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  1. Have only had my chickens a few days but am already thinking about not wanting to leave them with teenagers who think dawn breaks at midday and I was wondering about other people with the same feelings, I would love to help anyone out round this area, who is stuck for a sitter, we could maybe help each other out.
  2. Poor Kate but what an excuse to go back, I have to do that sometimes in Wilco's just dash in and dash out, for fear of spending too much money on all the bargains
  3. sorry about that Ali didn't realise they had none in Scotland, if you can't get hold of any then I will happily get you what you want and post it up to you. The company that supplies them is Canadian that is why they have such a wierd Tel No Good luck in your quest to get your eggcups
  4. Good news found a site in England that stocks them and they are all over the country happy hunting here is the link to the map showing the stockists www.george-east.com/geh/mapdata/GEH_Products_R.htm
  5. Well can't believe all these replies, good news Ali the stores are open on a sunday at least they are around here. Lesley you have got to hurry up and build that extention I have just been onto their website and they do loads of different things sorry, the website you were after is www.msc-international.com and i clicked on gifts, happy hunting.
  6. I missed it too red i was just looking at Louises pics to see if i could work it out
  7. Thought it was a good way to show it off, hubbys idea, but one word of warning don't give the packaging wholesale to an elderly relative, because it took us about 5 minutes and various tools to eggstract the eggcups from their packaging.
  8. You are missing out Red if you haven't got a Wilco's near you but then again you are saving a fortune because everything is really cheap so you end up buying loads. We went in today for some coat hooks and a storage box and came out with neither but having spent £50 And yes they must be the same ones because they did have the whisk and the timer in there too. Happy shopping
  9. Yes Red you are correct they are little spoons in eggcups, I have cleared the shelves in our local wilco's
  10. Just been shopping and just couldn't resist this as a xmas present for all my friends and family, well thats if my girls have laid any eggs to put in them by then If not they will have to be easter presents. If anyone wants to know they were from Wilkinsons and were £3.99, I love them though as an unusual present with eggs in them too (hopefully)You can see them by going to this hope this works xmas pressie

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