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  1. I love my Kindle. I rarely spend anything on books now, unless it's a new book that I'm desperate to read, and tend to stick to the huge variety of free books offered on Amazon, that change frequently. During exam revision, I was able to put both pdf's of my study texts, plus my typed notes onto it, rather than lug massive books and folders around, and thanks to the slightly robotic "text to speech" I was able to listen to text and notes, whilst doing other things. That said, I still take a paper book with me into the bath! I've never once dropped a book into the bubbles yet, and doubt that would change if I took my kindle in, but I'm not willing to take the risk!!
  2. I've worked in too many pubs in Edinburgh old town & New Town to not believe in ghosts. One pub in particular, was next to the old Royal Infirmary, and had several residents - one used to like waiting till there was only girls left at the end of the night, and would knock on the wall behind the old fireplace, and there was one occasion where I was pushed over when I was counting stock (like someone kicked me in the square of my back), when I was alone in the pub. And the first day I was left in charge, and was being very cocky, swinging my keys around like a warder. It got busy, so I put the keys in a locked drawer, and put the drawer key in my pocket, but when I unlocked the drawer again, the keys had gone - front door, back door, safe, office, cellar, the lot. Cue much panicking, and searching for about half an hour, until I was a nervous wreck, and went back into the locked drawer to get out the phone book to admit to the area manager what had happened, and there was the bunch of keys, sitting right on top of the phone book.
  3. Someone told me that it was 6 years in Scotland before you can class it as yours, but it would be worth checking (I have a large strip of land next to my house that I'm considering extending veggie patches into, but don't mention it to the council.... )
  4. i'm looking forward to seeing this - I don;t often go to the cinema, but I do quite like Ewan McGregor, and the trailer looks really good. While I don't mind the odd hollywood blockbuster, sometimes a good old fashioned story-led film is what's needed, rather than head-ache inducing effects!
  5. I often advertise bag of chicken poo, and they are highly popular!
  6. Between 4 houses, and 4 babies, I've had about 7 HV's, and the common thread among them was, all but one was childless. I adored the one who had children tho - she'd had 4 boys, and was an absolute gem. She knew what she was talking about, because she advised by drawing on her wealth of experience. She knew when help was needed (even if you couldn't bring yourself to ask for it), and knew when a cuddle, a shoulder and a tissue were in order.
  7. My local freecycle often has ads along the lines of "Wanted, chicken house, coop ot shed that can be converted. Needed ASAP as I collect my chickens this weekend" Erm....how about doing what sensible people do, and get the accommodation sorted BEFORE you agree to collect chickens. We had someone advertising a 4 berth caravan just after Christmas.
  8. When do you think would be the best time to try and sell olympic merchandise on ebay? Now, during or after the event? Lloyds TSB issued limited edition mugs to their staff, when they first announced they were sponsoring the event, and my ex got two different designs. I still have them in the cupboard somewhere, and I can't decide whether to keep them or not!
  9. Chookiehen


    My parents live right next to the zoo in Edinburgh, but still managed to pitch up to see the pandas the day they opened the "love tunnel" and took the pandas away from public viewing!
  10. Absolutely chittering cold here - yesterday was not a good day to switch all but one heater off Really heavy showers too, so the garden is starting to sprout with a rather pleasant burst of green, and the blossoms are starting to form on the apple and cherry trees
  11. Thankgoodness for the internet! Poor girl, hardly the kind of stress she needed this close to the big day. Hopefully that'll be the end of the stress, and the next two weeks go by without incident. My wedding day eve, and wedding day was a catalogue of disasters, from my 6 month old nephew getting locked in a flat, with both his parents outside, to the church being broken into and the vestry being ransacked, with lots of other stresses too. The only thing that actually went hiccup free was my dress! Fingers crossed that she's sorted now! x
  12. Ooooh, I like that idea! I have the three theory units on my kindle, and often put it on the speech facility, and listen while I'm doing something else, but never in bed. Sound like a plan for the heavy law and ethics units! Thankyou!!
  13. Yes, that's almost exactly what my tutor said at the last tutorial! But, I am a target-driven person, I always have been. I don't like to do half-baked jobs on anything, so I have set my target for the final exam. I have an upper score I would love to get, and a lower score that I think is more realistic. Anything between the two will suit me down to the ground. There was a lot of people who didn't bother to do the final assessment because they had already done enough in previous ones to get a high enough assessment mark to be guaranteed their place on the exam, but I just can't work like that - I have to do my best (although my first assessment mark might give a different impression )
  14. Ah yes, when I was trying to get the layout of a cash flow statement memorised, I was chanting the headings out loud to Squidger, so he could probably complete one in his sleep now!
  15. I have my Financial Accounting exam looming on the 26th, and, despite revising my backside off (I have seriously never worked so hard for something in my life. I have children to provide for, so failure is simple not an option), I am struggling to get some of the more boring theory subjects implanted in my brain. The actual physical accounting part is a walk in the park (I got an overall assessment score throughout the course of 89%), but as at least half the exam paper is expected to be theory, I'm starting to panic. Any tips for getting this stuff in my brain?

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