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  1. My Pekins often have this although you can't obviously see it, it's only when you part their feathers and have a look, then you see a pretty naked bit, like a freshly plucked chicken. Alternatively she could be moulting. Perhaps pop some tonic in their water to help feathers regrow.
  2. Awww, Chickpea is beautiful. I have only ever had chicks from about 5 weeks old so unfortunately know nothing about raising chicks with a broody. @mullethunter has though and might be able to give you some advice, although now I come to think of it, she has done quite a few in an incubator and now I'm not sure if she has done a broody. That said, there will definitely be someone on here that can help you.
  3. I spotted this one too 😊
  4. I think treats may be involved but how exactly did you get them to all stay in one place ? They look amazing btw x
  5. We used one of the plastic chick feeders with the little feeder ports all around it when my chicks were small. Mine are made by Eton and look similar to this https://www.fossfeeds.com/plastic-chick-feeder-1l?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhZXqj_b-8gIVwrHtCh0_ywZhEAQYAiABEgKMyfD_BwE only mine was red not green. They only started to use a Grub once they were about 16 weeks old. We put them a a level that they could reach but not fill it up with woodchips.
  6. Good enough English to understand what you meant 😊 I hope you manage to get everything sorted. Don't forget to show us some pictures of your new set up.
  7. Very sweet then to have rescued such little ones.
  8. What clever little gerbils 😊 Do you know how old they are ?
  9. DS is trying to buy a 1 bedroom flat with an extremely small balcony and the details so far say he is not allowed to to keep hoofed animals or chickens. I think the only hoofed animal that would fit would be the little farm animals he had when he was small
  10. Over the last winter, I did let my 2 Pekins sleep in the egg box because I thought they would be warmer in there and they weren't laying any eggs anyway. Now I have 5 Pekins and one was being chased at bedtime and has been hiding in the egg box. I have put a tub trug in the space now because I didn't like her being on her own. I put the trug in there just before they go to bed and take it out once it has got dark, so the space is ready for anyone that wants to lay an early egg. Stopping them sleeping in there does mean you get cleaner eggs and the girls also have cleaner feet because they are not walking in the poop.

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