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  1. Wonderful. Des res . Wont ,look like that for long. They are like teens trash stuff
  2. That's a mighty fine hen house Andy.
  3. Gosh dont remember writing that. My sons were 10 and 15 then now strapping men. Not seen a frog in mine yet but had one live between grow bags one summer.
  4. Given up on pumpkins. Have one butternut squash coming and a 7 inch cucumber in greenhouse. Snails aplenty. Blooming things. Hate them. Had blackfly on broad beans. Strawberries good. Potatoes look healthy but not sure if anything underneath. The plum tree is a pear tree with 3 pears on cos muggins here got her trees confused. All trees in pots. Retirement has caused addled brain🤣
  5. I feel so old 59 going on 10. Big kid at heart. Love a good loud song in car to warble a long too with windows down. Well done Andy. Sorry about the bullying , I was bullied at school. Hated school. Being happy and successful is the greatest revenge.
  6. Yes hes a multi millionaire so can afford to survive. Real farmers cant.
  7. I never watched top gear couldn't stand the programmes so was with some trepidation I watched this. It's hilarious and cringeworthy all at once. And I now quite like the man. It made us laugh and cringe in equal measure.
  8. Thanks all. Will keep you posted on what I am doing. Plan to dry and weed our garden, decorate sons bedroom . Also hopefully having extension done. Then look for vaccinator work.
  9. Finally at the age of 59 and a half and after 41 years in NHS I am retiring. Excited but a little anxious. Going to take some time off, prob sign up for some charity work and probably see if can sign up as a vaccinator one day a week.
  10. " here lies a crazy cat and chicken lady , gone to clean the big litterbox in the sky and feed the gals" Prob wont be allowed cos they are so stuffy these days .
  11. Winter duvet is still on and I'm menopausal so shouldn't need it. Wearing winter clothes and boots.
  12. I have done a dressing on an actor out of The Bill. We have the mum of a female singer as a patient and the wife of a long gone comedian.
  13. I had a lady come for smear a year ago. Before I did smear she stopped me and said "I have a piercing down there just in case it alarmed you🙄" for once in my life I was speechless as what do you say. As a woman of the world I've seen a fair few. I have 2 ear piercings on ear lobes and that's my lot as found incredibly painful. Contemplating a nipple , belly button or lower wouldn't cross my mind. I am a wuss.
  14. Good to hear you are a little better. Two colleagues had their vaccine (Pfizer) same as me and both very sore arms and feverish and tired - both second jabs. One had covid in Jan and is still run down. I dont know if ethincity plays a part as we know Asian and black people get covid worse and both my colleagues are Asian lasses. Frankly I was better with second than first. I did feel tired so went to bed at 10. But have been stressed due to work and other things. all good wishes and virtual hugs albeit a gentle one as we all have sore arms. xx

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