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  1. I and Mr Luvachicken swap the names of those that enter and you make something crafty (or similar) to send to your recipient and someone will send you something for Christmas. We all open our gifts we've been sent on Christmas Day. I'm glad everyone is happy to do the swap - let's keep our fingers crossed that we can still all get to the Post Office and any crafty shops that we need to.
  2. Oooh that looks like a nice sturdy cover - just what they need to keep them dry and sheltered from anything nasty autumn and winter might throw at them.
  3. Usually, I post on here about the Christmas swap just near my Mum's birthday (on Sunday coming) but have done it a little bit earlier this time. I was really hoping that things with Coronavirus might have changed for later in the year, but it seems that things are getting tricky again for us all. I am more than happy to organise a swap again for Christmas, if you would like me to, but just wondered what you all think and if you would like it to go ahead or not. Let me know your thoughts and then we can decide what to do 🎄
  4. I use our rabbit nail clippers that we used to use when we had rabbits. They are pretty good at doing the job and have a nice rubbery grippy handle.
  5. Aww, she is looking quite perky in those photos. I hope she is continues to stay well xx
  6. When are you taking him ? I hope you have a safe journey.
  7. I've never eaten sushi but did once have some homemade butter with seaweed in from a farm shop - it was delicious. I wonder if it anyone would notice if I mixed it in
  8. Yes, I thought that too. So I could use it in the garden although not sure how - maybe just sprinkle it around ? Although the packet does say it is not intended for any other use.
  9. I went to Rokers the other day and they were selling lots of products from Ultimate Poultry Range. The packaging is very similar to the people who sell the Gourmet Grit. I bought my girls a packet of Ultimate Seaweed. They don't like it 🙄 I was just wondering if anyone else has tried any of the products. Do you think I could use the seaweed as a fertiliser in the garden somehow ? I just noticed they are actually called KM Elite Products and this is their new range.
  10. That's good news. How long will it take for the new one to arrive ?
  11. I admit Astro turf looks good but I work in a school that has it for the same reasons you describe, and I hate it. From experience it is quite nasty if you fall over - friction burns - and, I don't know if it is just me, but I get an awful lot of static shocks after I have been on it. I don't know how "charged up" a chicken would get if it kept scratching around. I would maybe grass an area for your little one that the chickens can't get to or confine your girls to a bigger run so you and your little one can enjoy the rest of the space.
  12. I had Pekins with Wyandottes and that really did not work out well - in the end I had to split the run and buy an extra house. Pekins are my favourite although if I had space I would love to rescue some battery girls. One of my Pekins loves cuddles - you hardly get a chance to sit down before she sits on your lap. As a first timer, I would recommend Pekins to you, you just need to be prepared with a broody cage.
  13. I'm so pleased for you that things have worked out in the end. Such lovely photos and your daughter looks a natural with her chicks.

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