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  1. " here lies a crazy cat and chicken lady , gone to clean the big litterbox in the sky and feed the gals" Prob wont be allowed cos they are so stuffy these days .
  2. Winter duvet is still on and I'm menopausal so shouldn't need it. Wearing winter clothes and boots.
  3. I have done a dressing on an actor out of The Bill. We have the mum of a female singer as a patient and the wife of a long gone comedian.
  4. I had a lady come for smear a year ago. Before I did smear she stopped me and said "I have a piercing down there just in case it alarmed you🙄" for once in my life I was speechless as what do you say. As a woman of the world I've seen a fair few. I have 2 ear piercings on ear lobes and that's my lot as found incredibly painful. Contemplating a nipple , belly button or lower wouldn't cross my mind. I am a wuss.
  5. Good to hear you are a little better. Two colleagues had their vaccine (Pfizer) same as me and both very sore arms and feverish and tired - both second jabs. One had covid in Jan and is still run down. I dont know if ethincity plays a part as we know Asian and black people get covid worse and both my colleagues are Asian lasses. Frankly I was better with second than first. I did feel tired so went to bed at 10. But have been stressed due to work and other things. all good wishes and virtual hugs albeit a gentle one as we all have sore arms. xx
  6. Ditto that SD hope you are better this morning. Arm sore but manageable. I agree MH people are stupid. I never as a nurse was so pro vaccine, during MMR debate I felt if parents wanted to risk not having their kids vaccinated that was up to them. Did advise them that if they had daughters should consider that if in the future she wanted her own children she should consider being vaccinated against Rubella. However now I've lived thro a pandemic I am horrified at the rubbish written and sprouted by people and frankly will tell them. Thankfully those I care about feel the same way a
  7. Sorry you had such a severe reaction. Your body is producing antibodies. Keep drinking plenty and rest up. You are right full blown disease is dreadful. My arm is now tender. Taken paracetamol and might got to bed.
  8. Had my second jab today. Yes some people react more than others. I dont know anyone who's been hospitalised after vaccine. They might have been brewing covid- happened to several at work and a couple of days after vax were ill- with covid. Bear in mind a worse reaction means body is working hard to protect you in the future. Also bear in mind covid can cause blood clots - vaccine cant. Lot of cr-p being written . I didn't mind which I got. No you dont have a choice and frankly I dont think you should be choosy unless you have a medical issue . But I know some people will disagree.
  9. Lateral flows are abnout 75% reliable and picked up on our 8 cases at work. If you test positive for this you need a PCR which is the swab of throat and nose and long wait. Temperatures are not reliable as you are measuring skin temp and not body temp. if the care home residents have had 2 jabs and visitors wear PPE that should help, however I do worry that the ones with dementia might find mask wearing relatives alarming in some cases. Have to say UK has done a great job with the vaccine, but people are now thinking they can go out and mix. Why are people so stupid? sorry pro
  10. I marshalled at a clinic on Saturday second time I had done it. OH was on the door - but boy have things changed - stroppy people saying they dont want this vaccine , why wasnt I told it was Pfizer/ Astra zenca blah blah blah. For goodness sake be thankful you are getting it. Also the stroppy herberts who hung around eyeballing me all afternoon cos they wanted a vaccine if any left over. The stroppy woman who wouldnt show me the appointment on her phone - shame on you all. But I have a word of thanks to the lovely Asian man who having heard me telling OH we needed some arrows to point th
  11. Free sweets! I am going to the wrong vaccination hub🤣
  12. My cousin a nurse had hers today. They were offered tea,coffee and a biscit afterwards. I was not happy. Didnt get offered anything. 🤣
  13. Apologies in advance if already posted this but in December our HCA at work (GP surgery) came to work when she should have been isolating as son had symptons of COVID. I have no idea if she was disciplined although I wasnt the only one firing off emails to manager. Her sister (receptionist) came into work last week with symptons. She tested positive with lateral flow test at weekend. Since then 3 more staff have symptons. I wrote an email to the manager voicing my concerns. She said she wanted to know if any of us had so much as a snuffle . So yesterday feeling like I have a cold - eyes
  14. Probably caused by Trump!!🙄
  15. Geoid wish you all well. I am the only person apart from 4 GP's in my practice I know who has had vaccine. I hope you all get it soon. Just hope it does the job.
  16. IMO all school staff should be vaccinated from the head mistress to kitchen staff. My friend works in NHS hospital canteen - shes on the mend at last but tiredand still has diarrhoea. Sadly her mum of 94 got it but less vicuous. I got my jab at 8.30 on 31st Dec. Achey arm and tired for 10 hours after but so pleased to have had it. My husband wont get it for months. I have told him no shopping - i will do as will eventually get some cover. I woudve gone at 3am in the morning was so keen to get. Hope you get yours too Andy. My aunt is East Midalnds still hasnt heard anything. Wh
  17. SD you'll all be sozzled. Thanks for new recipe Columbian. Love family recipes.
  18. Gelatine and I are sworn enemies, i try to avoid, but if have to use pray first for success😳😳 ,
  19. Tier 4 here in London. My best friend in Leicestershire has covid. Heart breaking to hear her crying earlier in the week with fear. She sounded dreadful. Lives alone has a b/f but they dont live together. She looks after elderly mum in her 90s. Track and trace have been wonderful, ring her daily and gave her emergency number if really anxious. Shes asthmatic and works in hospital canteen. If people could here the cough and the fear they wouldn't be so blooming complacent. I'm a trained nurse but felt helpless and tearful after talking to her. Shes a bit better today. Managed to wash her hair
  20. Lovely pictures and thatcake looks scrumptious. Glad I am past the Father Christmas stage, I dont think I could explain social distancing of elves reindeer etc to a child and then expain why FC can come in a house but friends cant. AAAAh too much for my brain. I think false news of a vaccine in 3 weeks and GP surgeries being open over Christmas is making me grumpy, I dont want to give up not seeing family after months apart. If that makes me selfish dont care. Sorry stressful week. A bit of pear cake wouldnt go amiss.
  21. Looking thro Netflix for another programme to watch we found one about a killer disease taking over the world. No way I said to OH too close to home. Stay safe all. Going off to chew a curtain Sat out under carport with ES and OH drinking homemade soup. This will be what the grandchildren will ask about when we have them . Great plague of 2020
  22. Rant away Andy. I am trying not to rant as my blood pressure soars. Am hearing a lot from patients many who have recovered and others who have the long term problems . As a nurse feel I'll equipped on how to advise as it's all so new. Asthma is my speciality but not a covid expert. Wish your niece well Patricia.
  23. I am trying not to stress over all this . Soapy your mindset is very good, worry one week ahead only. . I have one son in first year at uni in Surrey who is living on a floor of flats with fairly sensible types. One block had a party of 40 and now have 2 cases and 40 ish in lockdown. The young are stupid but always have been rebels. Let's face it rules for youngsters are made to be broken. The ones I see flouting the mask laws are from Eastern Europe. Not all but many dont believe in Corona. They have bizarre beliefs. We are in Surrey been to see him. Went for meal , used copious amoun
  24. I see from both sides. Our gp surgery where I work is wholly impractical for flu jabs this year. Only one way in and out. I have been on a/l all week so away from it all. Dreading going back. One patient asked what to do if it were raining. Told him to get a brolly. I wasnt being sarky it's not our fault we' ve got it. Our surgery was there long before pandemic. My sons off to Surrey uni Sunday. I am dreading it as if he gets it he'll be on his own. I am going to ask them what they gave put in place for if one of them takes a turn for the worse. Managed to dodge first round of it . Thoroughl

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