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  1. Cotton wool pads are also very useful for any kind of first aid. Also, if you are not a vegetarian and have Charlie Bigham pies, save the lovely ceramic pie dishes for water so you can bathe any injury.
  2. Definitely agree with those items. I would add some cotton buds (environmentally friendly obviously) and some Poultry Tonic.
  3. I have never tasted their pellets but certainly would never give them their own kind to eat - or any meat for that matter. Perhaps you should try some different pellets ? Mine have Garvo pellets and obviously although I am not a chicken, they smell delicious. They also smell good mixed into a porridge. I'm not sure birds even have taste buds - that's why you can put super strong chilli powder on bird food - that the birds still eat because they can't taste it but the squirrels don't.
  4. That looks like a good book. I might need to get one I have the needle stabber tool but I only tried one thing to make. It turned out rubbish and I stabbed myself a few times. I have a little felted mouse angel, sent to me from a previous Christmas swap, that she and your pictures have inspired me to have another go 😊
  5. Do your girls have Christmas decorations on their Omlet netting ? This year mine had snowflakes on and a couple of lanterns.
  6. I am so sorry that your lovely dog has been extremely poorly but very glad that she is feeling better. Please give her a huge hug from me, and perhaps an extra biscuit too xx
  7. That's how I feel - I have been on here for almost 11 years now and although have only met a couple of people, everyone on here is an extended part of my family. My children are on their way back from Australia today and hopefully arrive on time tomorrow. They have also been in the smoke so it has been quite scary. I feel really sorry for all the people suffering in Australia, and all the animals too, Patricia I'm glad your family is safe xx
  8. You are all very welcome 😊 Thank you to all of you for delivering on time. It does make my job a lot easier. So many talents to have a go at. I might try something new next time.
  9. Well, I'm a bit annoyed because I just went to click the heart on Plum's photos and it says I can't like any more things today stupid thing. Such a talented bunch we are
  10. These are my fabulous baubles that I unwrapped this morning. Such attention to detail and having remembered the names of my previous girls made the baubles extra special. Thank you again secret Santa xx Well done to everybody for making such wonderful things. You make me proud to organise such a great activity 🎄🎄🎄
  11. Oooh, think I might have been in that shop and bought a Padstow bauble 😊
  12. I've just opened my parcel which revealed 6 beautifully crocheted red and green baubles, each decorated with the names of my favourite girlies on. They are fab !!! Thank you so much my secret Santa. I adore them. Photos will follow soon. Merry Christmas everybody 🎄🎄🎄🎄
  13. I love that chicken bauble. Never seen one like that before.

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