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  1. I knew deep down, that's what you were going to say I will give the tub trug a try tonight and then take it out in the morning. It's not like I have to go to work at the moment, so it's not a problem.
  2. I love those chicken themed nails 😊 My nails are very small, to go with my short, stubby fingers, so I won't be showing mine. I can't wear nail varnish as my fingers feel like they are suffocating. Can't wait to see what other people have though xx
  3. Well, I haven't mentioned it to OH yet. I'm not sure it will happen but everything comes to those who wait......eventually.
  4. My girls sleep in the nest box, they have done for a while, I know this is not good for the breastbones in younger girls but was wondering about mine as they are much older. Do I need to be cruel to be kind and make them sleep on the roosting bars ? It seems such a big space for 2 little Pekins to sleep in and keep warm, compared to the egg box.
  5. I finally got round to sowing my seeds today. I've hoarded quite a few packets without actually meaning to. Mostly from buying them half price and then not getting round to do them the following spring. I've sown lettuce, nemesia, 2 sorts of sunflowers, sweet peas, hanging basket sweet peas, runner beans (my own seed) courgettes and my favourite tomatoes - Sungold and Losetto. I'm hoping they all grow as some were out of date - but then I've been reading that some of you have had success with out of date seed - so we'll see. My little greenhouse is now stuffed but I just remembered that I have a packet of orange cosmos seeds that I'm sure I can squeeze in tomorrow.
  6. I am on a 3 week rota for school now, even over the Easter holidays. I've missed the children so much, even the irritating ones. I've been given the phone number of the child I work 1 to 1 with, so I have been able to talk to him a few times. He was very sweet, it was so lovely to hear his voice. He even asked about my chickens. I told him they were very safe in their run and that they didn't meet any people other than us. That seemed to reassure him. I love being at home but I also love working with the children I work with.
  7. I've had 2 girls since October and they seem fine so far. I even got an egg on Mother's Day. I was thinking of getting some more soon but that now seems unlikely. I will keep the vinegar trick in mind for when I do get some though. Your remaining girls look beautiful by the way x
  8. That's incredibly sad. I'm really sorry to read about what happened xx
  9. Going to use the 2 roll mats we have in the loft for now. We did do the Joe Wicks exercise at school this morning, golly, I am not as bendy as I used to be, but am going to that on the mornings extra to the ones at school.
  10. Thank you mullethunter 😊 I will have a better look later on tonight.. I'm afraid I missed the 10am session today
  11. Those are just the cutest bunnies. I would love something to cuddle right now that's not necessarily a human. I just said to DS that I think when this virus stuff is all over, we should get a puppy. He said why don't we just get one now.
  12. That's an excellent present with everything going on at the moment. I was wondering why there was a post so late on the Christmas page. I wonder if your swapper has a crystal ball and could tell us when it will all be over ?
  13. Does anyone do yoga ? I was thinking of doing some at home at some point, but could really do with a mat. There are so many to pick from and I don't know where to start. What thickness would you suggest ? And how much should it cost ? Also it would need to go on a Karndean floor. Thanks for any suggestions x
  14. Rant away 😊 I think a lot of the children in my school seem to think that this is an extra holiday and that they don't have to do any work. One seemed a bit miffed when he asked what would happen if he didn't do any of the work 🙄 Today has been beautifully sunny and next door's children have been out screaming on the trampoline, and no doubt, they will be out the first few days of next week, when it is also meant to be sunny when they should be doing their work. The only plus side for me is that I will be at school and I won't be able to hear them.

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