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  1. I see from both sides. Our gp surgery where I work is wholly impractical for flu jabs this year. Only one way in and out. I have been on a/l all week so away from it all. Dreading going back. One patient asked what to do if it were raining. Told him to get a brolly. I wasnt being sarky it's not our fault we' ve got it. Our surgery was there long before pandemic. My sons off to Surrey uni Sunday. I am dreading it as if he gets it he'll be on his own. I am going to ask them what they gave put in place for if one of them takes a turn for the worse. Managed to dodge first round of it . Thoroughly fed up of it all stay safe all.
  2. Never had this . Deprived up bringing
  3. Hi there do remember you. Glad you are ok and keeping your chicks.
  4. Years ago when ES was in primary school they had just had computers. My son was about 8 and one day when collecting him the headmistress came rushing over pink faced and flustered. It appears my son had accessed a site with a lot of nude activity etc and had had the sense to alert the teacher . He seemed non the worst for his accidental delving into such a site. I asked what he had typed in and was told " star wars"😳 mind boggles.
  5. On On a lighter note , looking thro poultry suppliers for Herts clicked on one site to find chucks for sale and also toys for the bedroom ( for humans not hens) . 🙄 needless to say thou tempted decided would try elsewhere. Cant find it now but does exist as OH quipped " ooh er missus" and did his best Sid James snigger. Never thought keeping hens could get quite so racey.
  6. My cholesterol has risen just reading g this.
  7. Hes nice. A way to a woman's heart.... and no beard
  8. More bothered re lack of cleaning and the fact many morons in cafes dont wear masks when ordering and breathe all over everyone else. I have mastered art of scowling over my mask. Fed up with the idiots in this country.
  9. Anyone noticed how many guys on TV of all ages have beards? Trying to follow a Spanish crime drama on Netflix and couldn't them apart. I am married to a bearded man and both sons fluctuated from being hairy faced to clean shaven. All the soaps have hairy faced actors( men only) seems yo be fashion and more since lock down. 🧔
  10. thanks thought so but wanted the wise ones on Omlet to let me know their thoughts
  11. Lost one of our girlies today - she was on borrowed time , I removed a huge egg from her a few months ago and she never looked 100% but ate, free ranged and was happy with her mate. . I now have one 2 year old occ layer and want to restock. I realise she could be bullied so am thinking 2-3 but would 2 likely bully her or is an even number better. Throw COVID in to the equation and no one seems to have girlies. Before when left with one a friend let me have a lonely picked on girl and the 2 got on rearly well.
  12. Anyone grown black peppers ( like the green and red ones) do I cook with them the same as others?
  13. Obviously catching up on the news😀shes lovely

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