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  1. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Yeah I hadn't realised she had as many as that. Natspringy, as I say to my mum about her tortoise, 1 tortoise, 10 tortoises .......... 20 tortoises, doesn't matter. I think the same goes for chickens
  2. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Oh wow, is that how many you have now ?
  3. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Haven't got round to sorting out the metal drinker yet so perhaps won't use it with tonic now, but thanks for the update.
  4. Christmas swap 2018

  5. What have you all been making...part two...

    Love those coach windows Plum So very clever
  6. Christmas swap 2018

    Yes, what we make is a secret but we all say thank you on here to our secret swappers as well as a photo, so we can all see what we have been made. It wouldn't be much of a secret swap if you knew who'd sent your parcel I usually leave about 6 weeks for you to make something and time to get it posted. Off the top of my head I think I usually PM you your details around the beginning of November. If anyone changes their mind and decides not to take part, that is absolutely fine, but PLEASE don't tell me just before I send out the PM's.
  7. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    I probably would have got them cleaner if I'd used bicarb on the brush - hubby poured me out Baking powder Will get some of that poultry disinfectant though, thanks Dogmother
  8. Christmas swap 2018

    Yay, the list is growing. I think I've decided what to make too
  9. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Thanks Cat tails, I'll do that tomorrow
  10. Sleep tight Chloe

    So sorry to read about Chloe. You will have done the right thing for her and we all have our moments of 'if only I'd done this' It does hurt when we lose a much loved pet but don't feel guilty, you did your best for her xx
  11. Intermittent violent sneezing

    One of my original lavender pekins used to sound asthmatic when I was trying to catch her. The running away used to make her quite wheezy. I'm much better at catching her these days and haven't heard her make any noises since. At the time there was an awful lot of pollen coming from the neighbouring pine trees.
  12. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Gave the plastic drinkers a good scrub with a kitchen version of an electric toothbrush. Still didn't get them as clean as I wanted though, although it did do the red bit better than I could. Strangely, I could still get the other bits of green off with my nails. I also checked the bottle of tonic and it says nothing about being kept in the fridge - but thanks for the replies saying it doesn't.
  13. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Ooer, I've never kept my tonic in the fridge, only ever kept it in my chicken cupboard in the kitchen.
  14. My first granny square

    Go on, you know you want too
  15. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Don't know why I hadn't thought of using a toothbrush on it I don't have a dishwasher so can't clean them that way. I clean the plastic drinkers every other day. I've just given them a good scrub and filled them with fresh poultry tonic but when I've finished working at school tomorrow I will sort out their metal drinker and then sort out their plastic ones. Thanks for all your help