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  1. Thanks, that'll be great. Found these just outside dunmow http://www.warderschickens.co.uk
  2. After a bad experience with some chickens I would love your recommendations on good breeders to buy chickens from in the Esssx area (will consider suffolk or kent if not too far in). Ideally a mix of breeds not just hybrid as would like a couple of silkies too. Please let me know where you feel are good quality. Thank you Michelle
  3. Thank you for all your help. They've gone back to breeder today and I got a refund. I feel very sad. Will clean everything and leave a few weeks and look again and find a breeder. Thank you.
  4. Yes all five from same place. Told they were vaccinated- so does this mean included mycoplasma? I would have to demand money back as wouldn't want five more as they will all potentially have it. Plus I read need to clean and then wait two weeks before more chickens. Anyone had test for mycoplasma before as should I confirm before getting rid? I'm so upset about it. Michelle
  5. I just read about it, now I'm really worried. Do we just have them pts for best? http://poultrykeeper.com/respiratory-problems/mycoplasma
  6. Hi all, anyone use plospan, is it an ok bedding for chickens? Thank you Michelle
  7. Hi all, I had chickens a few years ago and the sadly had to stop and happily circumstances meant I now have them again. Picked up 5 new girls Saturday. Two of them are silkies and today I noticed they both had bad eyes - swollen, closed, weepy, foamy. I have bathed in cold tea and they are now in a dog crate separated from other girls. Other girls look ok at moment. What would you do to treat and what about other girls they've been with for 6 days. Your help and advice is appreciated. Michelle
  8. This may help! http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/30002892.html?utm_source=googleprod&utm_medium=gp&utm_campaign=gp_gifts
  9. I have a five and three year old and did a mix of BLW and 'normal' purees/mashed up and it worked well. For example while I was in the kitchen preparing lunch/dinner I would put some pieces of cooked veg for example on their tray such as a piece of cooked broccoli or carrot sticks and they would pick it up and munch on it and best of all it kept them busy and entertained. Also at 7months they would have rice cakes, bread sticks etc. I also went on to pieces of chicken to hold and home made chips (wedges) or cubes of cooked potato or pieces of roast spud and they can end up having a whole dinner just from picking up pieces, then if you ever think they havent really eaten a lot if it you can assist with spoons of mashed up/pureed veg/casseroles etc. They can have soft or cooked fruits the same too. They can also then go on to have pieces of bread/toast etc. Personally I found that at times when tired etc that I would still feed them in the 'conventional' spoon method to ensure they had a good meal and wouldnt wake hungry! Breakfast was easy too with easy to pick up cereals like shreddies and cheerios. Just keep an eye on the ages they are allowed certain things as this keeps changing! Enjoy! michelle
  10. At the weekend I removed all the bedding from the WIR and put in new bedding. This was fairly time consuming. I stood in the run and filled up buckets and then emptied hte buckets in the wheelie bin. Im not lazy and it was nice to be outside but would like to make this process quicker and easier. I was thinking about how a garden vacuum would work for the job? Anyone got one and tried it? There are a few around... http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/garden%20vacuum Thank you Michelle
  11. Havent seen it..yet. You should all phone/email/wrote to Points of View. x
  12. A few weeks ago I bought two new bantams to add to my flock of three chickens. I kept them seperated as advised by people on this site but one managed to get into the new girls area and pecked at it even though she was hiding in her house (a cat transporter thing) and there was sadly blood everywhere. I dont know when or how I am ever going to be brave enough to try them together to be honest and if it doesnt work out I will have to try and re-home them both.
  13. i looked as soon as it was posted on here and were out of stock - did anyone manage to get them?

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