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  1. Love your set up. Do all those trees belong to you - that's a lot of trees.
  2. I've never done eggs but would have thought candling them would help you see if they are viable or not. @mullethunterhas done quite a lot of hatching so she might be able to help you.
  3. Bumper bits/beak bits are the best option. I used to have anti peck spray - think it came from France at the time - it used to stink of a 1000 ash trays. It never really worked.and both the chicken and I would smell for days. Chickens are quite cunning in how they get the other ones feathers - I had Gemma, a dear little Pekin, but some how she managed to peck the neck feathers of all the other Pekins at the time, but we never saw her do it. Sadly, she passed away last summer but I do at least have the remaining Pekins with all of their feathers. I know it was her because she had all of her feathers.
  4. That's why I asked the questions above in the first place and then actually answered it for myself. They didn't like them anyway so I fed them to the birds.
  5. Do you have any photos of her beak ? I had one that grew a new beak and the old one fell off.
  6. Hebe sounds very cute. Can't wait to see what she looks like.
  7. DD and I found that drop in temperature extremely cold - we still had our shorts on and it was freezing when we took Bonnie out. I watched the rain fall yesterday thinking how exciting it was to actually see some rain and watch it on my weather station only to see that it was actually only 5mm altogether - not an awful lot really, but better than nothing.
  8. 32 degrees in Fleet at the moment with pale blue sky and not many clouds. Thank goodness I only work half day in school on Fridays.. I'm so glad we have hard floor downstairs now instead of carpet - so much cooler on your feet. Bonnie doesn't quite understand that it is too hot for any of us - I think she thinks we just don't want to play.
  9. What a cutie. I'm so sorry you lost her x
  10. A very hard decision to make especially when you have had her for so long. You are doing the right thing for her, and you know that you have done an excellent job looking after her for such a long time already x
  11. Sad about your little chooks but how great that you have managed to get some chicks to hatch. I bet they are really sweet.
  12. So sorry that one of your eggs didn't hatch but how rewarding to have hatched the others. Can't wait to see some pictures of them......please 😊

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