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  1. I have one in my flock - Loubie - and she gets on great with all of the other girls I've never had a problem with her, she's very friendly I've had her for a long while, she was a chick when i got her, about 3-4 weeks old i think! She's laying now, and she does some gorgeous tasting eggs
  2. I have quite a few cages but currently in use are two explorers, a ferret nation, a tommy 102 t3, and a ferplast duetto I have ferplast marys/savic freddys/chichi 2's for litters and hospital cages all stored away though Fingers crossed i'll be getting a birthing cage ready for India next weekend, as she *should* be pregnant
  3. Lol glad you all like the pictures I currently have 35 rats I breed rats, under the prefix 'atlas' (hence alot of them having place names) http://www.atlasrats.co.uk - that's my website for anyone who's curious, it also has pictures of the rest of my gang on there too Patricia - they're various ages, the youngest one on these pictures is Atlas Franklin, the little blue fellow, he was born in July 2009 The oldest is Comis Perry, He was born in December 2007
  4. Got a bit snap happy after taking a few piccies of some of my chickens, so here are some of the rats No particular order, or reason for the pics even lol, i just thought i'd share a few anyway L-R Orry, Billy and George http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm268/Kyra_Murray/Rats/DSC_0082.jpg Perry and Ronin http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm268/Kyra_Murray/Rats/DSC_0088.jpg Venezuela http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm268/Kyra_Murray/Rats/DSC_0097.jpg India http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm268/Kyra_Murray/Rats/DSC_0101.jpg Arizona http://i298.photobucket.co
  5. Thanks all She's a blue splash jersey giant I shall have to take pics of everyone else now
  6. I took pics of Faye for the jersey giant thread, and took a few snaps of some of the others too, so thought i'd share Opal Faye Muffin - needs her feathery feets washing again! Maggie Fauna Lottie Fleur Loubie Hettie Ruby
  7. Here's Faye I took them just now, so apologies, they're not fantastic pics but still - Isn't she pretty? The barnevelder (Taylor) and frizzle cochin (Hettie) behind her aren't really bigger than her, tis just the angle of the pic
  8. I have a Jersey Giant hen named Faye I'll have to get some more recent pictures, she's a blue splash and is just GORGEOUS! She was a chick when i got her, i posted pictures on here before somewhere. I've a new camera now so will take some pretty pictures of her, at the moment she's about as big as the brahmas but she's heavier when you pick her up, she weighs a tonne. She's very very friendly and more than happy to sit on the kids' knees/anyones knees really, although she's getting a bit big for the kids lol. She'll jump from the floor into my arms so that's something to be prepared for, she
  9. Thankyou all They've come from various places... Opal and Jet the brahmas came from a friend, who got them from a poultry show/auction i believe Martha was found and given to us as we had Opal and Jet and the people who found her didn't know what to do with her Betsy and Cindy came from Merrydale poultry in Leicestershire Maggie the cuckoo maran came from a small breeder in Lincolnshire Gracie Lou Freebush the gold laced polish and Hettie the frizzle cochin came from a different small breeder in Lincolnshire Lacey (buff laced wyandotte bantam), Dolly (White pe
  10. sorry to hear your hens have been stolen how awful - hope you get them back
  11. Sorry all, Mallow is a cochin, not a brahma Thanks for all of the lovely comments Martha is a martha because she was found and brought to us, so although i might take a guess at what she is, she's just a martha to me Evie isn't as grumpy as she looks lol, to be honest lola the silkie is the grumpiest, she's definitely not one for cuddles, although she's so lovely and soft once you actually get hold of her lol! Yep the kids picked names for some of the chooks so some of them have grinchy/cinderella type names Gracie lou freebush was a name i got from congeniality -
  12. Hi All, i took these today and thought i'd share them - There are a few girls missing, they legged it down to the bark chippings under the trampoline to dig about, and i didn't catch them , but alot, if not most of them, are present Firstly Mallow the brahma Loubie, the copper black maran Jet the brahma Martha, the martha Ruby the cream legbar Taylor the barnevelder Evie the black cochin Faye the blue splash jersey giant Lola the white silkie Gracie Lou Freebush the gold laced polish Dolly the white pekin Roz the bl
  13. Ours have a few of those too, they enjoy them with corn in . They also have blank cd's hung up with string, they like pecking at them or just watching them when the sun shines on them

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