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  1. Luvachicken

    Dancing chickens

    Thanks for that 😊😊 Not only one of my favourite songs but I just loved the little chickens too - made me chuckle - and sometimes you need that.
  2. Luvachicken

    Omlet auto door reviews

    I admit my food and water is left in the run overnight, ready for them in the morning. Not much point in the door opening at 6.15 for me to have to get up and give them their food soon after otherwise. We did have a rat getting in before, but have now totally covered the run in cm squared wire and he can't get in.
  3. Luvachicken

    Omlet auto door reviews

    I've been thinking about the door for my girls so thought I'd have a look at the reviews. It says there are 12 altogether but there are actually only 6. Each review has been repeated. They do seem to be quite positive but I would have preferred to have read 12 reviews. I don't usually close my Cube door but do when it is very cold or windy. Do you think I would be able to re-train my girls to not get up so early in the summer with the door ? And what if we have a really hot summer like last year, wouldn't they bake with the door shut ?
  4. Luvachicken

    Omlet auto door reviews

    Sorry, I haven't been on for a while. The door is fab. Think my girls have finally realised that it opens and 6.15 am and there is no point making any noise now. Definitely one of the best things I've bought them.
  5. Luvachicken

    Hammer toe surgery

    That sounds like a painful thing to have done. I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and hope you'll be up and about soon xx
  6. Luvachicken

    Do chickens know where home is?

    I so glad she turned up safe and well 😊
  7. Yes, well done Cat tails, I wasn't sure that post would work because of lots of photos being on Photobucket, but there did seem to be photos there 😊
  8. Luvachicken

    Photos - can you help?

    That's fine 😊 I found it really interesting so I hope they get something out of it.
  9. Luvachicken

    Meet Lilo

    She does look very cute. Shame you can't keep her but at least she will be going to a good home.
  10. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Thought I'd better get a swap sorted as I've seen a few of you getting excited about it already If you'd like to join in just add your name to the list, make something nice and send it to your swap person, then pop on a photo of the gift you receive. I will put dates and more info up at a later time. On the list so far Luvachicken
  11. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    This is my lovely bunny bag and the peanut brittle. I will use my bag at school, the children will really like it. Thanks again to my swap maker 😊
  12. Luvachicken

    Auto doors

    You leave the original door open and fix the door to the outside but you do need the fixing bracket. He says it is easy to do as long as you have that 😊
  13. I don't use the light sensor bit, just the timer switch, if you did the same you could put it where you need to.
  14. When I first got my cube and run it came with a tiny door and then a few days after it had been ordered they brought out the bigger door. The bigger door was better but as you say you do have to scrabble through it. I got tired of doing this after many years, so last year hubby removed the end panel door part so I now just have to duck ..... so much easier. Obviously we did make it stay safe for the chickens.
  15. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    So sorry to be later than planned, but just wanted to say a big thank you to my Easter swap for my beautifully sewn bunny shopping bag and the peanut brittle. The sewing on the bag is so delicate and very well done. And I've never had peanut brittle so will give that a try soon. I will post pictures soon but still not caught up with myself as it took 27 hours travelling time to get home. Back to school tomorrow but luckily an Inset day so at least it will be quiet at school. Can I just say a huge well done to you all for being so efficient at getting everything done and posted in time and for putting your pictures up of your gifts so quickly (except me)
  16. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    I had a whatsapp from my mum to say my parcel has arrived too, just that the postman ripped it putting it through the letter box, so I hope it is OK. I also had another whatsapp message to say one of my girls had died. My dad did send me photos of her and I have my suspicions who it is but 2 of them do look very similar so I will have to see when I get back. No koalas here but did manage to get photos of quokkas.... My sister lives in Greece and has cats All parcels have now been safely delivered
  17. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Has been absolutely perfect, just a bit chilly the last couple of days. Will post pictures when I get back. All parcels have now been sent so the Easter postman should be bringing us all parcels soon. There are just 3 of us waiting for them to arrive
  18. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Just checking on one more parcel to be sent and 4 of us are still waiting for the Easter postman to come ☺️ I will have internet for the next couple of days so can catch up again soon. No message from my Dad yet to say mine has arrived.
  19. Luvachicken

    I haven't had any eggs yet.

    Typical, I go away on holiday only for my dad to whatsapp me to say they got an egg.
  20. My excitement in checking for eggs every day is starting to wane. I haven't had any eggs at all this year. My younger girls aren't that old so don't really have an excuse unlike Gemma who is getting on a bit. They were wormed with Flubenvet pellets recently and all seem fine. They have been having sunflower hearts for supper as a treat over the winter, but I have stopped those and given them the 'posh' Garvo chicken food as a treat instead. They have normal Garvo pellets for their usual food. I'm really pinning my hopes on an egg for Mother's Day.......
  21. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Yay, more parcels !!! Hot and sunny here, been for a 6 mile circular tour of the waterfront in Perth with DS. Quite tiring in the heat but fab views of the city.
  22. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Brilliant, that's another one I can tick off my list 😊 Did you give it a good shake or a squidge ? We usually all like to give our parcels a good inspection You're welcome. I can't wait to get there now. In fact, I nearly wrote 'have a lovely Easter' in the diary that I do for the little boy I work with, then I realised we still have work tomorrow πŸ™„
  23. Luvachicken

    Easter swap 2019

    Ordered my Christmas supplies last night I have also just made myself a bookmark with all our names on, so that I can tick off who has sent their parcel or received one, whilst on holiday. I will be back sometime on the Easter Sunday so won't be able to open my gift until later in the day, apologies for that x
  24. Luvachicken

    Travel pillow recommendations

    You won't regret it. There are actually quite a few to choose from, although only 2 pillows, hard or soft. We went for one with a cooling layer on top which apparently they only sell in Dreams. Make sure you give them a good lie on, at least 5-10 mins on each one. Happy shopping 😊
  25. Luvachicken

    Travel pillow recommendations

    I'm in love with my Tempur pillow and mattress that we got just before Christmas. It has certainly helped with my 'mended' shoulder and sore neck. I'm lucky to be going to Australia for a holiday soon to see DS and was hoping to get a travel pillow of some kind just like my Tempur mattress. We used to have one of those travel pillows filled with beads but they were useless. Any ideas which are the best to go for ? Thanks 😊