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  1. So sorry to read about what has happened Girly. You did your best for her and although sad, got her the treatment she needed xx
  2. So hard to know what to do in the future, but I guess I have plenty of time to work it out.
  3. Just that obviously, when I eventually buy my new girls, they are £35 each plus £70 delivery. It would cost me £280 for 6 girls, which I consider pretty expensive, especially if they were to die 6 months later. I think my girls I got from a local place before were about £10 or £12 each. Gemma may have been more expensive, possibly £25. This new place sells such pretty Pekins, especially a salmon one and some very pretty black and white mottled ones.
  4. They were still big and fluffy, so I don't really mind, although I think they were noisier than the smaller ones.
  5. Hmmm, that's interesting. Do you think I may have been sold Cochins as Pekins, because some of my girls have been quite small compared to some of my others, which have been pretty big, but still have the fluffy feet ?
  6. That is sad @Beantree So am I understanding correctly, that if they have had vaccinations, they are not as healthy as you think they might be or should be ? Pekins are obviously a pure breed though, so would that make a difference ?
  7. It's only because I was very envious of the beautiful space 😊
  8. If I remember from a beautiful photo @Beaudyne posted a while ago, she has much more than a backyard. I would love to live somewhere like that..... then I could have my old Pekins, some new ones and room for some rescues.
  9. You are welcome 😊 although it might be quite expensive. Mine always give me little clucks of approval when I clean them out
  10. Hubby says it was GRP - glass reinforced plastic sheets. Quite expensive but definitely worth it if you have any kind of missiles coming down on you. Mine is opaque.
  11. No, it is not that. I can't think what it is called off the top of my head, and hubby is in a meeting at the moment, but I will ask him when he is done.
  12. Those all sound lovely @mullethunter Really like the name of the Magic Roundabout one, and I was going to say the Macaroni Rosso one, but when I just checked how to spell it, I realised it says Marconi I found a Nicotiana growing in my front garden the other day, really quite pretty. No idea how it got there or why it is flowering in the middle of winter. I bought a packet of seeds because I thought if it could grow by itself in harsh conditions, then it must be easy to grow in a seed tray.
  13. It's difficult to tell from your lovely picture, but, if you have any over hanging trees, such as oak, the acorns will fire like bullets through the roof and ruin it. If you can afford to, try and get the corrugated, fibreglass roof stuff. We found out the hard way with next door's acorns.
  14. Thank you both very much. I think I love Gemma and Molly too much to take the risk. I think I will just have to be wait, but will treat myself to the beauties I have seen when I need to start again. I must admit, I think I was getting quite excited at the thought of some new fluffballs. @Beantree when you say they were always sickly and didn't last long either, did you mean the hybrids you bought ?
  15. Thanks @Patricia W 😊 I wouldn't have the space to leave a 6 foot gap. Where I got my girls from before obviously were non vaccinated, but sadly, of the 4 I bought there is only Molly left. Gemma came from Rokers, a farm supplies shop, and I don't think she was vaccinated but may have been, and she is a tough old cookie. I'm just wondering if vaccinated birds survive better or mine were just unlucky. I could get some more from the same place as before but I am tempted by the beauties I saw online.

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