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  1. Very pretty birds 😊 Could you make them another bit of ladder so that it has a turn in the corner at a right angle, then it wouldn't be as steep ? (I hope you understand what I mean)
  2. If you're making sausages - no offence to vegetarians - my absolute favourite are pork, honey and mustard
  3. The first thing mine do when they come out of the broody cage is have a dust bath. Yours look very happy in the crater they have dug out.
  4. That's great, thank you 😊 I will sprinkle them in a specific patch so I know where they are if they come up.
  5. I haven't done that part of study in my online training although I am studying an autism course at the moment. I will have to do the diversity training, as I did say to Molly earlier as she did it again, that she is a girl and to stop it I was more thinking if she might change sex. I'm sure I've read that on here somewhere 😕
  6. Yes, I like how they are going around together, very sweet.
  7. Including Oriental poppies ? The seed heads I found were all growing in small borders by the the pavements.
  8. Yes, I did think of that too. My garden is a bit of a mess at the moment because of having the patio done, but it should be finished after the weekend so I will sprinkle them around then. I must admit I do do the same with my foxgloves and they always seem to come up. Thank you both 😊
  9. So the other day, I caught Molly squatting on top of Gemma and having a bit of nookie - which I was a bit shocked at bearing in mind they are both girls. I have seen one of them squat on the others before but this was because they were being told off and put in their place. This time was a definite sit on, grabbing hold of Gemma's neck and having a bottom wriggle. Molly did it again to Gemma the other day too. It doesn't last for long but Molly is meant to be a girl 😕 and poor Gemma is an old lady.
  10. On my various walks during Lockdown, I have managed to gather some Oriental Poppy seed heads. They weren't quite ready for picking when I got them but they have since dried out and their little hats have popped up. The thing is, I'm not sure whether to sow the seeds now or keep them safe and dry until next spring ? What do you think is best to do ?
  11. Such lovely news that he will be welcomed to a new home when he is older and you get the fun part of seeing him grow. I wish I had done chicks now, but hey ho. I can spend time looking at all the others on here.
  12. That is so funny. Just what we need on a grey day in these strange times.
  13. Oh my goodness, those are just too cute. They are just adorable ❤️

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