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  1. Have been sick all week with a chest infection. My asthma been bad. Three doctor visits 2 lots oral steroids and now antibiotics and hope on the mend. I am a bad patient. Bored witless. OH on hen duty.
  2. Very enjoyable show. Adam is very funny very rude and plays the keyboard very well. Theres a bit of audience participation as well. Oh and no pillar. £12 tickets bargain
  3. Hes doing a tour round the country I think so you might be lucky Lewis. It is 1hour 10mins show so thats why I looked for cheap tickets. its a lot of money for such a short show. I
  4. Going to see Adam Kay at theatre on Sunday " this is going to hurt" - ex dr now comedian. Have read his books - hilarious - has anyone seen? Got cheapo tickets so probably behind a pillar🤣
  5. Belated happy new year Omleters. OH and I went into town had a lovely meal with a bit too much wine. We then went and saw a farce at the theatre. My befuddled head managed to work it out. We caught the bus home and had tea n biccies in bed and saw new year in. Not very adventurous. Now we all have colds. Happy healthy new year everyone.
  6. Mine will go up next weekend. Cleaning round them is a faff. Plus an over excited ginger cat doesnt help. Our Christmas has shrunk due to deaths etc. This year ES going to girlfriend's folks. YS is working at pub. I gave booked OH , elderly aunt and myself into panto on Boxing day. Matinee then home for tea games or TV. M
  7. In Nw London we slept thro the sonic boom. ES and GF in central London woke up thinking it was a bomb esp in light of London Bridge terrorist attack. Discussed evacuating (!) But then decided against it and went back to sleep. !!. As OH says lived thro IRA so will live thro this. .
  8. I loved Boston - seasons like ours but more so - hot summers cold winters - or Cyprus.
  9. Used to use bushes when younger but think my aim might be off now. S friend managed to pee all over her shoes once. Her horrible little brother refused to let her back in car. Had to put shoes in boot of car. Memories.
  10. Hi anyone watching this. Good but confusing OH has given up already bu going to stick with it for a while longer.
  11. A girl I worked with was married to a guy who must have been a nervous flyer I mean really nervous. She had 2 teenagers and went to New York with them otherwise it was UK. I dont know if you have children but think like the others you should go off on singles holiday whilst he fishes in Ireland. Thankfully we agree we dont like long haul flights have no desire to see Africa or South America. Might at some point think about seeing friends in OS. Currently in Boston having left New York yesterday by train. But find adjusting hard as get older. Hope you get it sorted.
  12. London is awash with tourists. They get in the way and in the rain you have to be careful they dont take your eye out with brollies. 🙄
  13. Went to feed girls today. Unlocking gate and sneezed loudly. Floss glared at me and blokked at me crossly. That's me told.

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