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  1. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Looking like a good list so far
  2. Luvachicken

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    I have one too. The only thing I have a problem with is that one of the Grubs doesn't grip on the wire too well, but that is the fault of the Grub not the stand.
  3. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    On the list so far, Luvachicken Catails Ursula patsylabrador Patricia W
  4. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Of course you can 🙂 All abilities are welcome. Basically, you make something for someone and someone makes something for you. I will let you know who at a later date. I mostly have Christmas making abilities but I try and have a go at other things. If you change your mind about taking part, let me know. On the list so far, Luvachicken Catails Ursula patsylabrador
  5. Luvachicken

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Mullet, that's looking fab so far And I thought your bootee looked pretty good for a beginner too, unless you have been keeping your skills a secret
  6. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    The usual suspects so far then
  7. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Thought I'd better get a swap sorted as I've seen a few of you getting excited about it already If you'd like to join in just add your name to the list, make something nice and send it to your swap person, then pop on a photo of the gift you receive. I will put dates and more info up at a later time. On the list so far Luvachicken
  8. Luvachicken

    What has happened to the forum?

    Love the run Valkyrie Bit envious of all the space if I'm honest ......
  9. Luvachicken

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    So sorry to read about your brother ajm200 xxx
  10. Luvachicken

    Loss of feathers

    Sorry, I was in school mode not chicken mode for spellings
  11. Luvachicken

    Loss of feathers

    Welcome to the forum Mim 😊 They could be moulting but more likely is you have a feather pecker. Give them lots of things to keep them entertained and perches so they can escape the culprit. Hang up cabbages, give them treat balls and as a special treat hang up corn on the cob. If you see them doing it you could squirt them with a water pistol. If it gets too bad, you might have to fit bumper bits.
  12. Luvachicken

    Gardening thread

    Very pretty Patsylabrador 😊 I have one but it has never done anything - maybe I need to move it.
  13. Luvachicken

    Photos - can you help?

    OK, will sort them out for you a bit later tonight if I can.
  14. Luvachicken

    Photos - can you help?

    Would you like photos of an extra long beak that fell off, the contents of Gemma's crop operation or an xray of a whole chicken ?
  15. Luvachicken

    Omlet auto door reviews

    My new door finally arrived yesterday It was meant to arrive on Friday but the snow ruined that delivery. We tested it out in the lounge on a clementine It works very well and if an object/chicken is in the doorway the door tries to shut 4 times and then gives up and stays open. Hubby sweetly connected it all up for me at lunchtime while I was still at school. He'd set it up to close at 6pm so we popped out to watch it close with a torch. Job done 😊