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  1. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    Oh yes. Younger women are very fickle delicate creatures and I am not criticizing. I was the same at 19.
  2. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    Hey ho another Valentines day is nearly upon us. YS who is nearly 18 has his first girlfriend. She's a sweetie if not a little fragile at times and they do have a few words occasionally. Well tomorrow is her birthday and hes got a card but struggled with present. I was going to take him shopping but picked up some lovely costume jewellery in a garden centre in Midlands when visiting my aunt. I asked him if he had a valentine card and he said no she didn't want one. 🙄 lots of eye rolling from OH who sat him down to tell him how fickle women can be. Hes in 6th form so today mum got a tasteful card and little teddy for him. I did feel slightly worried when took cards to cash desk - one for my husband and one for the girlfriend. yes paid up member of NW London swingers. 🤣
  3. Alis girls

    Old chickens

    That is so sweet. Who says animals don't care. Humans should take a note.
  4. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    Thanks ladies missed you too. So glad everyone is well and doing good. Still plagued by depression but making changes. Dropped a day at work. Thinking of doing a bit of volunteering in future probably befriending. For now enjoying a bit of leisure time. Hoping to do a few days out with OH. I will take a leaf out of Patsys book and go into town. My dads brother died of dementia so attended his funeral last week, but I am in contact with my 2 cousins who are fiesty ladies in their 50's and we are a rowdy bunch more so when prosecco is on board. Boys good YS doing A level mocks and has a girlfriend so all loved up. On negative side hes been at the wacky bakkie which we were worried about as hes got OCD and anxiety. Monitoring at present. ES happy in job and girlfriend living locally. So getting used to having ladies around after years in Male dominated household. Still look after elderly aunt up in East Midlands. Oh and sold dads house. Great relief. Patsy sorry about family - you are better off without if they make you miserable. I know you have your own lovely brood to buoy you up. On a different note anyone seen the Stan and Ollie film. Very good. Enjoyed it. Well that's me updated so will enjoy reading your news. Thanks for kind wishes. Xxx
  5. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    I know it's sad when something good changes. We all have something in common _ chickens. I like the fact we are all at different stages and I still after a few years feel I am still learning. Generally I think we are a friendly bunch and kind too. Just remember if you can't say anything nice say nothing. Now some oldies I haven't seen for ages - there used to be a Major someone or other. And I remember a lady who lost her teenage son how is she now.
  6. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    Eating is mine. Trying to lose weight. Hey ho.
  7. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    Thank you luvachicken. I am pleased someone bought this up. I also use a lot of recipes Poets lemon flan Dog mothers lemon drizzle And easiest fruit cake ever sorry forgot author. And someones Dorset apple cake. A new recipe book would be Lovely.
  8. Alis girls

    What has happened to the forum?

    I agree it is sad. Used to laugh out loud and many times nearly choked on a coffee. I agree with Patsy it's so easy to upset someone. I stopped coming on after someone seemed to have a go after I lost a chicken to the fox. Like PM I have had several very difficult years and found the support on here lovely. However this left a nasty taste in the mouth. They didn't know me but put the boot in nonetheless. Is omlet on Facebook? I have never come across it. I did what all people should do when someone is unkind on line gave it a wide berth. But am back. Hello lovely people.
  9. Alis girls

    Desperately Seeking Trousers!

    I have a Sainsburys pair which hold it all in and fit like a glove. I am an odd shape not really an apple or a pear. Probably a kiwi.
  10. Alis girls

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Happy new everyone. X
  11. Alis girls

    Christmas ads!

    Love the one with the mum and daughter working together. I assume she's a ghost. Yes I agree too many empty seats. Friends become family.
  12. Alis girls

    Christmas ads!

    Love em or hate em its that time of year again. I love the Waitrose one where they have a speeded up version of Jingle bells so they can get to the chocolate mince pies. I like the Boots one too. Elton Johns as much as I like him as a musician I dont get it. Anyone got a favourite?
  13. Alis girls

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I will add he was fully clothed. Like most teens he sits and doesn't look where. Worry about the cats🤤
  14. Alis girls

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Well tonight cooked a roast and opened a bottle of proseco to celebrate saving champers for Christmas and couldn't find serviettes I had put out. So we went up market and had kitchen roll. The serviettes reappeared under YS 's bottom. He was sitting on them🤣