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  1. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    Wahay, all parcels have been sent Well done everybody for being so efficient at sending them
  2. Luvachicken

    Names for Christmas Hens

    Has anyone suggested Carol ? Oh actually I just spotted it
  3. Luvachicken

    Names for Christmas Hens

    I think we have forgotten Mary 😊
  4. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    Still a couple of parcels outstanding. Have any more been sent or received yet ?
  5. Luvachicken

    Names for Christmas Hens

    Or Pudding ? ( if one is larger than the others )
  6. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    My parcel arrived yesterday and is now sat under the tree which we put up today
  7. Luvachicken

    When Do You Decorate?

    When DD was small, we always waited until a good few days after her birthday - which is 18th December - so that she had a proper birthday not a Christmassy one. It's only been in the last few years that we now put it up around 1st December, mostly because December seems so drab sometimes weather wise, and because people have sent me things that I like to look at for longer than a couple of weeks. Putting the bells on our tree always reminds me of our dog Daisy at this time of year, you always knew she was having a good rummage under the tree because the bells would tinkle.
  8. Luvachicken

    Names for Christmas Hens

    Hmm, you've already though of the ones I was going to suggest... How about Robin or Bell(e) ?
  9. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    Just 3 parcels to be sent, but still plenty of time to go. Maybe don't mention if you sent it first or second class
  10. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    We all usually wait until Christmas Day, unless I have been sent a message to say so that anyone can have theirs early, as in the case of patsylabrador's. I think a lot of parcels have been sent now, just need to tick them off.
  11. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    He looks lovely and such a festive addition to the smallest room. I'm glad you let us see him sooner rather than later. I'm thinking Cat tails might know I've posted my parcel
  12. Luvachicken

    Aubiose - new product for chickens

    I wonder if they will sell that at Rokers ? It would be good if they do, especially if it is cheaper than the original aubiose.
  13. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    That's why I mentioned they were on before 😊. Loads of ideas on there to try. I love her program but there are not always things that you can make at home. I'm sure there used to be loads when it originally started.
  14. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2019

    When I first saw that name on a book I thought it was the name of a person - Ami Gurumi I know better now but still haven't done any crochet. Knitting is easier.
  15. Luvachicken

    Harkers spot on

    My vet recommended Frontline spray for lice and there was no need to use anything else. Would you say she is correct ? She also said to do it in the morning so they could dry and not to do it on a cold day - as the alcohol would make them chilly while it evaporated.