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  1. Luvachicken

    Christmassy chicken photos

    Might just have to look for some .......
  2. Luvachicken

    The Weather Thread #9

    Have you tried the little hand warmers in your gloves ? There are some quite small ones and you can usually re-use them by heating them in boiling water. It has been very cold today and I've shut my girls in tonight. I hope you don't get too chilly tomorrow.
  3. Luvachicken

    Christmassy chicken photos

    Those photos are great Plum. Can I ask where you got the little hats ?
  4. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    Might have sent mine too šŸŽ„
  5. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    Yes please, that would be good šŸ˜Š It also means that I can start to chase up any late posters, although I think we are doing well at the moment. Does that mean you have received your parcel already ?
  6. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    More parcels have been sent
  7. Luvachicken

    Hatching questions

    I can always hear my girls shuffling along. It always sounds like they are wearing extra long trousers that drag along the floor.
  8. Luvachicken

    Christmas ads!

    I was going to suggest the KFC advert but wasn't sure how well it would go down being about eating chicken. I really like the hedgehog advert though Cat tails.
  9. Luvachicken

    Hatching questions

    He is extremely handsome and I'm very surprised that he has bigger slippers than my girls
  10. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    You're welcome
  11. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    Thank you for the PMs that you have sent me so far
  12. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    Here are the last posting dates for France and Netherlands via airmail. France Tuesday 18 December Netherlands Monday 17 December Hope I didn't leave anyone out ? Please can you PM me once you have sent your parcels ?
  13. Luvachicken

    Forum upgrade?

    I prefer the old ones too. The new ones take forever to appear while they are loading and then suddenly reappear in your post.
  14. Luvachicken

    Christmas swap 2018

    Here are the last posting dates for the UK Tuesday 18 December 2nd Class Royal Mail Signed ForĀ® 2nd Class Thursday 20 December 1st Class Royal Mail Signed ForĀ® 1st Class Royal Mail Tracked 48Ā®* Friday 21 December Royal Mail Tracked 24Ā®* Saturday 22 December Royal Mail Special Delivery GuaranteedĀ®
  15. Luvachicken

    What have you all been making...part two...

    A weekend that was well worth it I'd say. Might have to see if anywhere near me does that kind of thing.