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  1. The Weather Thread #9

    Just a few sprinkles of rain here too - hardly worth it - but it was nice to stand in. I think the storms forecast are more for Surrey than us though Valkyrie.
  2. Bantam Cockerel

    We visit a garden that has Pekin bantams and a Pekin cockeral and on the times we've been, have never heard a single sound. I do wonder if he ever does make any noise at all. I don't have any experience with cockerals though so couldn't really say, sorry.
  3. That's a lovely video So glad you have found your first egg. Funny how you give them such lovely bedding and they scrape it all away to put their egg in
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    A big drop in temperature does make you feel chilly. I'd forgotten you don't have chickens any more Daphne ( been on too many dopey pills for my shoulder op )
  5. The Weather Thread #9

    Pretty hot then Daphne. I hope you find a way to keep cool. I'm surprised your house has heated up with such thick walls How are your chickens in such heat ?
  6. To straw or not to straw!!!!

    Love the photos of your run. I use hard wood woodchips in my run and aubiose in the nest box. I did use to have a tied up straw bale for them to climb on and peck but this was a no no too because one of my silly girls ate it and got an impacted crop.
  7. Snake in coop - dead chicken

    Oh that is really sad. Could you cover the run in small wire to stop the snakes ?
  8. Tricep tendonitis

    I feel your pain, having almost got rid of my tennis elbow, which then added to my chances of my second frozen shoulder. Not using it too much and physio helped. Try not to massage bits yourself without checking with the physio first. I massaged the bit in my elbow only to be told I had made it worse by aggravating the nerve - rub it better does not work in this case. The creams to rub in only have like 2% Diclofenac in them so to me not even enough, but apparently you can ask for some cream behind the counter that has 15% in - I would think that might help. Do you manage to sleep OK ? If not, I would ask your doctor for some Amytryptiline so at least you get some relief from the pain at night.
  9. Chicken swap

    Clever Pickwick2 Have the others even noticed that she is a different chicken ?
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Yes, I could really do with one of those All going well so far though and so nice to wake up and see some rain and feel a bit cooler Grey and windy at the moment with gentle drizzle.
  11. The Weather Thread #9

    Really hot on my arm with 3 massive waterproof dressings covering my stitches and the tablets I'm on making me even sleepier in the heat. I have got my smallest clothes on possible but I am still too hot. Roll on next week when I can take the dressings off
  12. What a loving and fantastic owner you have been !! It is hard when you are so young but you did what was best for your girl. Sweet dreams Matilda xx
  13. I had a brainwave in the heatwave

    Well, the frozen glug has worked so far although the girls did like pecking off the condensation drips off the outside to start with. Hubby changes it for me at night and says it is still quite chilly at the end of the day.
  14. I was thinking how to give the girls some lovely chilled water - as Dogmother had said that they like it more than warm water - and I was thinking about a frozen container of water and what I could use. Then I remembered an old Glug in the shed so, I have filled it with water and made a big space in the freezer and hope it freezes in time for tomorrow. I hope they will like it. If not, I will have it
  15. Wow, those are amazing pictures. So tightly curled up and with all its feathers too. Such a shame it wasn't able to hatch though