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  1. Don't feel guilty @Tillachooks we all miss things sometimes. If she is still sore you could pop some Sudocrem on her bottom just before she goes to bed. My girls have their own pot for anything sore.
  2. Just so adorable - I hope it is a girl so you can keep her.
  3. They look good @Cat tails At least the mice won't get them indoors.
  4. I was wondering this too - I did mean to post the other day but couldn't find my charger. I hope she is OK.
  5. Just wanted to say how cute they are ❤️
  6. Fingers crossed for lots of girls then. Can't wait to hear any updates and pictures 😊
  7. Make sure you show us some photos 😊 We all love seeing new girls x
  8. Be careful where you get them from @FowlPlay as prices can vary. I made a big mistake with the price of mine before. Plus I only had 2 little Pekins at the time and only used about 4 miniscule drops on them.
  9. You are right @mullethunter . I felt them both today and they are fine. Nancy sat very upright on my lap and I managed to stroke her all the way down her neck and I couldn't feel the lumpy part. I think I panicked because I've never felt anything like that before.
  10. I love it when they sunbathe. Your girls have such pretty markings.
  11. Perhaps she is just getting back into the swing of it again.
  12. I would give her a little bath if you haven't already. Or just sponge the bloodied area and dry it. It does take forever to get them dry with a cool hair dryer though.
  13. Awww, I love them. They are extremely cute.
  14. I couldn't feel it so much on Peggy this morning but then she was a lot more upright than when she sat on me yesterday. Nancy was difficult too, she just curled up and went to sleep no matter how much we tried to get her to stand up tall and straight. Whatever I can feel is definitely in their neck area. They haven't had a perch since I've had them, just a little shelf that they sat on, but I took that out because they kept eating the newspaper.

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