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  1. Pecky has had a shift around to rescue two ExBats from South Lincolnshire today. After a five-hour round trip, our THREE new girls have been fed, watered and bedded. Didn't know how to climb the ramp so needed cuddling up... The four boys weren't happy to be placed in the isolation wing, despite being reminded it's a better option than boys normally get. We must say how organised the rehoming was. We were third in line on the Noon slot, so didn't have a long wait, but queuing in cars with the wind howling was most comfortable! The one-way system worked splendidly. Many thanks to all concerned!
  2. Thanks, sandy. I try not to get attached to the girls too much in the knowledge that I might be the dispatcher if the need arises. Saffron (I call her Scamp because she is so small but hard) always made me chuckle at the way she ran like a dwarf with wellies on. I don't cry at funerals. Today I'm blubbing like a girl. RIP baby...
  3. A quick burst with a child's water pistol has usually helped with our lot.
  4. Sorry to read about your loss, quirkas. We have an ex-bat who laid most of an egg yesterday but has been quiet. We've noticed her vent is quite red in parts, but have found it hard to compare her with others as she is largely unfeathered around her rear, unlike the rest. Does any one have any images of this? or could you please provide a link if one exists on here? She'll probably see the vet tomorrow, but we wonder if there's anything we can do ourselves? Any help will be gratefully received...
  5. Thanks for the reassurance! Another source has suggested there shouldn't be a problem, so the next broody we have will be given eggs to sit on. Like everything, there's two chances. They'll either not hatch or be boys!!! LOL!
  6. Our flock is being treated with amoxycillin trihydrate to control/reduce Infectious Bronchitis. At the same time we have the broodiest of broodies and want to hatch eggs from our flock. Gilbert has been busy! We wonder whether the drug might have rendered the eggs infertile. Can anyone please advise us one way or the other?
  7. Sorry for the delay in replying. And thanks for the encouragement! It was Peckybeak who started the topic as her PC is playing up. She tried to reply, but was timed-out for some reason and was so tired she went to bed and crashed. (It was after 0100). Of 11 eggs, seven have hatched, and are approaching 48 hours old. Two Barnevelders, two Cream Legbars and three Barnebars. We'd be really grateful for identification and sexing of these, as shown on this Aren't they cute? NB. The reason for our tardiness is that in our main flock we have a major outbreak of Infectious Bronchitis. We're having to syringe treated water into them by mouth, control their segregation, treat bubbly eyes, feed them any treats they'll eat, amounting to twenty hour days. We've lost two and several others may be touch and go...
  8. Fizz is on 11 eggs in an eglu and 3 or 4 have hatched over yesterday and today.Throughout her brooding I have lifted her a few times a day to go to the loo and stretch her legs, Since the chicks stated to hatch I have not lifted her, but since we are coming into the 3rd day I am worried that she has not been to the loo. She only eats when I feed her bits on the nest, I have put a saucer of chick crumb and water near the door but she is not using it, so I am worried that the chicks are not eating as well. Should I lift her off, or what should I do.
  9. Fifth cube delivered and built today. New "big door" end for cube run delivered and fitted. Last Saturday saw the arrival of a beeootifull dark brahma (DarkStar) and a Silkie x Sussex Pecky's made up and I'm, well, enpekt!...
  10. PeckyBeak has it. Now Lavender is better after her operation, there was room in the eglu attached to the cube run conversion. So our broody, Fizz is in there on normal eggs waiting for 12 autosex eggs coming Monday. Yesterday we went out henhunting and returned with a LF splash Poland and a black and white thing (edit Bantam Hamburgh /edit) Tomorrow we hunt for a Dark Brahma I think... it's all too much! And there's a Rhode Island Red to replace Rhoda in the wings, too... Wednesday our fifth Cube arrives, so timber and slabs come Monday. I've planned my nervous breakdown for Friday...
  11. Nice one, pbg! Bad winter weather has stopped our WIR extension, otherwise PeckyBeak would have rescued some more Ex-Bats from Falkor. Our three EBs have nearly re-fledged and one has about stopped laying, but they're here for as long as they want to be. And so much fun!
  12. Hahaha! Lavender doesn't like being disturbed after going to bed, so saves a big poop. Filled my jacket pocket last night! Good aim! Morale - wear old clothes!

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