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  1. Just a word of warning - if you worm your hens using any product with Ivermectin in it and your dog then eats the hen poo, your dog could potentially be in danger. Many breeds of dogs (particularly but not exclusively collies ) suffer a severe and often fatal reaction to ivermectin.
  2. Thanks all for the replies - I think we will go for slabs. As part of our DIY week last week (was supposed to be a holiday!) we had a cubic metre of concrete delivered for bases for our shed and greenhouse. Never again - do you know how many barrowloads a cubic metre is???
  3. My OH is going to build me a walk in run - what a wonderful man Having spent the best part of this afternoon shovelling compacted mash and bark chippings off my chicken garden I am determined to get the base for my new run right. I was thinking of slabs and then medibed (that's what I've got at the moment in my chicken shed - also put up by OH this week for me - he's an angel ) The run will have a roof and will be in a pretty sheltered position. I promise to post pics when its done. All experiences good or bad welcomed to help me decide!!!
  4. This is interesting as I've been wondering what to do with it since I bought it! HAZEL - if you're reading this thread - where did you get your lovely WIR? OH has said i can have one to house my evergrowing flock and I'm looking for inspiration.
  5. My two have never shown any inclination to fly or hop onto the 6' trellis like the Barnevelder. I find them very amenable.
  6. What a transformation with her - she's beautiful! Well done.
  7. I have gravel on my garden borders and the girls are forever scratting about in there, kicking it all over the lawn. I guess it would depend on the grade of the gravel - some is quite small - is it pea gravel?
  8. Gorgeous looking birds - mine were from Wernlas too. Have you tried looking in Practical Poultry mag for local breeders?
  9. Crikey a post modernist statement of contemporary British society - oo er! Very pretty though!
  10. I hope I'm not tempting fate here but mine are lovely and quiet - just the odd session when something spooks them. Around us we've got noisy dogs (not all the time but at early morning/late nights) and the chooks are not as bad as them. So far so good (fingers crossed)
  11. Thanks Laurie - I found it. A very worthy feed but think I'll go back to my pellets and bokashi side idea! If I can find the ex bat feed locally I'll give it a try but am convinced that any complete quality food should give them all they need - we just give them extras because they look at us so sweetly (certain conditions excepting of course!)
  12. I use medi bed - one bale is lasting me ages. Seems ok - chooks like it anyway.
  13. I think my stuff is bedmax - will check tomorrow. Its Ok but I only use as filler underneath the straw in the nest box.

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