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  1. Many thanks to everyone for your help and advice. We took her to the vet that day. He was not sure exactly what the cause was and agreed that euthanasia was the best course for her. She was indeed the same Flo, our dearly loved best hen. The garden feels very empty without her. thank you for tha advice on disinfectants. We will give it all a thorough clean before we start again, this time maybe with some bantam Welsummers.
  2. A couple of months ago one of our girls developed green watery poo and very weak legs, she was about 3 years old. We took her to the vet who wasn't clear exactly what it was, and felt that the best think was to put her to sleep. We cleaned the Eglu and run using Agrisec 250 Plus and Biolonk Poultry Shield. Now our remaining elderly lady Florence is staggering and has watery green poops. We are going to take her to the vet and I fear her answer will be the same, but I am worried what we need to do before we get new chickens, we have had so much joy in the past 10 years. Many thanks for any advice.
  3. Dear all, Many thanks for the advice. Unfortunately we haven't found a treatable cause, so it looks like our girls will just be unproductive, but still much loved, pets for the duration....
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of a good poultry vet in or near Sheffield? One of our girls is laying a lot of softies, although in every other respect she seems to be fit and healthy. We have added calcium and vitamin D to the water and they have free access to the mixed oyster shell and grit. So we thought we should get some further advice. Many thanks for any advice!
  5. If you are going to let them free range in your garden the bantams, and particularly the feathered foot ones like the Pekins will do a lot less damage. Large fowl will lay more eggs, but will have big strong feet and dig much more vigorously!
  6. I've got it bunched up at the moment, but there is so much in the bunch it's pretty difficult to manoeuvre!
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to reduce the length of Omlet netting? We have a large quantity, and only need about 20 meters. The end poles seem carefully woven, if I cut a length off will this work or will it cause problems? Many thanks.
  8. Sadly after a couple of hours it was clear sh wasn't coming round. We took her to the vets and he said she was badly injured so he euthanised her for us. A sad end for our lovely girl. Plans afoot for fox-proof Walk-in run.
  9. Thanks, We went to Peak Vets and they were really lovely with us. Unfortunately she had a badly injured neck, so the vet put her to sleep. Both the duty vet and receptionist keep chickens and ducks, they were so lovely with us.
  10. Does anyone know a vet in Sheffield who would be able to look at our Gert on a Sunday. We had the fox this morning and it had Gert in its mouth. She is breathing and fluttering her eyes, but doesn't seem able to lift her head. I want to do what's best for her Thanks in advance, Geoff
  11. Alerted by Our other hen alarming and the magpies ran outside to fond the fox with Gert in his mouth. Threw the nearest object (a jug) at it and it dropped her and ran off. She is blinking her eyes and breathing, but pretty floppy. I have laid her by the boiler on some newspaper. Is there anything else I can do? She doesn't appear distressed or in pain. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Our two girls are getting a bit long in the beak (7 years) and have finally decided to go into retirement, so we are thinking of bringing in a couple of youngsters to lay eggs. The oldies are Daisybelles. Mostly they have a fenced area and are only confined to the run at night, but when we go away for a few days a friend feeds and waters and they are confined to the run for up to 10 days. Would this be OK if we introduced a couple of White Stars or is the classic and standard run just too small?
  13. It's true love!! It took me 20 years of marriage to get OH to talk about a WIR. You want to keep hold of this one! Should have got the WIR BEFORE saying "I do"
  14. How old is you gingernut? I worried a lot about florence when we got her as her beak curved right over: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/m9E-C5101V0j2F2F3Gz7Yw?feat=directlink Within a few months it was completely normal and never stopped her eating
  15. http://www.storrspoultry.co.uk/ Really nice people, showed us all sorts and were really helpful
  16. I want to see the bridesmaids' dresses
  17. What type is she? A lot of the lying hybrids are skinny, and some breeds are more skinny than others. Does she seem well or ill? Is her comb a good colour and is she good and active? If she is well and at her "design weight" you don't want to make her fat. I have only limited experience, but have read (I think on this board) of people taking laying hybrids to a non-specialist vet and being told their hen is underweight and ill when she is just right for her breed type!
  18. Had you considered bantams? Though the eggs are smaller they have a bigger yolk:white ratio. We have a couple of hybrids (Daisybelles) but went to visit a friend recently who has bantam Rhode Island Reds which are gorgeous, small and don't trash the garden! You might even consider 4 bantams rather than 3 full size. Sorry if expanding the options has just made it harder
  19. We have finally got round to fencing the girls off at the bottom of the garden and moved their . Went to shut them in tonight and they were pacing up and down trying to get to where used to be, although the could see it right beside them, and they could see where it used to be and it wasn't there! They are lovely, but not very bright Cheers Aggie
  20. If something about has had a go at them you will have to keep that out as well as keeping them in. Do hope they are both OK
  21. Thanks for reminding me, I really must get some netting. With winter nights and weather I haven't been poo-picking for a while and it is getting a bit hazardous out there
  22. Left over bread crusts soaked in the poured off fat from any cooking and some water do it for my two!
  23. It is the best compost activator ever!

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