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  1. Admit to being frightened of virus. Poss moderate risk category but not enough to be able to work at home. Still work and volunteer just wear ppe
  2. During the first part of the lockdown it seemed to bring out best in people. But now back to normal. Refused to clap on Sunday, why because I want people to behave not clap and then swan down to beach/pub etc spread their germs and their rubbish. Clap for NHS ( I am NHS) but behave yourselves. When theres a second spike they will be first to moan. Phew rant over Btw a few weeks back I could literally feel the man behind me breathing down my neck. I turned round and snarled behind my mask "2 metres" he moved mighty quick. Guy behind him cracked up laughing.
  3. Going back to the virus and as someone convinced they had it in Jan with similar symptoms to you Valkyrie I was gutted when tested with no antibodies 10 days ago. No body at were positive. Still seeing some pts and boss was knee deep in Corona pts proving PPE works. We are doing a little more social distancing outside with friends. Driving up to see aunt this weekend for one night. I still wear mask and gloves when shopping. Sneezed into mask today in Tesco🙄 and no one ran for cover. Now this putty stuff wher do I buy to fill cracks on my face? With my hot sweats would slide off. 🙂☺️☺️
  4. My courgettes started off in pots and when I couldn't get in greenhouse for foliage I put pots outside. Never had them so early and so many female flowers. I was in danger of being eaten by greenery.
  5. Grandm where is this wonderful cafe which is open. Most you can get round here is take away. And mighty fine too. But I dont want to have to pack and unpack dishwasher (SD feel your pain) . And it would be nice to be waited on. Talking of dishwashers I usually unpack ours at work but the other say receptionist A hissed at me "let H do it she never does it " so I did. Mighty good it felt too. 🤣 Dont want much in life except normality. Stay safe lovely Omleters
  6. Eating first courgettes and noticed some green beans have started forming.
  7. Spent the morning queuing at bank then grabbed 2 flat whites and called on M one of my ladies. She was distressed as neighbour has put up a new high fence. Advised her as hes offered to get stuff from shops for her it's not likely a personal thing. She lives in upstairs flat. I sit on a fold up chair she sits in in her hall. She very likely got mental health difficulties but we got off subject of fences and talked cats, her favourite actor Tim Healy and other trivia. I left feeling prob not done a great job, but OH rang to say she had called to say how much I cheered her up, she was tearful but happier. OH had spoken to L another of our ladies but said he thought she wanted to talk to me. I have sent email to Radio 2 as its volunteers week and hope they will mention our charity. So tired and frustrated at fact normality seems a long way off. Elderly are struggling. Anyway onwards and upwards. Stay safe.
  8. I do that - see if a rogue plant grows into something I planted or not as case may be.
  9. Our patio is a mess. I cover it in pots to hide it. Will have a new one if and when we get extension. Love your shady nook PL
  10. Hens never seek to amaze. Builders next door making a racket and OH went down to feed them. He called "helloooo" as no one in sight. Next 2 little heads popped round eglu door😂. Yesterday decided run needed a clean - went fed them and as its been so dry raked all the auboise etc to door so would be easy to bag up. Went indoors had a coffee very pleased with myself. Went back with OH to bag up stuff and my tidy pile of poop had gone🙄Yup girls not happy with my inteferance and had spread it all out again. 😂
  11. No you arent . Never been hugely fond of beaches. Sand in places you dont want it, 🙄traffic jams - no - prefer my garden. Being a lady of a certain age the heat at present makes me cranky. And in normal times public loos are a petri dish of bacteria.
  12. Missing seeing family and friends the obvious ones. Blessed with garden and although i thought volounteering wasnt for me I am enjoying it emmensly and hope i am making a difference. Being vain my roots need doing - my hair is thick and does its own thing - for a blond I am hairy🙄and the eyebrows need a wax job. Otherwise just freedom to do the stuff we take for granted without having to get in another flipping queue.
  13. Has anyone else found that when things dont go as planned instead of getting cross with someone you are inclined to let it go, Today our new shed was delivered and we have paid extra for building - unfortunalty no one told the two guys who came with it. they had other deliveries . They were very aoplogetic - normally I might have called head office and had a grumble - today its well worse things happening in country - its a bloody shed - let it go. Was disappointed as wanted to fill it with stuff😂

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