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  1. Today I culled my first chicken. In the past I've normally found them dead in coop and only once took one to vet who had had throat ripped out by a predator but was still alive. I used the broomstick method which was simple enough but didnt go quite as planned. The body twitching after i expected but still found it upsetting. Penny my hen went lame, legs totally useless. I suspect was a tumour or stroke. Anyway it's done but I felt awful doing it.
  2. Hi Andy sorry you've had such a difficult time. I take it mum isn't around to ask who your dad is? Or isn't forthcoming. OH did the swab thing for ancestry UK and it came up with 5th and 6th cousins. Hes a Cypriot Brit so his ancestry was far flung. We did find his mum now long deceased had 3 different names which caused major confusion- I did say he and his 2 brothers may have all had a different mum all with same first name. I haven't done mine yet. It will, be boringly British I am sure. BTW I have a Penny too named after a grandmother of OH.
  3. Waiting for Eunice to visit. Hope chickens dont blow away!!
  4. Didnt your chickens roost in trees or have I got wrong person.
  5. OH and I have both caught Covid. Probably when we celebrated my 60th at beginning of Feb in East End pub. Packed full of peeps and few masks to be seen. Hes on day 10 I'm day 4. Feel tired and snotty and asthma has worsened but not terrible. The brain fog is the worse thing. Tried to work from home and impossible to concentrate. Excuse any typos. Strangely we think we have Omnicron but also have a few taste and smell issues. Anyway stay safe everyone. Xxx
  6. Had our belated Christmas this last weekend. Military precision getting 6 folk with 6 negative lateral flows. Aunt is 86 but was up for belated do, think like a lot of the oldies shes pigsick of bloody covid, lockdowns, rules, masks anti vaccinator etc etc. Frankly I think we all are. Shes the least worried of us all. Made of strong stuff these old dears. Had a lovely time stuffed ourselves, drank a lot and enjoyed some games of scrabble.
  7. Generally oldies dont get Yellow fever vaccine as they can get severe side effects. They normally are exempt and advised on mossie bite avoidance. They I think are issued with an exemption certificate. There are dodgey Doctors everywhere. Let's hope Miss Bardot doesnt catch Covid.
  8. Was in bed and said "happy new year" to OH and promptly fell asleep!!! YS now allowed out stumbled in about 2.30am and muttered HNY to us we grunted a response. We are shattered. Not sure how we managed not to get COVID. My friend her hubbie and daughter all have it. Been shopping for her and chatting from the drive, 😳 its like deja bloody vous. Fed up with life in UK. Weather miserable, everyone fed up. We did manage to get to panto yesterday - sadly without my aunt whos kept away from us - it lifted our spirits a bit. Am aware that we were sitting in a huge petri dish of kids. Kept my mask on and hoped for the best. HNY all - lets hope for better times. xx
  9. Never heard of elf on a shelf. My sons are older so bypassed us. Boys used to have stockings but too old now. Will open our gifts in th morning. Eat about 2 ish and then play board games or watch TV. Due to Covid wont see friends. Gonna be a quiet one.
  10. Hi all, sadly he tested positive on PCR. Hes ok apart from tiredness and headache. Eating loads so must be new variant as no loss of taste or smell. OH and I still negative. MERRY Christmas all. Thanks for good wishes. Xxx
  11. Thanks will keep you posted. Stay safe all , reading your reports of what's going on in Europe with lockdowns it's awful. Keep getting a headache which hope is stress rather than Covid. Stay safe xxxx
  12. YS has tested positive on lateral flow. Awaiing PCR result. OH and I negative on lateral flow - triple vaxxed. Time will tell, Had to tell elderly aunt not safe to bring her down. Hes got headache and feels washed out - has taste and smell so far. Oh well I suppose after over a year in NHS in height of pandemic I should expect to get it sometime - just wish it wasnt now - but many worse off. Stay safe all. xx
  13. Ours is back tomorrow and then hes off. Hes a happy bunny today. Has anyone noticed how bad tempered people are - or is it just London. Some guy today called me soem rude names as I was trying to park, shouting loudly, I opened my car window and let him have it verbally- no one calls me what he did for no reason I could see. So I am bad tempered too. No I am trying to be nice. Usual moaning minnies in Morrsions today so I was chatty to lovely assistant - be kind should be our mantra. Glad you all have kitchens - I love mine.
  14. No poor man 🤣 living with us would kill him - hes as Blackrocksrock ( excellent memory) said doing our extention. I have a kitchen now - bliss, can see my chucks strutting round in their run. New bedroom nearly done. No hes got EU citizenship so he can go apparently go the French have said if goes without stopping . Beggars belief when a lot of East Europeans wont have the vaccine. Hes had two, but says wont have booster😳too tired to argue that no vaccine gives 100 percent protection. It's only a few hours so should be ok. He was agitated all day . I was glad when he went home.
  15. As someone said we will probably be living with this for a long time like we do with the flu. Most of the people I know with it but not sure if Omnicron or not are young and were partying🙄but lets face it if we were young we would probably be doing the same - I know my young self would have done. I think its worse this year as we had had some freedom and that could be snatched away, Both sons are socialising and I said to them that if you get it now well certainly the one who doesnt live with me will be stuck at home with g/f who wont be happy if they cant get to see her folks. The youngest is grumpy as wants to see mates now home from uni. Throw a very grumpy Polish builder into equation who was planning to drive thro France to Poland for Christmas and our house isnt a happy place.

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