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  1. Cruise holidays

    She does get discount but we've not used it. DD has though and has been Yellowstone, Gran Canaria, Costa Rica and Nicaragua as holidays and they have sent her to China and Mexico (Guatemala and Belize as part of that) for training trips
  2. Mother v hawk!

    She must have been very quick to do that I'm glad my girls are kept safe in their run.
  3. If you keep the tub-trug outside, make sure it has a couple of drainage holes in it. We used to keep one outside with a mixture of sand and soil in it but it got very yucky being left out in the rain. I love how chickens have their dust baths and enjoy sunbathing. It always makes me take a deep breath and think awwww.
  4. First egg of the year for me.

    Most definitely Even after having chickens for 9 years, getting an egg is still very exciting. I got another one today too - a very long egg - and still no idea who is laying, although Zoe is the most red of them all.
  5. Have a look in the 'spares' part in the Omlet shop chicken section. I'm pretty certain you can get the parts you need in there.
  6. Unexpected advantage of the Rocky Peck toy

    I was thinking of getting one too. Not sure it would keep mine quiet in the morning though - they were up at 6.15 the other morning shouting because some bird sounded the alarm
  7. Retainers after Braces?

    Both my DD and DS have a wire band behind their bottom 4 front teeth. DD's has been there for about 10 years now and her teeth look great, DS's hasn't been there quite as long but his teeth look good too
  8. Goshawk

    Stunning You are really lucky to be able to do such a beautiful thing.
  9. It's a shame Omlet don't make the run with smaller gaps in the wire It would certainly save us having to cover it all in wire later on.
  10. Word Association Game #28

  11. Has anyone used Hillary's Blinds ?

    Thank you everybody, I will look into them
  12. Today being the first day of spring, my girls decided to celebrate by laying me a delicious egg I knew they'd get around to it eventually, I just don't know who laid it Here's to lots more eggs for all of us and plenty of lovely spring weather.
  13. We've bought blinds from a local shop before but they were quite expensive and when the girl came to fit it in our kitchen, she went straight to drill inside the window when the blind was going outside of the window without checking first. Those Hillary Blinds always look good on TV adverts, but we think they are probably expensive and may be difficult to turn away because you don't like what they offfer. Just wondered if any of you lovelies have bought from them and would recommend them or not, or someone else instead ?