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  1. So, parcels could be arriving anytime soon ......... or not
  2. Well, I worked out there are about 10 days or so to go until 1st of May, then I realised that the Bank Holiday isn't actually until 7th May I was rather looking forward to a day off sooner rather than later Anyway, that means there's plenty of time to get finished and posted Any one posted or received a parcel yet ?
  3. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Happy Birthday from me too That cake looks absolutely fab
  4. We've decided to get chickens!!

    Very excited for you Pekin fan here They are extremely cute and cuddly, lay delicious eggs and are very entertaining. I wouldn't say they are difficult in terms of broodiness. It's quite easy to spot when they are broody and 3 days and 3 nights in a dog crate usually sorts them out. The only thing you might need to think about is the fact they have a rest over winter and so don't lay any eggs. Let us know what you decide to get ...... and when
  5. The cost of Flubenvet

    Well, they weren't too impressed when I first let them out into the run this morning. I changed the food over once they had gone to bed last night - the pellets arrived yesterday afternoon. They pecked at the food and chucked it on the floor but by the time I got back from work after lunch they were eating it. But they decided to punish me by not laying any eggs today
  6. The cost of Flubenvet

    Have phoned most of the usual places to ask about the date and they all seem to have July'18. I phoned Farm and Pet Place as suggested by DM and they also told me they had Flubenvet with a July'18 date but he did add that there was probably a problem with the manufacturer and that's why everyone has the same date. Anyway, I ordered the 5kg medicated pellets from them and will see how we get on. They jolly well better eat them.
  7. My hens are a pain in the neck!

    Now we know where they get the term headless chicken Mine have been really grumpy today too, in fact, I think one has turned into a cockerel as she she keeps sitting on the others and bashing their heads
  8. The cost of Flubenvet

    Yes, I remember paying a similar price all that time ago too. It has gradually crept up and up. I will look into the pellets with it added. Thanks everyone
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    Typical !!!! Just tomorrow of the Easter holidays left and the weekend, and then back to school on Monday, so after a pretty miserable 2 weeks weather wise it's going to start turning nice and sunny next week So frustrating.
  10. I need some Flubenvet so asked my vet if they could get some. For a 60g pot it's going to cost £40 I said about the internet and she said I could have a prescription for £12.50 to then buy it, but what I looked at didn't need a prescription, you just had to say what animal it was for and their age. If I had that, it worked out as basically the same price as what I could get at the vets. But what I don't understand is that I can just buy the Flubenevt anyway without the prescription on the internet. What was more frustrating was the fact that all of the people I phoned could only sell me a pot where the use by date was July '18. One person told me it doesn't have a long shelf life which I know isn't true because when I've bought it before I've the date has been for at least a year. Anyone know why it is so expensive now ? I wish my wages went up by at least £10 a year
  11. Odd illness not really improving

    You could see if any of these are any use https://poultrykeeper.com/poultry-vets/#Cornwall I did look at Practical Poultry too but can't seem to find their list of avian vets.
  12. That's so frustrating when they don't have what you want. We have a craft shop about 20 mins away and it is just like going into a sweet shop - full of lots of goodies - they also didn't have what I wanted so I went elsewhere too. DD asked me yesterday when we had to send the swaps so I told her the parcels had to arrive by Mank Holiday - a real slip of the tongue - but thinking about the weather right now I could be right
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Those look interesting I have hair bobbles made the same way - not meant to give you a head ache apparently, or pull half your hair out when you take them out.
  14. Mine took a lot longer than I thought it was going to too. But don't worry, there is plenty of time
  15. I've made mine Thinking I might make one for myself now Easter Holidays and gloomy weather make for a very productive week ............ now to wrap it and send it