dinosaur by my little boy..... This one is called BeeBee I still don't know how they manage to see out!
  17. Guess I'd better sort out a broody cage then. I've been letting my silkie get on with it (but making sure she gets up for food and water etc) but she's broody for longer than she's not so maybe I should try nipping it in the bud. Thanks again!
  18. Thanks Redwing! Seems I'm stuck between getting friendly docile girls that are happy to live in a run but are likely to go broody and more aloof flighty types that don't like being confined but are less likely to go broody!
  19. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Croad Langshan bantams? I've found some I'm interested in but can't find much info out about this breed. They also have silver penciled Wyandotte bantams and I was wondering if they'd be terribly broody or not (I'd like some eggs!)?
  20. Due to a rubbish year last year (losing girls to ill health) I am down to two little ones at the moment, a lavender pekin and a gold silkie. I want to get another two girls in the next few months but can't decide what to go for. They definitely have to be bantams or smaller birds and will have to mix with the two I already have. I had thought of more pekins but I'd quite like some eggs and am fed up with broodiness already (my silkie lays about 21 eggs then goes off for 6 weeks and I haven't seen an egg from my Pekin yet!) Other possibilities I thought of were Polands, sablepoots or bantam faverolles. Any ideas?
  21. Well after several hours of squawking like a loony she did settle down. Since then I haven't heard the same, however, the rain has been so hard I doubt anyone would have heard anyway! She's given me a lovely little egg each day which is fab I really hope she settles down as I had to rehome my big girls due to excessive noise levels (no complaints but the stress of running outside in my PJ's at 4.30 on summers mornings got too much). I had hoped littleys would be a bit quieter but I know it's a bit hit and miss and can depend on the individual. I have finally named her Florence after Florence from Florence and the Machine as she is very ginger and can make a lot of noise!
  22. Yesterday one of my girls laid her first egg - a complete suprise, she's a Silkie and I wasn't expecting anything until next year really. I was so chuffed (and pleased because at least one of my three Silkies is a girl!). Today she has laid another but it seems to have put her in a flap. She was in and out of the next box which is pretty normal but she's been making a right racket for a few hours now - shouting like there is a cat near by or something. I can't seem to quiet her down, I've tried food, distraction, hospepipe but she just keeps on and on and is scaring the other girls who are hiding in the house Is there anything I can do? Should I take her out and take her to a quiet place on her own for a bit? I'm at a loss - is this normal?
  23. Hi there, have a check for Red Mite. This can lead to a change in routine on the roosting and laying front
  24. Thanks for this - have done the same and added some diatom too!

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