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  1. Florence has decided it is time to moult (just a bit, not the oven ready type), but her comb seems to be paler than usual. They live on layers pellets and some corn. Is there anything else I should give them (also last wormed them about 4-5 months ago, so should worm them again)? Many thanks, Aggie
  2. This is the third thing on them in this year, plus there is also an advert for them in . The original article (seller) is Alison Wilson - I think the idea put forward is to use a weed surpressant type mesh under the chippings, so they do not get stirred up with mud/soil, but when hosed it still soaks away. As with any solution on a permanent site I would still use a poultry sanitiser on a regular basis as hosing down will not kill any underlying infections. Tracy If you have access to the previous you may wish to read the letter raising concerns about the use of rubber chippings as well. I have no experience of using them, but think that there are probably pros and cons. If you don't have access to the previous let me know and I'll dig iut the letter for you. Cheers Aggie
  3. It is the best thing I thought I'd never need. I bought a bale for the poo tray and nest box in the It is wonderful. Absorbs the liquid poops well and makes poo picking much easier. Makes cleaning the eglu a doddle. I suspect that one bale is going to last my two girls about 2 years, so is not expensive (as I first feared)!
  4. I'll be there on Wednesday, will go and check it out. I'll be wearing my green Tilley hat - so any omleteers say HELLO!
  5. Thanks Egluntine, I've dropped them an email to see if they have them in. We got our Daisybelles from there and they are doing really well
  6. I have a friend living near Bakewell who wants some Lavender Pekins. The person who was going to get some for her is now not able to supply them. Does anyone know of a breeder in the Bakewell area who might be able to help?
  7. Wiser flk will be along soon, but have you tried worming them? I know that recomendations for how often to do this vary, but after 3 months, especially if they have been free ranging, they may need worming. Cheers Aggie
  8. If she loves her garden she will love the chooks, they eat slugs and snails, and their poo is the best compost activator in the known universe (especially if you give them some Bokashi with their feed). I got them as pets and for the eggs, but now would recommend them to anyone who gardens just for the poo!
  9. Giving the girls some Bokashi Bran helps to firm up the poo and make it easier to collect in a bucket with a deft flick of the pooper scooper
  10. Friend of mine got his from Graves Park Farm in Sheffield. May be worth a try. Cheers Aggie
  11. Well, I'm sitting here forumming while OH starts her next assessed pice for her degree But I've just run her a bath, so it's time for bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Thanks for posting the follow-up. My first port of call with any chook relted problem is a search on here!
  13. One of my friends has barred wyandotte bantams of which DS said "they're even prettier than ours" I think if we had a bit more room I would get a couple of them, they really are gorgeous.
  14. Just a thought, might be worth giving the breeder a call if you have only had them 2 weeks. They will probably also be pretty experienced and may be able to advise on what to do.
  15. Glad it's coming under control and you can relax! This is the most supportive internet forum I've ever found
  16. Some friends of mine have a structure like this without a roof, but have a strand of electric fence wire around the top. The mesh is attached to the inside of the posts and the electric strand to the outside, so any mountaineering fox will get a nasty shock as he reaches the summit
  17. I just use Aubiose, I find it excellent. I poo pick from it a couple of times a week and change it about once a fortnight. Mind you, my girls tend to sleep in the nest box so I put Aubiose in that and poo pick most days and complete change between once and twice a week (with dusting of red mite powder).
  18. I was just wondering that as well. Does the presence of the boys make a difference?
  19. Getting the hens was a really good decision. I mentioned them to the neighbours before getting them (though neighbours both sides have new cats adn didn't ask in advance). I think the main thing is fear of the unknown from people. Since they arrived there have been no problems. I do think the eglu is an excellent piece of design as it is so easy to clean out. They are the lowest work pet I have ever had (dog, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits). My only regret is taht I didn't get them years ago when my son was little - I think they must be great to have with small kids.
  20. Poached. Before we had our hens I wasn't bothered about poached eggs with their watery whites. HOWEVER: with our girls' eggs I just put the fresh egg in gently boiling water and 3 minutes later have the most delicately flavoured beautiful egg
  21. It's a new Lawn aerator and scarrifier that also lays eggs: what's his problem
  22. Our Flo has just laid a massive egg (we suspect it will be a double yolk when we crack it). Which set us thinking, do they ever have a fertilised double yolk? And if so do two chicks hatch from one egg

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