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  1. Retainers after Braces?

    I don't think they existed. My ES is vain and his teeth move if he misses a few days. It is worth it. Especially when they start dating and want a beaming smileto attract the laydees. ,
  2. Retainers after Braces?

    Soapdragon, I don't know how old you are - younger than me i think but when I had my braces in the 1970s once they came off we didn't have retainers. My teeth moved back and I ended up with braces in adulthood. I wear a retainer every other night. ES 22 wears one every night. They do move and then when you are older you pay big bucks to have treatment as an adult. He will get used to it. Leave them off at your peril. Sorry to be a harbinger of doom.
  3. So how is the season so far?

    The weather has been so weird I have put off putting spuds in as ground boggy. Is it okay to plant much later.
  4. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Oh sorry Scarlet I know a lot of us have kitties . Glad you have some girlies. Take it new husband likes hens. So pleased for you. Xx
  5. The Weather Thread #9

    Funny snow none on pavements or road only on rooves and lawn. Biteing wind.
  6. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Oh so so pleased for you. You had a tough time some years back I recall. Do you have hens in Somerset? Been up and down. My dad died last year. Have been dealing with the aftermath. Getting there can't change past. My ES back home and working after uni. YS 16 in lower 6th. Fairly content just a few strings to the up mainly dad related and will then feel can move on. Got a lot of support from forum. I am so pleased for you Scarlet. Have still got your cats. Sorry to ramble you did ask,
  7. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Less of the oldno lovely to have you back. Are still in Herts? How is life ? Hope you are happy. Often wondered if you were still around. xx
  8. Elderly cat woes

    He's gorgeous. How old is he and is he a rescue cat. He looks like a Harry. Hope you will both be happy. My OH talking to our neighbour stopped in mid sentence when he saw what he thought was Sandys ghost. It was a new kit on the block. Fave him a fright. I say good morning to Sandy as I squelch down to the hens. Very boggy lawn.
  9. Elderly cat woes

    Hi Olly so sorry - you did the best you can. Sorry pressed submit - we were told by a wise vet nurse "you'll know when the time comes" and we did with Sandy our ginger tom. I know what you mean about quietness - Sandy was our spokescat the other 2 arent so verbal. I hope you give yourself time to mourn. Hugs Ali x
  10. Where have the WIR photos gone?

    Scarlet I remember you. You lived in Herts. How are you.?
  11. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    I thought it might be disciples or worse stalkersbut what do I know.
  12. New Layout & Forum Software

    Thanks Lewis I will leave it for now. Not sure I can cope with all this change. Ask me in 5 years time.
  13. New Layout & Forum Software

    Is that better?
  14. New Layout & Forum Software

    Sorry Clare you have lost me. Something about returns.
  15. New Layout & Forum Software

    Also they put the birthday on the American way _ month then date and then year.