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  1. Little Aggy was PTS this morning - she got a lot worse overnight. RIP little Aggy Woo Woo xx
  2. She seems to have a puffy tummy and crop but I'm not really an expert. She was being bullied by the others earlier which drew blood on her comb So, we sprayed her comb (plus me) with gentian violet then decided to keep her away from the others anyway so she is now all cosy in a straw-filled box in the dining room. Luckily it's tiled as she's now passing green and stinky poos. I'll ring the vets first thing and take her in tomorrow.
  3. Our oldest hen Agnes has been off colour since Christmas. She seems to perk up for a time and then looks poorly again but this morning she looks dreadful. All girls are up to date with their worming (with Flubenvet) and Aggy is the only one who looks ill. Her comb is dark in colour and seems to have shrunk, her tail is down and she is so hunched over that her tummy is almost touching the ground. She waddles around the garden with the others but just stands and watches them dustbathe and play about. She is eating and drinking fine and her feathers are in great condition. Last week her rear end was in a mess so we gave her a bath (plus blow dry!!) which cleared the problem and has been fine ever since. We can't find any crawlies on her (or the others) at all. Any idea what it coud be or could it just be old age? We've had her since POL (Sept '09). Thank you Annie
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss I was scanning the threads to see if I coudl get some info on one of our chooks who seems a bit off colour today - I've just seen her lay a green poo (looks a bit like pesto) with a high ratio of white on top. She's an ex batt too and has been looking "old" for the past few weeks. I'll see how she is tonight but will take her to the vets tomorrow. Thanks for the orginal post.
  5. Congrats on your first egg!! An egg-citing time
  6. I'd have to do something, i like the idea of asking about the free range eggs. I reported my old next door neighbour (hideous, hideous family) to the RSPCA for neglecting their rottweiler. I tried talking to her first but got a load of abuse including threats to me, my house and car. After the RSPCA had been, I got a brick through my window and a solicitors letter for "harassment" but the dog got taken in to care so it was worth it. Good luck
  7. Mine definitely don't like the police helicopter or the metal wheelbarrow
  8. It's lovely to hear there are good neighbours around
  9. I found red mites in our Eglu last night - gutted I was itchy all night too!! Good luck to everyone with their extermination plans
  10. Just an update - Anna has lost some feathers over the weekend and is red around the feather "root". Have cleaned out the Eglu this afternoon and we have red mite.
  11. RIP Stan - happy scratching up there xx
  12. Sorry your girl is poorly - are they wormed up to date? Two weeks is quite a long time - maybe a trip to the vet is in order....
  13. Woodchip works for us too - our run has a cover at the top so keeps most of the rain out. The chickens constant scratching keep the chippings on the move so we only dig out and replaced once a year-ish. It doesn't smell and the girls seem to like it
  14. Chickens are evil little beasts!! I was told on here a while ago to let them get on with it and only intervene if blood is drawn. It was painstaking for me but all six of my girls get on fine now - even prefer to all cram in to one Eglu together. When we got our two bantams we kept them in their coop and let the old girls FR around them for a couple of hours, then let the bantams explore the garden whilst the old girls were kept in their coop. We did this for a couple of days then let them all FR together. Get a water pistol and go on patrol to squirt the naughty ones - it will only take a few days and then you'll have one big happy family Good luck
  15. I know! But it wasn't that much of a hardship as egg production was very low anyway
  16. Sad news - RIP little one xx
  17. Kwak our Blue Australorp bantam has always had a few feathers missing from her back end - the bits underneath where her wingtips end when they are folded in. Her vent and the feathers going down and round to her breast area seem ok. You can see her skin in these areas when she's wandering about - sometimes it's a peachy orange colour and sometimes it's quite an angry-looking red. Over the last week or so she's lost most of the feathers in this area and her skin is really red. She hates being picked up and flaps like mad but I managed to pick her up before dark last night to have a good look. The feathers are completely gone on both sides in this area, I can't see any creatures but her skin is red raw. She is still laying (I think the eggs are hers), she's eating and drinking and doing everything else fine. She sleeps on plastic roosting bars in the Eglu which we keep as free from poo as possible. The Eglu gets a good scrub weekly with a mid week clear out inbetween. None of the other birds are affected. Any idea what it could be / how to treat it? She doesn't like Sudocrem!! Thanks very much
  18. really sad. Hope your friend catches the cuprit
  19. We sacked off the Flubenvet - got some worming liquid from our avian specialist vet. A couple of mls in a litre of water saw all six of our girls wormed in one day for a year. Egg withdrawal for three weeks. Sorted
  20. My sin bin offering is Ninja - our Speckeldy. She's been broody twice now since we got her earlier this year. The first time lasted about two weeks, this time is never ending. I've given up worrying about it, just pluck her out of the nesting box when I get home from work and shut the door to the Eglu. She's happy free-ranging until bedtime - and then in the morning it starts all over again!

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