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  1. I'm wondering about this, and wondering if these pegs will make it more secure
  2. I just forwarded a copy of the order confirmation from Omlet to my ever patient wife . Now she's as daft and soft about them as I am
  3. Where is the farm? So that I can be careful to avoid it you understand
  4. As soon as the door opens Gertie heads to the glug and Flo to the grub. After a few minutes they swap! Same routine every morning (though Flo got out first this morning instead of Gert).
  5. I'm seriously worried that if I stay in this board much longer I'll be getting an incubator etc All these chicks are sooo sweeeeeeet
  6. I think the trouble stared yesterday when I dropped some shortbread crumbs on my lap and she jumped up to eat them. Now she thinks when I sit down there might be something nice
  7. Mine have just gone in, but may well come out again for a quick snack before settling as dusk is getting towards dark.
  8. Sitting in the sun and gently snoozing I felt something land heavily on my leg Not easy getting phone out and taking a picture without dislodging her!
  9. After extensive research OH and I decided on Ambers (Hybrid with good egg production). Went to the breeders and came away with two gorgeous Daisy Belles . They were just the nicest hens when we went. They are now lovely and friendly having been talked to and handled a fair bit.
  10. They really are very sweet! When are you getting the next set of eggs?
  11. Gertie has a cycle of about 26 hours, laying a little later each day until she lays one latish afternoon, then misses a day and the next day is in the morning again. Flo has only laid 3 eggs so far all at about 10am.
  12. I hope they give you as much pleasure as I am getting from mine . They look lovely!
  13. Picasa seems to use Flash Player, do you know if you have that installed? http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ it is a free download.
  14. They did this for a good 10-15 minutes, it was hilarious http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/lh/photo/tXF8nkP7U75YOUxgXSBOpw?feat=directlink
  15. I put about 3-4 cm. They then scratch it out to fall through the bars But in the morning there is a good covering.
  16. And Gertie produced Two eggs in one day
  17. Poor Tulip, and poor you . It is always the trouble with pets. You form such a close bond to them, but then that is why they also give so much joy. Great to hear that DS can have such a sweet thought while in the dreaded land of warhammer.
  18. A double yolker! And is that potatoe bread you have it on . Any connection with Norn Irn by any chance? Now salivating furiously
  19. At last Flo has laid an egg Went out to talk to them when they had been out for an hour or so, there in the middle of the run was a big pile of poo with an egg sitting in the middle . Gertie has been leaving all her gifts neatly in the nest box (except the first which she dropped in the flower bed ). Just need to wait and see if we get one from Gert as well.
  20. If I have to listen to them about their kids why shouldn't they listen to me about my girls!
  21. I had visions of a great big tumour and all sorts of nasty things , should have realised it was just because she doesn't stop eating all day
  22. Thanks, She loked so comical: all fluffed up with one leg sticking out! She would be the one to sunbathe: Gertie is always much too busy

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