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  1. Oh that is an awful experience for you and your chicks to go through. I am really sorry that it has happened. I don't have any words of advice but wanted to send you a virtual hug xxx
  2. Very pretty girl 😊 I had one called Polly - she squawked like a parrot - I hope yours is a lot quieter
  3. Well, it does seem like you have tried everything to stop the attacks. I think putting Lilly somewhere on her own for a while might be the only option you have left. If that doesn't work then maybe you will have to consider rehoming Lilly. Alternatively do you have enough room to give Mabel her own space with a couple of new friends ?
  4. Oh my, someone has sent their parcel already 😮 Now that really is efficient. Very well done
  5. How is your chicken now ? Did you take her to the vet as @Cat tailssuggested ?
  6. Your grand-daughter is a real sweetie.
  7. Just to let you all know that there are 41 days to go until the big day 😮
  8. He sounds like a very special boy. I hope he continues to make a good recovery. When we did our fence in the summer, next door's dog got in through the gap and absolutely petrified my girls, making me thankful that they are in a run. My neighbours didn't even notice their dog had got in our garden. Fingers crossed that your new fence structure will do the job.
  9. I'm pretty certain these are illegal to use in the UK. I hope he turns out to be a she but your chook does look pretty big and feisty to me.
  10. Very pretty chickens, but I must admit I have forgotten what eggs looks like
  11. Actually, now you've said that, I used to have one a long time ago that also laid rubbish whites.
  12. Just wondered how old your chickens are as maybe their whites get runnier with age ?
  13. Well, I know how you feel, having made mine for the last few evenings, I spotted a mistake 2/3 of the way through - so frustrating !!! So, as I don't work Tuesday afternoons, I spent this afternoon starting all over again. It's a good job we have a while to make our swaps.
  14. Unfortunately, they live 45 minutes away - so not too far - but they would have to put their dinner in the microwave. Doing a Christmas puzzle sounds so lovely. Pretty certain I also have a festive puzzle that we could do too .......

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