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  1. You're spot on - definitely more Benny Hill than Laurel and Hardy - now I've got that annoying tune going round in my head!!!
  2. Sorry to join late but I've got two boys, my youngest turned 2 last weekend and my oldest is 4 in July. We have four hybrids, a Bovans Goldline a Rhode Ranger, a Black Pearl and a Maran CouCou. They are all friendly but the Rhode Ranger is particularly so and only rushes the boys if they walk out of the house carrying grapes!! Top tip, don't let the chickens free range the garden with a birthday party full of children with food in their hands - they are fair game and some of them are not used to the attention from my girls - I tried not to laugh but it was like a Laurel and Hardy movie with four chickens chasing several children because they had hula hoops on the ends of their fingers!! HOwever, having said this, it just proves my four are totally at home with kids, they are happy in the garden with them even if there are quite a few over for a play date. I just obviously keep an eye on the kids that don't belong to me to make sure they don't chase them or try and pick them up incorrectly - I have found though that all the kids that come over are desperate to come back again, purely to see the chickens! They are a massive hit all round. I have got four eggs every day since they all started laying and I get one or two double yokers a week.
  3. Lord, I've got no way of separating her which means all four of them will have to go on an exclusion diet - that won't please the others!! The lady that supplied them said they were all wormed and vaccinated but I haven't wormed or de-liced again since I got them so I will do that straight away just to make sure. Thanks for all the advice, these forums are a godsend to beginners like me. Cat
  4. Noted, thank you. I had read that it could be a sign of worms but figured I would clean her up first and see what happens after that. I have just called my local vet though to make sure they treat chickens and keep all the worming and mite stuff in stock so I'm good to go if its not just a case of hardened poo - she arrived like it and its not got any worse so I'm hoping she just needs a good clean.
  5. I reckon we might have sent that down your way from up here, it was soooo windy on Monday night, all I could hear in the night was pots and stuff flying round the garden and the noise of the cover on the kids trampoline was keeping me awake!!
  6. It's rained in Cambridge this morning and whilst sunny now is not looking very promising, very dark skies. Hope the chickens have got some sun at home in Bury St Edmunds!! Cat
  7. Hi Everyone I'm struggling to get a signature set up so everytime I post something I have to add all my chickens, their names, and my cube - not that its that taxing given I only have four right now but I am assuming as some of you have fab, very dramatic signatures that these must be stored and automatically added each time you post - am I right? How do I do that? Sorry, for being so dumb, I'm usually pretty good at these things but I'm beaten! Cheers Cat Rhoda Goldie Pearl CouCou
  8. Ooo, I was searching around and about to add a post asking if I can wash my chickens - I not only have my question answered now but some top tips too - thanks!! My Speckled Hen, CouCou, has a very dirty bum and I didn't want to dunk her if, like cats, they totally hate water. Cheers Cat Rhoda Goldie Pearl CouCou All 24wks old (been with me 7wks) and STILL no eggs - c'mon girls!!
  9. Wow, I came looking on here in a panic because I have been getting exactly this type of poo from mine (I have four and I've not actually caught any of them in the act so have no idea who was producing what!!). However, you have all eased my mind and I am happy that it's hopefully because I have four that I am seeing so many rather than them all being from one of my girls. I will endeavour to keep an eye out the next time I am at home all day to make doubly sure its not just coming from one of them though. Thank you everyone. These forum's are sooooo helpful to us beginners, thank you so much. Cat Goldie Rhoda Pearl CouCou

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