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  1. @mullethunter that is so very sad. She looks very pretty in those photos and was similar in age to my Gemma. I'm sure you will miss her greatly xxx
  2. Luvachicken

    Meet Flo

    She has such big eyes.
  3. I didn't quite understand either but I imagine, as he is 2 years old, he is probably fine. Bit concerned about what kind of abuse your mum may have inflicted on him though.
  4. I have, but a long time ago now. Can't quite remember the actual dose but once in a syringe for your bird it should be easy to do. Sometimes they struggle, so wrap her in a towel so she can't escape and feels secure. It absolutely stinks, so watch out when you mix it up and if they flick it off their beak onto you. I have only managed to dribble it in from the side of their beak - some people manage to get it right in - but I have always worried about them 'choking' so am not confident in doing that. Dribbling from the side takes a while, so make sure you find a comfy spot, but it works for me and my girls. I hope the Beryl's formula makes her better x
  5. Skittles may well be a rooster - like I said though, I have no skills on sexing at all. I have only bought Pekins at 5-6 weeks old which have been sexed for me. Luckily the lady I get them from will take back any males but I haven't had any to return. Your farm looks amazing - I'm not sure we've had anyone from South Africa before - so a big welcome from me x
  6. I am not good at sexing but they do look very pretty. I would have a guess that that skittles is a girl but only because I think she has a girly looking face (sorry) I hope they both turn out to be girls for you. @mullethunter might be able to help more. Is that your garden in the background?
  7. @mullethunter, I noticed in the small print that Jim Vyse uses tanilised wood to make his runs - this should make them long lived.
  8. That does look very smart @Lewis Shame about your neighbours though.
  9. You might have done and I could have missed them. I'm sure last I saw you only had a few girls and that everything wasn't quite finished - could just be my memory of course
  10. Happy New Year to you too. What an interesting find about your family, although I do understand it must have been a shock. Glad to hear you have a huge amount of chickens - but where are the photos of the completed 'mansion' you had built for them and of the chickens themselves
  11. Have you contacted Omlet yet ? If not, I would do it straight away. They are usually very helpful and should be able to sort you out.
  12. Try putting a tub trug in the hole. I put one in just before they go to bed and remove it once it is fully dark - that way they can use the nest box early in the morning if they need to and you don't have to wake up early. Best way is to shove it in from the outer cube door that opens into the nest box with the handles still facing you. Make sure it is nicely jammed in or the chickens will knock it back out.
  13. Luvachicken

    Meet Flo

    Perhaps he hadn't washed them Or maybe they are ticklish.
  14. Luvachicken

    Meet Flo

    Sounds like they are getting on quite well so far.
  15. @Jack if you mean the Omlet autodoor, then it should tell you when you lift the flap on the control panel when you open/close the door, how much battery is left.
  16. Ok, he's back, and he did make me a cup of tea 😊, he can't remember who made my run either but he did say they no longer exist. He also said my run is not made of hardwood because it would have been even more expensive than it was. He said the only reason it has lasted so long is because it has a roof and isn't particularly exposed. One side and one end are protected by a fence and a shed. The open end has perspex on it over the worst of the weather and the side that faces the garden gets whatever weather is thrown at it. My roof does overhang the run by a good few inches which might help.
  17. On the main news tonight, they said that someone in Hampshire (the county I live in - pretty big, so hopefully not near me) has caught avian flu and is isolating. They said it is rare for a human to catch it from birds and warned people not to touch sickly looking or dead birds. How do you know if you have bird flu, Covid or just a cold? How contagious is bird flu in people? So many bugs around at the moment - obviously PCR tests etc for Covid - I'm tired of Covid now
  18. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what kind of wood it was made from - I guess hardwood as it has lasted well already. Mine could have been made by Avairies 4 U. I would ask hubby but he is doing "5 more minutes of work." When he's done I'll ask him.
  19. When I got my chicks, almost a year ago now, Hazel was always very, very soft. I thought as she got older, her feathers would change and not stay so soft. Yesterday, giving them a cuddle in the sunshine, she really is the softest ball of fluff I have owned. A couple of the others are soft too but she is definitely the softest. What causes them to be so soft I wonder ? (apologies for the word softnesses - not sure it's even a word - but just can't think of the word I need)
  20. https://www.jimvysearks.co.uk/product/large-enclosed-run-with-apex-onduline-roof/ I like these ones ❤️ My run run was from someone who doesn't make them anymore - can't remember their name - but if I was going to start again these look quite similar to mine apart from the roof. I think my WIR must be about 10 years old now and made of wood. I just recoat it every few years with fence paint. It still seems just as strong as it was in the beginning with nothing rotted.
  21. Luvachicken

    Meet Flo

    What a talented little kitty. If she learns how to make a cup of tea, please send her my way
  22. Sunshine at last in Fleet after almost the entire Christmas holidays in the gloom and wet. So beautiful to see some sun but just typical that the temperatures drop ready for going back into a freezing cold class room.
  23. Luvachicken

    Meet Flo

    Lovely photos @Cat tails
  24. What @Cat tails said. Perhaps add a couple of cabbages too to give them some entertainment but spaced well apart so one hen can't dominate over them.
  25. I love making gift tags with old Christmas cards too. We used to do this when we were much, much younger, using pinking shears.

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