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  1. Winnie is broody!

    Lily, my big grey pudding, is in the broody cage right now, for the first time. She showed classic broody symptoms - growling fiercely and sticking up her feathers. I've never heard a growl like it from a chicken before She gets released tomorrow. Lets hope yours continue with their very quick broody sessions If only your chickens could tell all of ours hows it's done.
  2. Céline the Foster Pup

    Pretty little dog
  3. Hatching questions

    That's good that you won't have to dispatch any if any are boys. You might end up keeping them all if they are all girls you wouldn't be able to leave just one ........
  4. I'm glad she seems to have recovered
  5. Tigger!

    I swept the blossom from the grass and sprinkled it in the run like confetti. They couldn't get enough of it. All gone now though, sadly.
  6. Walkies anyone

    You can get them on Amazon. Although it says adjustable, I think it will be too big for my Pekins.
  7. Any news on Mabel ?
  8. Hatching questions

    Soooo sweet Can just see their little wing feathers starting to come through. Are you going to keep them all ?
  9. Hatching questions

    Just all so sweet. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to have a go though. Can't wait to see some more photos
  10. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love your new bike Cat tails Stay safe x
  11. Wobbly sick chicken please help!

    Sometimes one of mine has a try at being broody but it only lasts for a day and is then back to normal. On Wednesday though, one of my chicks from last year has had a successful go and is now in the broody cage and will come out tomorrow. A small dog crate makes an ideal broody sin bin and not too expensive either.
  12. Walkies anyone

    Love it !!! I was wondering if there was something out there like that, only because I had an attempted broody, which I then let walk round on the grass with my hands over her like a harness - so no escaping - I didn't do it for long as it is not good for my arm, but that could be worth a look at, if it is safe ?
  13. Got some ducklings today!

    Oh that duckling is just so sweet Sorry, I have no idea about the space they need though, I've only ever had chickens - mind you, I could quite fancy a duckling or two.
  14. Recipe for a nice salad dressing please

    Tried the Balsamic vinegar today It was very tasty but then I got a lot more than I bargained for as it didn't splosh out as delicately as my usual vinegar bottle
  15. Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be .............. Piggy Stardust !!!! Love that little piggy