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  1. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    No worries there, there are quite a few fruit trees here and there and since it has been old enough to have blossom it has given me fruit. Last year the apples were quite badly damaged by next doors acorns but this year the tree is no longer there to hit mine.
  2. Ten safe years and then two lost to Mr Fox

    That is just a lovely poem. I'm sorry you lost your girls to a fox though xxx
  3. Cat attack

    Sorry to read about your little quail. I'm afraid I don't know the answer but basing it on chickens, one on one is good. Lewis knows a lot about quail so maybe he'll be able to tell you.
  4. Slipped Achilles tendon

    He does look so handsome How is he doing now ?
  5. Hatching questions

    Awww, they look so sweet. I'm glad they like the swing. My friend bought one and her chickens have never used it.
  6. Editing posts

    OK, I now can see how someone edited 23 hours ago - its because you posted 23 hours ago and edited it soon after you posted it, not because you edited it 23 hours later So Omlet saying "Edited 23 hours ago by Leicester_H" isn't true.
  7. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    I have an orchard - it consists of one very small Cox's Orange Pippin
  8. Editing posts

    Since the new Omlet update I've not been able to edit my posts unless you do it really quickly, but I've just been reading some other posts and the post has been edited almost 38 minutes later. How does this work ?
  9. Been accepted for a degree!!

    Well done
  10. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    That does look like a beautiful park Took me a while to work out what the censored word was though
  11. Day 26 and still broody!

    So hubby let the latest broody out today while I was at work, only for me to get home and find her back in the nest box I did turf her out and she did stay in the run for the rest of the day. Need to keep a really close eye on all of them tomorrow
  12. FREE RANGE 😂

    I wonder if hubby would let me do that with mine Yours do look very at home on the floor
  13. Day 26 and still broody!

    I've never raised mine off the ground although I suppose it makes sense. I was more worried about the Pekins's feet being on the wire and that it could contribute to Bumblefoot - mine haven't had this for ages now thankfully - so my crates are just on the woodchip.
  14. So sorry to read about your wife xx But just wanted to say how kind of you to offer your Eglus to someone and that it was a lovely thing to do Can't wait to see pictures of them in their new home.
  15. Curtain disaster, any advice welcome

    Customer services have been absolutely fabulous They gave me a "remedy" but sadly it didn't work. I phoned them again just now to say that it didn't work, and that hubby and I said that you can mostly see it when the sun is on them, and since we shut the curtains at night we're hoping you can't see the blobs and for them not to worry. They have asked us to send in some photos and that they will do their best but not sure what that means. All I can say is that they have been brilliant and have tried really hard to help me